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Why is CN having such a hard time with this channel? It seems

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Why is CN having such a hard time with this channel? It seems like the same shit as the main channel except sometimes they show a bunch of Courage episodes.

I get that some of the older stuff they used to air doesn't have much of an audience, but with everyone cashing in on nostalgia a Cartoon Cartoon block seems like a no-brainer. Did they lose the right to broadcast that shit?
It's a shame, honestly. They have a lot of potential with a bunch of older CN shows. I wish they'd try to have more variety at least.
Don't worry, they're starting Johnny Test reruns soon. (For real)
HD Televisions became common place in the last few years. People want television that works with their television, so anything 4:3 doesn't cut it in the market anymore. It's why you can't find shows like Moonlighting and Homicide Life on the Street despite their success.
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>Boomerang is supposed to be the old and nostalgic cartoons channel
>airs early episodes of Teen Titans GO
Man I miss old boomerang..
>Did they lose the right to broadcast that shit?
They produced most of the Cartoon Cartoons, so most likely not.
Still don't know why they don't make a block for them though.
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>They removed Samurai Jack just so they can continue their TTG marathon on all of their channels
>They stopped airing the original Teen Titans on Boomerang so they could air TTG more

That's not it, dude. Boomerang is in 4:3, or at least a lot of the stuff they air is.

I know. It seems so obvious, but it seems all they air is Courage, and I think they might also do PPG sometimes. Other than that I think they still air classic Looney Tunes, but I think that's at like 2AM and Tom and Jerry.
>Why is CN having such a hard time with this channel?
Nobody wants to pay out to see Boomerang, CN should cut their losses and try making it a part of a regular package like Cartoon Network

it is not worth the money and they're putting the value of the channel up on a pedestal
Pretty much. The only people who would know about it are adults and the only thing they are showing is stuff that kids would like.
Nostalgia baiting plus stuff for adults and kids and original content is litterally the only way they'd be able to get that network off the ground.
They could also drop Boomerang all together seeing as it's a lost cause and just put a ton of their catalog up online.

they're just throwing money down a hole at this point with the way they've been handling it. What shows do you think would pull in viewers?
It kills me. They air TTG, CGI Smurfs, CGI Garfield, and other shit like that.
Original cartoon cartoons like, dexter, powerpuff, johnny bravo, old hannah barbera stuff, warner brothers cartoons, old tom and jerry stuff, old 80's cartoons along side their remade versions, the old anime they usually got for nickels.
Really make it a "remember this when you were young" kind of time capsule network.
Boomerang REALLY isn't a kids network. It's a network for the adults who still watch kids cartoons and are nostalgic for those cartoons.
And they outnumber the kids and more then a few spend a lot of time at home.

But you are right. They should just put their entire catalog up online, but they should do that alongside the still running network.
They seem to be trying to change Boomerang from just old cartoons to a general dumping ground for shows they still have under license but don't want to show on the main channel. Also some of their newer reboots to play alongside/in place of the old things like Wabbit and Be Cool, Scooby Doo.

Lots of Courage, Pokemon DP, and other mixed stuff as far as I have seen.

It seems in general it's going the same path as Toon Disney did.
>Starts off as a side channel that has to be paid for that serves a specific puprose (TD was only toons, Boomerang was oldies)
>Time goes by, they decide it needs to be changed
>Introduce a new block to the channel with something different (TD was to Jetix, Boomerang is to the general blocks of newer shows)
>Eventually, that block expands and devours the channel, completely recreating it as something they feel they can use (TD became Disney XD, Boomerang, who knows)
Does the intended demographic of Boomerang even watch the channel anymore?

You got some numbers m8? this is really interesting now
Nope, but it makes sense, seeing as how it's going down the shitter since they decided to make it into cartoon network 2.0 nick but with ttg edition.

Kids don't know about the network and adults don't want to pay extra to get it.
Who is this for exactly?

You get the adults with the old stuff they grew up watching from their youth, you toss in some new and a few cheaply produced or bought family oriented original shows in there and you sit back and rake it in.

Kids get bored of old stuff on boomerang they flip over to cartoon network. Spend a lot of time pushing the link between the networks and have oldschool adult swim on Boomerang as well.
If Boomerang was exactly what CN was at the beginning of it's conception then I'd pay money to see it. There was tons of old shit back then and plenty new also.

I'd like to watch Mike Lu & Og, Sheep and The Big City, and What-A-Cartoon again also
Don't forget the OLD stuff. Back when I was like three I discovered it and it had the Banana Splits, Snagglepuss, etc, etc on it.

Also Jabberjaw and that weird thing with the talking buggy.

Scooby doesn't even need mentioning.
I feel like they should split Boomerang into two, like the main CN channel is. Have Boomerang air from 6am-8pm, airing classics and some newer cartoons, while from 8pm-6am, CN2 could air, airing more modern cartoons and more reruns of current shows, and they'll probably shove Be Cool there like they've already done with Shaun the Sheep and Sonic Boom and Dragons so they can have some exclusive new shows.
Hell, maybe for twice a week they could even air Adult Swim classics at 11pm, and then stuff like Toonheads and Late Night Black and White right after the block
Who the fuck watches TV? Everything in their backlog is available elsewhere.

You may as well ask why the radio isn't as popular.
Nostalgia pandering is cancer and I do not think we need to encourage it.
Thread posts: 22
Thread images: 3

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