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Crossover thread

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Flyweight championship !!
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Been working on a story for one of these,
>Multiverse...yes I'm one of THOSE people
Combining aspects of /a/, /co/, and /tg/
>Picture if you will, Deadpool being hired to kill Titans from Attack on Titan and being given 3D gear to practice with...and derping into walls while he get's used to the controls.
>A Grey Knight and a Mage (From World of Darkness) setting, fucking over a Sentinel factory.
But one scene that occurred to me was Batman and Robin observing a scene from an old Anime called Ranma 1/2.
>look up if you want, but it hasn't aged well.
Where they watch as the primary love-interest Akane being attacked by 100 guys all at once and tearing through them like a grain-thresher running over a sleeping bag full of cranberries.

Robin: *Pulls out notepad and frantically starts taking notes*
Batman: "Hmm, I would have used a roundhouse on the one in the soccer jersey, but to each their own...in fact..."
Batman: *Makes a phonecall*
Batman: "Batgirl? Let me know if you need a sick day, because I might have found you a temp."
And that was the day every criminal in Gotham collectively shat themselves.

The sheer multitude of funny situations that could come up is hilarious to me.
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It seems Jade took her cue from Katie.
She isn't wearing any socks either.
There is one crossover i need to HEAR rather than see. and it could, because they are all friends.
Grunkle Stan, Rick Sanchez, and Strong Bad having a gravely-voice-off. Winner gets a biiig bucket o' gravel.
>I can sell those as golem turds to my idiot customers!
>I -URP- recognize those, th-they're venus rocks. Those get you sooo hiiigh
>I can sell those as gravel to my idiot neighbors! And maybe food!
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Yes, I say that Toy Story is a crossover. I mean to us, it's an original property, but think about it in-universe. All of those toys come from different toy lines, base on different shows and stuff. Imagine a bunch of toys in our universe, interacting with each other, having adventures when no one is looking, having what ever personality they want, completely the opposite of how we think about them. Amazing stuff my friends, amazing stuff.
I've never watched that show, but I dearly hope that at some point JFK is guiding someone in putting up a banner or sign or something and goes "now back... and to the left... back... and to the left..."
that's actually one of the things i hated about it, it DIDNT feel like a multi-property crossover. they were all uniformly babyish and looked like they belonged together, even the one that was actually a ceramic lamp. I always wished they had a proper toy movie with the kind of toys a person might actually have. closest we got was small soldiers.
my sides
you should watch it, it's short and definitely worth a watch
i dont recall if they did do that gag but it's exactly the kind of gag they WOULD do
>Our children will be smart and beautiful

Underaged b& detected.
dude it was fucking terrible. great writing but that's it. in terms of style it was spitting in the eye of those of us watching beast wars and shit at the time.
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good eye on you.
>well you're a friendly fellow
>hey this guy's packin' a red rocket! wuzzat even?
>And they can deadlift a subcontinent
Peace after match !
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I want to write a crossover with these guys... but I'm a shit writer.
>no Conan
orion's a bit of an outlier
Thread posts: 30
Thread images: 16

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