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Teen Titans GO! Thread

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ITT, why TTG is literally the best superhero show ever created.
>superhero show
it isn't tho
>Pee Pee dance


Yeah, that sure is the best.

The only thing good about it is one episode, and the rest is shit. Which was 40% 40% 20%, everything else is shit.

40% 40% 20%>shit>>>>>Every TTG episode

You forgot the brony episodes, fuck Tara Strong.

>Dumbasses falling for the bait.
>/co/ easily triggered and BTFO yet again.
>think they will make him a joke
>literally nobody can defeat him
>requires Cyborg plot laser to be defeated

I wonder how much money they had to pay to get Weird Al to voice him...
this thread is

thanks for deleting my post
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Fuck it, I'm going to tell you right now why I like this show:
>It's a comedy, not a superhero show.
This show hits closer to things like It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Seinfeld and Frasier. The main characters are AWFUL people, their entire universe runs on "Assholes Win" and the morals you're supposed to learn from it are things you should NEVER teach children OR adults. Also each shows features at least one fuckable female lead.
>The songs
In the recent season(s), most of the songs they've featured show they've learnt from the 'Waffle' disaster. 'The Night Begins To Shine' is quite possibly one of the catchiest songs they've featured (along with REAL BOY ADVENTUREEEEEES).
>All those little references
I'm a DC nerd, I love seeing background characters and references to other material.
>Its a comedy, not a superhero show
This desu.
I mean the comedy ranges from shit to keks all around but this more or less sums up the show.
I think my personal problem is that it completely mangles up the characters as established in the original Teen Titans. If this show used original characters I'd probably be ok with it, but I just can't get the original show out of my mind when I watch TTG. Honestly, those Teen Titans shorts that aired during that DC Nation block were much more enjoyable to watch.
I'm guessing that's exactly why so many people are quick to criticize it and cherrypick at stuff like Waffles. I never watched the original series when it was on CN, so it makes sense that I'd be willing to admit I enjoy a decent amount of TTG.
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raven on 4chan.gif
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I think you described the humor very well. People always use "cynical" as a way to describe teen titans go like it's a bad thing. It's Cynical, meta and retarded humor all in there best aspects.

I would also like to describe why I like TTGO

I dislike toilet jokes though, never found farts to be funny at all.

Also small genuine moments stand out in a show that otherwise has very few. I'm not sure I'd say very few but at the very least unlike other shows like steven universe and adventure time it doesn't make a big deal out of genuine moments of character. Most of the genuine moments the show has are often kept small and very self contained instead of being shoved in the spotlight.

Take last episode for example: "I may have failed as green lantern, but I won't fail as cyborg"

That was a small moment I really appreciated. Self contained and it tells you all you need to know about someones progression as a character.

On my final note, I'd just love to say that I love it when characters have hobbies. I feel like very few characters in fiction really do besides really generic ones I guess. Cyborgs love of 80s-90s television kind of makes him feel like more of a person.
Jeez this cartoon is 2randomXD4me
WHY did they destroy the good work that they did with the previous series?
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>Wanting to fuck a bird

What's wrong with you?
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