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Nightcrawler Thread

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Co, we all agree that Kurt Wagner is the best Xman and the best in general, right?

Post your favorite Kurt stuff here.
Based Kurt is, in fact, based. As is Dave Cockrum.

Wait who's that girl grabbing Kurt's leg? Does it matter?
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Well, she's a princess from another dimension, who...

Hell with it. You know what? STORYTIME!
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His relationship with his not sister is weird but otherwise yeah. Kurt rocks.
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Cockrum why do you understand Nightcrawler like basically no other?

Also, why don't Kurt and Mystique have their relationship explored more? They're basically ideological opposites. Why does Mystique get more interaction with Rogue?
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Yup, super-heroes who enjoy life and enjoy their job just aren't as fashionable as the used to be.
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I'm a complete Rightclops faggot but I have to admit that Kurt is da bess.
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Kurt Wagner: A devout Catholic who still gets all the ladies.

I know from when he met Nocturne he made a comment on how he should have been more careful, so we KNOW Kurt's got an active sex life.
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Kurt's Catholic, right?
That's why there was that whole shitty demon-pope plan?
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Kurt never let his Catholicism get in the way of having a good time. That's why the whole "make him a priest" thing was so stupid.
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That, and Chuck Austen apparently has issues...
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The religious angle on Kurt was mostly Claremont, Cockrum wanted to focus on the swashbuckling stuff bc he self-inserted a lil' on Kurt.

which you can tell from this mini
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Next issue after lunch. Stay tuned, boggie-lovers!

Kurt is a Catholic in the same way Matt Murdock is a Catholic: Devout, but still a sex machine.

Though Kurt's faith comes up more than Matt's does.

Damn look at that fucker's design


Have they ever had a conversation about it? That'd be cool to see as long as the writer knew about Catholicism

Daredevil and Kurt have never met, to my knowledge. Though that would make a pretty cool mini, provided the writer was someone who knew what they were doing.

Just imagine Kurt and Matt going to a bar to hit up chicks.

"I'm blind. He's a blue mutant with a tail. Ladies, the line starts here."
Cockrum came up with some 10/10 designs on the regular. I can't think of anyone outside of Kirby who made the definitive looks for so many characters.

Lots of the Ditko designs seems to stick around.
Character design was always Ditko's real strength.
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Episode II: Attack of the Boggies!
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holy fuck this first panel
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Kurt Wagner, stone badass!
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this thread, I like.
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Glad to hear it!

*SPLOOT!* Gotta love the old-school sound effects.
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Bleah, image might be nice...
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All these years later, and I'm still not 100% convinced Kitty didn't do this on purpose...
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*sigh* All thumbs.
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Wot a revoltin' development this is! Next issue later, gang.
That's just not fair. Sabree, Judith Rassendyll. Kurt just keeps saving princesses who get spirited out of his life before he can seal the deal.
A Bamf! The best creature in all of marvel
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He's handsome, suave, gallant, agile as fuark and has fur canonically "like blue velvet", of course he's a hit with the ladies.
Kurt x Wanda was such a nice pairing
>Cockrum why do you understand Nightcrawler like basically no other?

He was Cockrum's favorite. When Cockrum was on X-Men he would always draw Nightrcrawler in the foreground of group shots so thanks to the Marvel method when Claremont came back to script Nightcrawler got dialogue and more character development. When Bryne came in he shifted the focus to Wolverine
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I love that in the very first X-Men/Alpha Flight fight everyone else is taking it seriously, but Nighcrawler and Aurora are just flirting the whole time

I mean Storm is trying to stop an out of control blizzard Shaman started from destroying part of Canada and Nightcralwer is doing this
Despite being a widely loved character Nightcrawler always fails in the merchandise department. Most of the stuff I have with him are the same Giant-sized X-men 1 cover printed on stuff.

Too poor to buy a nice maquette
I actually really liked it in Wolverine and the X-Men.
he's not even the best Nightcrawler

That's the same with all the X-men that are not Wolverine.
>im so catholic ive got a halo
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It was a different world back then, boyee...

And here we go again! Chapter III: Bamf Blanket Bingo!

You know the reason they killed him in Second Coming was because he was able to make almost anything lighter.

Avengers vs. Xmen, Xmen Legacy....they don't exist if Kurt is alive. The conflict wouldn't start if he was around to make everyone calm.


KurtxWanda should be used more. It makes so much sense.
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Bleah. Late here, sorry.
He used to be so flirty it's outrageous. I can't fathom who the heck though it wasn't massive character rape to try to turn him into a sour priest, sheesh, he was/is practically oozing joie de vivre
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Some people have no respect for panel borders, dammit.
Damn sorry didn't realise a storytime was already in progress. Thanks for the storytimes, btw
>I can't fathom who the heck though it wasn't massive character rape to try to turn him into a sour priest

Chuck Austen, a writer who become so reviled nobody would buy issues with his name on them so editors tried to convince him to use a pen name, instead he left the industry
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Hey, feel free to chime in! This is a Nightcrawler thread. My contribution just happens to be a cornucopia of Cockrum.
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Still not a boggie.
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Death from above! This whole issue seems to have been written with aid of the Wandering Monster Table.
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And here Dave's been reading Grimtooth's Traps...
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Yes, they went there.
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do they sell bamf plushies?
Storyteller here, bumping. I'll be back with the last issue in the morning. Sleep tight, bamfers!
Bumping to keep the thread ALIVE.
Excited Nightcrawler is back on the main X-team
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