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What are the most UNIQUE comics and cartoons in existence? I

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What are the most UNIQUE comics and cartoons in existence?

I don't mean "weird" or "artistic", though they can be those it really doesn't matter. I just mean the comics and cartoons that there's really nothing else like. Whether in terms of theme, content, format, structure, concept, or some other element, just as long as they're one-of-a-kind.

pic unrelated.
Comics / webcomics off the top of my head

Orc Stain, bizzarre world where everything's alive
Decrypting Rita, weird format & art style
MSPA is unique in its own way
Bottom of the Ninth, animated comic for tablets with audio snippets & videos
Also, bottom of the ninth is about baseball. That's not very common.

I guess the Sandman comics are unique
The Intrepid Girlbot is a (mostly) silent webcomic by Diana Nock
Many classic Euro comics like Corto Maltese have their own unique feel
The Hertzfeldt cartoons are bizzarre
Fantastic Planet is bizzarre
Chris Ware's comics
Enginehead. Sleeper. G0dland.
Empowered is pretty unique. It's a superhero soap opera dramady that evolved out of fetish art, drawn by one of the most egregiously manga-influenced artists working in Ameirca. Also it it is in pencil, which is also pretty rare.

Like imagine Ally McBeal with superheroes only if it started out as porn. That's pretty unique.
Frank Miller's Give Me Liberty

Then again, there's another comic done by an autist that looks like something between male, female and swamp monster. It's called Unbeatable Squirrel Girl. Sonichu has better art, though.
Tails Gets Trolled

Also, if stop motion works, Jan Švankmajer's stuff is worth checking out.
There's a difference between fanservice and fetish fuel

Like, feet weirdos might like Quentin Tarantino's movies, but not as much as they'd like a weird foot fetish video on youtube, and Empowered started out like the latter
I'm trying to remember a comic that was basically a collection of different stories from different writers and artists published by DC that was really unique cause it had basically nothing to do with the DC universe.

It had a really fluid and non-conventional art style to all of it.
What a Cartoon had a lot of unique shorts. Though most can be considered weird as fuck.
Tales of worm paranoia


Kitchen casanova

And then... there's this...

Forgot the first part to the last cartoon, if anyone really wants to see that. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1qGgG0A_-So
I wonder sometimes if /co/ has ever even HEARD of Basil Wolverton.
>Empowered started out like the latter
Are you still selling that "Warren just salvaged an unpaid commission" story?
I think he's selling the "Warren is writing his bondage/exhibition/humiliation fetish and passing it off as superheroics" story instead.

You know, the one that is blatantly and undeniably true.
Well the official line is that it started as a parody of all the bondage commissions he was getting.

I could easily believe he's a foot guy though.
John K wishes he could come up with shit like this.
what happens next
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Soft city by psuhwagner.
It's written by a former hobo who got discovered by chance and is now a bigshot in the norwegian art scene.
I don't think I habe ever seen his stuff mentioned on /co/ and I've been here for a while.
Yeah, that's the one

Looking back at it, it's not AS unique as OP probably wants but it's interesting none the less
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Presumably something on here.
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>Decrypting Rita
>Fantastic Planet is bizzarre
>Chris Ware's comics
>Soft city by psuhwagner

These are probably the most unique things in the thread.

I'd also throw Ultra Comics on there for being a unique take on the relationship between the reader and the material being read.

I get a Junji Ito vibe from this.

Heaven and Earth Magic


Literally just Flash Gordon.


Literally just hipsters in space.
>Literally just Flash Gordon.
That's true. It's an enjoyable comic but there's nothing original about it
>Literally just hipsters in space.
Oh wait, that was Saga.
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Bernet Torpedo.jpg
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I'd say Torpedo is pretty unique. I haven't run across any other short-form gag comics with the same kind of fatalist black humor. Or any gag comics that manage to balance the humor and story so well, let alone with such good art.

Also anything by Miller and Darrow together. Or even Darrow by himself. Shaolin Cowboy is on a whole different plane of existence.
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Anything and everything Richard Sala
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Franquin's Last Laugh
I really, really like this

also bumpers
I've been awake for 20 minutes today. I turned off my alarm, took the dog out, and hopped on this thread, and my day has already been made.
That was easily the funniest thing I've seen in a good few days.
Comics by Jim Woodring, Olivier Schrauwen and Brendan McCarthy.
That just looks "le quirky artistic artstyle lel".
Manhattan Projects
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>shitting on Prophet

Also, Tails gets Trolled gets my vote.
Arkham Asylum has a really unique dreamlike quality to it that I haven't really seen emulated in other comica.
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