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Here we try to list every single comic strip that had a anim

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Here we try to list every single comic strip that had a animated cartoon based on it.

First is Broom-Hilda.

Second part: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=06RfEl6llaA
Here is Marvin.

Mother Goose and Grimm:

Popeye Meets the Man Who Hated Laughter

obviously Popeye had a shitload of cartoons (and people might remember his cartoons more than his comic strip), but this one's got him and various characters from King Features Syndicate.


Characters from the following showed up:

Barney Google and Snuffy Smith
Beetle Bailey
Bringing Up Father
Flash Gordon
Hi and Lois
The Katzenjammer Kids
Little Iodine
The Little King
Mandrake the Magician
The Phantom
Prince Valiant
Snuffy Smith
Steve Canyon
Tim Tyler's Luck
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Flash Gordon got a cartoon in 1979:

"A Wish For Wings That Work" was out during the Outland era:


It also had short cameo voices from Robin Williams and Dustin Hoffman.
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Cathy had three television specials, this is the third one.

Family Circus had a bunch
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For Better or For Worse had six animated specials and then a show that lasted for about two seasons. Here's one of the specials.

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I can't believe I forgot that one.

Marmaduke had a cartoon (which also aired side-by-side with the early Heathcliff cartoons, the pre-Cadillac Cats ones):
The TV special was no where near as good as Robotman and Monty.
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Krazy Kat had cartoons in the 30's and also the 60's.


Beetle Bailey had a cartoon in the early 60's.

wasnt there a zits cartoon. Also that one with the red haired dad and black haired mom and the two insane kids?
Oh yeah that's right, there was the Baby Blues cartoon.

Defenders of the Earth teamed-up Flash Gordon, the Phantom, and Mandrake and Lothar, all of whom were heroes from King Features Syndicate comics.

They also had an episode where they teamed up with Prince Valiant, another KFS comic:

And Prince Valiant had a cartoon of his own, too:

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Tales From The Far Side was a 1994 special:

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The Boondocks had four seasons on Adult Swim, though the final season didn't have Aaron McGruder's involvement.

The Moomins
lorefags killed Heathcliff
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Dick Tracy had a cartoon in the 60's from UPA that usually focused more on the stereotypical characters working for him:


Later on Filmation did Dick Tracy cartoons:

The Daffy Duck parody is gold.

Just so much.
Fred Basset had a cartoon, too.

Filmation Dick sounds suspiciously like He-Man.
I want to watch this but I just can't. That fucking horrible laugh track, man. And the music is pretty awful, too.
It wouldn't surprise me. He did the voice of Reggie on the Archie cartoon at that time.
Also: Holy shit, dat Moon Maid...

I forgot to mention that the Broom-Hilda cartoon was also part of that Archie Filmation cartoon that had Dick Tracy as well.
It also had an unaired TV special in the late 80's:
>blatant references to alcohol
>in a cartoon from the 70's
>written by Sam Simon

The fuck?
It was early on in Sam Simon's career. He was also writing for Mighty Mouse (not the Bakshi one, the one before that) and Fat Albert.
Didn't expect these two having an animated show. The Outland ine is pretty good.
>34 posts in and no mention of Garfield or Dilbert
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Okay so in the 1910's there was a legal battle between Rudolph Dirks, creator of The Katzenjammer Kids, and the Hearst papers. The judge ruled that the Hearst papers could continue Katzenjammer Kids and held rights to the name, but allowed Rudolph Dirks to do his own comic using the characters (with minor renames) and so he called his strip The Captain and the Kids, for rival papers.

So there's silent cartoons of the Katzenjammer Kids in the 1910's:

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And then in the 1930's there was MGM cartoons of The Captain and the Kids:


And then there was also a cartoon from Filmation decades later, at the same time with Filmation's take on Dick Tracy and Broom-Hilda:

I wanted to avoid mentioning them, Peanuts, and Heathcliff cause those were the obvious ones.
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H├Ągar the Horrible
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Wizard of Id
Okay, it's muppets, but still...
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I'll do it then
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holy shit I totally forgot about this having a cartoon remember getting up and watching on saturday mornings


I remember this my god I wonder what else had a cartoon
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I forgot all about these


These had fucking cartoons


Wait is that Peter Cullen as Hagar?
There's also Dennis the Menace
There wasn't a Zits cartoon.
The cartoon was probably based more on the sitcom, but the whole franchise started as comic strips so I think it counts.
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Li'l Abner didn't have a cartoon but the Shmoo did:

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No, it had a cartoon but it was like five shorts. Al Capp didn't like them so they never went further.

There was also a puppet show based on Fearless Fosdick (the Dick Tracy parody from Lil Abner)

>You see Brutus, I'm not only mean
>I'm cheap
It's probably more based on the sitcom and films, but the designs look like they took some influence from the comic strip.
No mention of the BC or Doonsebury Thanksgiving specials?
>Wait is that Peter Cullen as Hagar?

It is.
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Ziggy's cartoons were directed by Richard Williams (whom you may know from The Animator's Survival Kit and the Thief and the Cobbler).

Let's not forget about this classic
That is some smooth animation!
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Oh shit can that man get anymore base
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Thread images: 31

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