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Peanuts thread - again

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We should always have a Peanuts thread for the time being. I'm on a Peanuts kick.
I love that lovable scamp Snoopy! I love Peanuts! Such a wholesome, funny franchise!
Going back and reading the old ones I can understand how it could last 50 years.
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Remember how Charlie Brown had a long-distance girlfriend through most of the 90s?
Lucy doesn't wanna hear about your booty calls, Charlie Brown.
Considering that Lucy was based on Schulz's first wife and he made her 100% bitch after they divorced, why did he keep her in the comic instead of writing her out? Do people even like Lucy?
>general mentality
>we should always have a thread even though there's nothing to talk about
>I have nothing to talk about myself so I'll just make an empty shit thread, entertain me!
you probably thought this was smart enough to be posted.
You probably thought it was a good idea to try and start a general thread.
Lucy needs to exist to be an antagonist to Charlie Brown. Without Lucy most of the other children are indifferent or even friendly with Chuck. Lucy needs to be there to skew our perception of him as the guy who doesn't have friends.
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you probably thought it was witty to outright assume I'm the OP and didn't just come in here to pick out on you for being a free-range retard whining over nothing.
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Hahaha, I'm OP, you've been had.

I don't know, the last two threads were pretty alive. So fuck your mom with the L.A. Raiders or something.
Peppermint Patty best girl.
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I'm not gonna disagree but I simply have a counterpoint.
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shut the fuck up and resort to posting superior Patty.

I haven't watched the movie yet
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Good taste, anon. Her aspect was one of the few things that disappointed me a little about the movie
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Niggas are always cocking pistols.
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>Quit licking your fingers when you turn the page, Chuck.
>Quit breathing through your mouth, Chuck, you're grossing me out.
>Quit rapping your fingers on the desk like that, Chuck, don't give me those sighs, Chuck...
There is literally 65 years worth of material in this franchise. How the fuck is there nothing to talk about?
Because it's Charlie fucking Brown.
Because it's a 65 year old franchise that's been pretty much dormant for 15 years. Only way /co/ talks about stuff older then two years is through the waifus.

Most Peanuts threads are about waifuing Peppermint Patty and Marcie or spouting memes from those stupid redubs.

Post your results. I threw mine away.
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Woodstocks can think?
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Your trips certainly say so.
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Shit, I didn't even notice my trips!

Long live Peanuts.
Long live Peppermint Patty.
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>Your thigh is touching my thigh Chuck.
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who put the paprika in your vagasil
Thread posts: 29
Thread images: 16

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