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Previous thread: >>77772920
Previously on 4chan TAS:
>/pol/ did a shooting spree on Baltimore
>/d/ is keked by /co/ and /v/
>/mlp/ is told that she only has a few more years to live
>/u/ kills /y/ making /pol/ sad
>During a big three-parter, a big /int/ secret is revealed
>Anon realizes that he was a big guy all along
>Tans are confirmed
>Moot leaves
But behind the scenes, the production of the show is having problems which will lead to it's cancellation. We need another herd of llamas to write the episodes and the ratings are dropping. The fans are losing interest on the show. So we are planning to end this once for all with four episodes, one big movie and a christmas special that will be written below.
surely if 4chan was an animated series, it'd be the kind that goes on forever but people just kind of forget about

some people never leave, some people are new to it and for some people it just represents a shitty part of their life
If it was an animated series, then Anonymous would be an extremist fandom.
Anons would be the background characters. Like those shadow people you see sometimes.
>Next episode continues where Tumbrl insult Israel
>/a/ and company try to celebrate a traditional romantic Japanese Christmas with KFC. The other tans have to learn an important lesson about accepting others' religious beliefs - but partway through, /a/ realizes that he/she can't celebrate a romantic Christmas without a lover, and has to find a temporary one to have a perfect holiday.
>/v/ is scared that he'll be on Gabe Newell's naughty list, so he spends all his money aggressively buying people shit that they won't like in an attempt to make them like him more
>/pol/ declares war on the War on Christmas, going on a crusade to return the holiday season back to its roots.
>/toy/ tries to become one of Santa's elves, and gets /tg/ to help. /tg/'s overactive imagination makes him turn the workshop into a warzone, with multiple factions of toys engaging in tacticool battle and politics.
>/r/ goes on an epic quest to find an incredibly-hard-to-find toy that a board-tan wants. /fit/ joins in order to experience the feeling of exercising in cold weather.
>it's the 11th November, and everyone in 4chan house is trying to make Singles Day a thing to feel less alone, except the few couples
>of all the single boards, /pol/ and /his/ are the only ones not celebrating Singles Day since it happens to be Remembrance Day
>/pol/ and /his/ end up having more fun than everyone else, while the other single boards are reminded why they're single
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>Learning that the series is about to be cancelled, /a/ attempts to make the ending into an incomprehensible, deep, artistic affair by triggering the Third Impact
>/v/ tries to gain the Golden Ending by engaging in as much useless chatter and completing as many sidequests as possible - but ends up realizing how people really feel about him as a result. Unsure of what to do, he becomes convinced that the only way to get 100% completion is by reuniting his distant family (vr, vp, vg and maybe jp or Vivian) and bonding with them again
>/co/ is transported to a battleground where, in a Crisis or Secret Wars style, he must do battle with alternate versions of the board-tans to keep his universe from destruction. This includes a universe where their genders are all swapped, universes where Tumblr or Reddit have enslaved all the boards, universes where 4chan is considered a pretentious highbrow area, worlds where various different ships are canon, and, the final boss, where the board-tans would be without moot creating the site.
>/tg/, with nothing left to lose, raids his arch-nemesis Games Workshop with a living army of models that they've cancelled.
>/r9k/ finally decides to get /fit/ and stop wasting his life.
>/mlp/ builds a weapon to convert everyone into ponies - other boards must intervene or become mares
>/b/ gets depressed and finds himself without purpose, and journies out to find the lost Kings Moot and Snacks and restore them to power.
>/d/ attempts to romance every board at least once, and discover what creepy things they're into in order to give them a last bit of pleasure before the series is over. In the process, they slowly start to feel that they're getting too addicted to porn, and try to become asexual.
>/vr/ and /m/, overcome with nostalgia, build a time machine to go back to the era of massive robots and low resolution graphics. They accidentally travel forward in time and have to prevent a bad future.
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Genesis Evangelion.png
87KB, 1177x1188px
>/vr/ has to babysit /c/, /i/, /jp/, and the /vp/s. If he fails, he'll have to sell his game collection to pay for the rent and will be forced emulate his games. He must learn to keep his cool despite /jp/ being a little smart-aleck who thinks he's doing everything wrong, the /vp/ duo bugging him about how much cooler the new Pokemon games are and trying to get him to battle with them, /i/ constantly drawing inappropriate images of him, and /c/ probably not actually being a child.

>/x/ thinks that she's been receiving signals from aliens - but it's actually just /mu/ playing an experimental new genre of music too loud. She desperately searches the strange sounds for meaning, and deciphers incredibly odd instructions from them that get her into goofy hijinx.
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4chan TAS.png
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wait, are people actually going to make 4chan TAS, or is this just a joke?

I support it

A joke.
>The police are coming to 4chan in a criminal investigation. Hiro has to organize the boards and make them hide their craziness so that they appear completely normal, morally upstanding, and polite. Things get bad when the officers casually mention common false assumptions about video games/cartoons/anime/other interests that trigger the board-tans or have tastes that the other boards can't tear apart. (Like, one says that Bugs Bunny is his favorite Disney character, another says that he prefers Naruto, and a third likes Zelda because he's so cool). Things get even worse when one of the cops suddenly makes accidental innuendos around /d/, who's forbidden from doing anything sexual for the day.

>Like the "Pressure" episode of Spongebob, /a/ and /v/ get into a large series of increasingly stupid competitions to prove once and for all who's the best. Involves a Pokemon battle with the /vp/ duo as referees, an /ic/-hosted drawing contest, a cooking duel with /ck/ helping, a Calvinball-esque game on /sp/'s fields, competitive karaoke on /mu/'s machine, and a survival game managed by /k/. They competitions are occasionally punctuated by /d/ or /soc/ trying to get them into snuggling-with-each-other contests, sexual endurance contests, or love-letter contests to get them to admit their feelings. Also has a few challenges suggested by /b/ that just exist to screw them over - like streaking contests or bank-robbing contests.

>Tumblr sometimes presents a board-tan with flavor-of-the-month interests; these are handled like highly addictive drugs, and the other board-tans have to help that board out and teach them that just because all the cool kids are doing it, doesn't mean they should.

>A group of board-tans accidentally land in a link to Deviantart or Geocities or Furaffinity, and have to fight their way out and survive in the wilderness. /mlp/ may try to stay behind.
>tfw I may or may not be the one who started 4chan:TAS threads
Thread posts: 14
Thread images: 4

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