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>cartoon announces its ending >starts cramming in unused

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>cartoon announces its ending
>starts cramming in unused plot lines
>rushes the plot on the last few episodes to simply wrap things up
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Book 4 of LoK will never not piss me off





Unfuckingbelievable. This was at the point where people thought there was a chance that maybe Amon survived so they could shoe horn into this terrible fucking story
Book 4 was OK up until Kuvira revealed her giant mech.
Then it was just a tumble down retard hill.

Like metal benders overtaking the Earth Kingdom after the death of their monarch was a fine plotline.
But then, giant mecha.
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Who in their goddamn right mind will buy that LoK epilogue? No one...not a goddamn soul

Reason why I am bringing this up is unless we get a confirmation from Bryan and Mike's "creative writing skills" i'm under firm belief Ba Sing Se belongs to Zaofu technically making Suyin the new Earth Queen

What would Zaofu have anything to do with Ba Sing Se? It would still be occupied by Empire troops who would probably acquiesce to KIng Wu and then whoever was elected head of the new republic after he abdicates.

I guess comics will help answer the questions

What shows did this?
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>King Wu

The Earth Queen and even The Dai Li explained he has no real power. He's a complete figure head. Even the Dai Li would sell their services to the Fire Nation if they felt this fight had no clear cut winner

If anything, Suyin is the only real choice. Think about it. Lin and Korra would both be OK with it

Now in a perfect fucking world pic related would rule everything and everyone would be OK with it
>What shows did this?
Gravity Falls

That's one example. Considering how major broadcasting companies have been treating their IP's i'm shocked animation isn't a dead medium

We're well on our way to the second coming of 2008
I love the theory that she maneuvered world events to put herself on top of business and industry, and she's basically the most powerful person on Earth and dating the next most powerful person on Earth.

Fuck that. That's not even good as headcanon

Bryan and Mike dropped the fucking ball...multiple fucking times.

You have this incredibly unique non bender you can do anything and what do you do? You make her a plot device in the form of a background character

Book 4 is not even Asami's arc. Its fucking Varrick and Korra's arc!
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>Book 4 was OK up until Kuvira revealed her giant mech
I think every season of Korra, except Season 3, can be described as, "It was okay until [Blank]."

>It was okay until Amon was revealed to be a fraud and the whole point of ambiguity between benders and nonbenders, which has been brewing under the surface since season on, was neutered

>It was okay until Unalok became the DARK AVATAR and a dumb giant energy fight broke out

>It was okay until kuvira and jet Alone Teamed up to end the Retard Parade

Season 3 was just normal. It was good by virtue of nothing bafflingly retarded happening in the last 20 minutes.
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Book 3 became DBZ and everyone was OK with it till Suyin killed P'li and Mako killed Ming Hwa

Could you really call Ghazan vs Bolin a fight? That was a burial.
>nothing bafflingly retarded

"Ha! I put a literal sock in it!"
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I wouldn't mind this if Hirsch took advantage with the episodes he had left
>mfw Weirdmageddon 2 was a blah episode

>the power of friendship will fix everything
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>mfw it'll end like Tales Of Graces F
>cartoon gets a go signal for a new season
>studio demands them to go full retard on the plot
>it was so dark that the studio back downed and cut down the episodes instead
>season finale cliffhanger
>show gets cancelled
Why do they do this
It's common to leave a series in a cliffhanger in case they get a new season/sequel
I dunno, an arc implies some kind of meaningful development. Did Korea really change at all from how she was in season 1? She's still the same brute who charges in first and asks questions a distant third.
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>We're well on our way to the second coming of 2008
No it's not you're just disillusioned that the great shows /co/ unquestionably praises don't actually live up to the hype.

Everything that was "wrong" with the last few episodes of Gravity Falls was always there throughout the whole series, the disappointed fans just glossed over those flaws for whatever reason. But really if you liked the show up til then there's no real reason you shouldn't enjoy the ending.

Pic partly to bait and mostly because I think Steven Universe will end up avoiding a lot of the pitfalls that came with the endings of GF and LoK due to its more long-form friendly format.


Korra in S1 and Korra in S4 are nowhere near the same person.

Like you don't even have to enjoy the show to see that, she's not the lunatic brawler teenager she used to be by the end of the show.
And what would happen if they do it, will you come there and start crying because your headcannon didn't happened?
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Okay you're clearly pissed off for some silly reason so I'm just going to ask you what you mean by "they" and "do it" because I talk about a lot of different things in my post and you're not being as clear as a calm person would.
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Pli death.webm
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Still the most brutal death I've ever seen in a show allegedly safe for kids to watch without supervision.

I had to go back and watch that a few more times to make sure my eyes hadn't deceived me.
>she's not the lunatic brawler teenager she used to be by the end of the show.
No. But she became bland. Because being a bitch was all she had going on about her personality, because Bryke fail completely at characterization.
The fucked up thing with that if she didn't continued the attack she'd still suffocate from it
Doesn't even look like anyone died
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Thread images: 12

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