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http://www.comicsbeat.com/the-etern aut-may-just-be-the-most

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fucking finally
This looks super interesting
wait... you telling me USA never got The Eternaut until NOW?
How.. why.. I mean..

...you should just stop making comics and start again from learning ABC.
Eternaut isn't really a graphic novel, is it?
Originally it was published as a serialized strip, but Oesterheld was clearly having a road map all along, giving an outlet to his political beliefs along the way.
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Not just the USA. This is literally the first english edition of Eternauta ever made.
Good show, Fanta.
Weird. I mean, UK isn't the biggest comic market out there, but one would think something like The Eternaut would have been published years ago
Probably there was a time when the Falklands/Malvinas situation could have hampered any efforts done at the time.

I'm fucking drowning in my own saliva
Yup. Especially considering it was an extremely well-received novel in pretty much every other part of Europe (Italy in particular fucking loves it, to the point where they have their own unofficial sequel) and Solano Lopez worked for the UK during the 50s-60s, and is a well-known and respected artist there. Basically, the fact that it never got an english edition was bullshit, and I'm really happy someone finally picked up the torch.

Wait, wait, wait...is this that comic you were telling me about that one time? The Argentinian masterpiece about people in a tunnel dealing with aliens?
>leyendo comics de negros
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Eternauta 01.jpg
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Ayup. The tunnel scene is one bit, but yes, this is the Great Argentine Comic Book.

Damn...I wish I had some money to get it....
I love that Fanta does showcases of their editions
It's a big deluxe collection of a south american sci-fi comic from the 1950s. I can't see it going outta stock any time soon. Bide your time!
I already added the Spanish edition to my Christmas wishlist, but I'm tempted to get this English edition too.

While I'm in a thread about Spanish comics, is there any online retailers that stock Spanish translations of comics?

I think I will be a long time biding, my friend.
I should have guessed.

I'm gonna have to add this to my own wishlist.
>this is the Great Argentine Comic Book.
Objectively I have to agree, but personally I've always liked Nippur of Lagash and Dago better. The writer may not be Argentinian but it was made there and the artists were.
50s to 70s was a kickass time for comics there, but it all went to shit.
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Pre-ordered it a while ago. It's 45% off at Amazon right now. Fantagraphics makes quality books so it's an easy buy.
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Nippur de Lagash 04.jpg
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Oh, absolutely. There's a metric shitton of awesome argie comic books from an equally awesome roster of creators. Oesterheld, Wood, Trillo, Mazzittelli, Gimenez, Solano, Breccia (both of them), Alcatena, Altuna, Lalia, Risso, Ortiz, the Villagrans, etc., they're all titans.
But El Eternauta is still pretty much the biggest, most popular and well-known of them all, and what's important about it is that it's really just. That. Good. It's not overrated or anything, y'know? So it's great to have this collection come out, and hopefully it'll open the gates to more stuff in the future.
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>Took more than 50 years to translate
I know foreign non-manga comics are a niche market, but seriously, why.

Haven't read it in more than a decade, though. Looks like I found a way to spend my weekend.
so people can read it as a "vintage"

the whole story feels like a class B mars attack movie for moments
so... its Juan Salvo or John Savior?
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pepe delussion.gif
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> tfw vidya cancelled
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Fuck yea this is happening.

And we should all pour one out for Héctor Germán Oesterheld, only /co/mrade to get black bagged for their work.
Yeah that's honestly insane. I'll have to give this a look
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