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What would you consider "must reads" for someone wanting

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What would you consider "must reads" for someone wanting to get more into Marvel?
Start with the Kirbies and Ditkos.
X-Factor Vol. 3. I don't think it will help you understand the Marvel universe but it's the best comic run Marvel ever had as far as I'm concerned.

Depends on how deep on the rabbit hole you are willing to go and/or if you have a specific character or team in mind

Wait, never mind, I just remembered Marvels. That's where you should start. It gives a broad view of the Marvel Universe from the start with Namor and the Human Torch.
You want to get into Marvel or become a complainer that will be screaming not MUH Marvel in no time?
I read a lot of X-Men comics as a kid, but my memory's too hazy to remember which Universe the ones I was reading were from. I also really like Howard the Duck and got caught up with the reboot recently, but all the references to other Marvel characters are part of what's making me interested in getting to know the Universe better.
Miller's Daredevil
claremont's x-men, ultimate spiderman, millar daredevil, whatever you want of the fantastic four, and the rest don't matter.
So current Marvel then. Start with Invincible Iron Man #1, Amazing Spider-Man #1, Guardians of the Galaxy #1, Extraordinary X-Men #1 and All-New All Different Avengers #1. Those are the essentials for current Marvel. You might want to read Uncanny Inhumans and Uncanny Avengers too but they are not that important.
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>just the worst books marvel is shitting out alongside Squirrel Girl
Clone Saga

One More Day

Their actually really great so dont listen to the dumb haters and form your own oppinion
>Squirrel Girl

Why the fuck does /co/ hate this series? It's fucking terrific.

>current marvel

Pick one.


This is the best answer so far.
Chris Claremont's X-Men
Peter David's Hulk
Frank Miller's Daredevil
Joe Kelly's Deadpool
Morrison's X-Men
Bendis' Daredevil
Vaughan's Runaways
Can I have a reason why Modern Marvel is bad that's something besides "It's... progressive... and different ;_;"
Idk why they got spiderman in front like he sum type of goon, he gun be the first to get his shit rocked.
can you form your own opinion through experience?

Daredevil by Frank Miller is a must, probably some of the best cape comics and easily some of Marvel's best

Stan Lee/Jack Kirby Fantastic Four is legendary and one of the few Silver Age comics I found to be quite enjoyable to read

Chris Claremont's X-Men is like your essential X-Men

I could recommend some newer stuff by whether that's "must read" is debatable
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>millar daredevil
>Mark Millar, not based fucking Frank Miller
I'll take your newer recommendations.
>the shittiest books
>all the important ones
typical /co/ poster
classic arvel is where the writers build the world and the characters.
Modern marvel is more interested in keeping the status quo and when a change happens it's editorially mandated for business reason rather than storytelling ones, and it's usually just a fa├žade of change.
So the main books are just running in circles continually rehashing old plots.
The good stories are outside the main books where writers have more creative freedom.

Ultimate Spider-Man by Brian Michael Bendis

The Ultimates (volume 1 and 2) by Mark Millar, also "Ultimate Comics: The Ultimates" by Jonathan Hickman

Dark Reign by Bendis and Secret Warriors by Jonathan Hickman (all of this is kind of tied together)

Hickman's Avengers, Hickman's Fantastic Four

The Immortal Iron Fist

Matt Fraction's Hawkeye

Mark Waid's Daredevil
>Marvels & Marvels: Eye of the Camera
>Shooter's Marvel Superheroes: Secret Wars
>Lee/Kirby FF
>Bendis' Ultimate Spider-man
>Miller's Daredevil
>Simonson's Thor
>Busiek's Avengers
>Morrison's New X-men
>Gruenwald's Squadron Supreme
>Ellis' Moon Knight and Ellis' Iron man: Extremis
>Kelly's Deadpool
>Ennis' Punisher MAX
That should give you a pretty good spread of "must reads" for various characters with Marvels/Eye of the Camera and Earth-X being general must-reads for the universe. Marvels is the golden and silver ages through the eyes of a photo journalist with Eyes of the Camera being the sequel about the bronze age and Earth-X is kind of Marvel's Kingdom Come equivalent. Marvel Superheroes: Secret Wars is Marvel's first "event" comic (debatable second if you count Contest of Champions) and is noteworthy for that, and is also a pretty good comic in its own right.
It-s shit, Marvel stopped being good in the mid 80-s
Oh, I'll also add:
>Starlin's Warlock/Thanos Quest/Infinity Gauntlet
>Annihilation + all the tie-ins
>Steranko's Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD
>Fraction's Immortal Iron Fist
>Spencer's Superior Foes of Spider-man
>Thunderbolts (everything except Fightbolts and Frankbolts)
>Death of Captain Marvel
>Fraction's Hawkeye
>Millar's Ultimates 1 & 2
>Peter David's Incredible Hulk (or at least Future Imperfect since his run on Hulk is extremely long with some ups and downs, but FI is a pretty self-contained story within it and one of the highest points)
>Remender's Uncanny X-force
>Silver Surfer: Requiem
>Bendis' Alias
I'm sure there's more that I'll remember to recommend in a few minutes.
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>>Death of Captain Marvel

>I'm sure there's more that I'll remember to recommend in a few minutes
And as I thought, here's a few more:
>Gillen's Journey into Mystery
>The Original Writer's Miracleman
>Moore's Captain Britain
>Kirby's The Eternals
>Lee/Jenkins' Inhumans
>Miller's Daredevil
>JMS Thor
>JMS Spiderman
>De Matteis Spiderman
>Ditko Spiderman
>Macfarlane Spiderman
>Bendis Daredevil
>Bendis Ultimate Spiderman
>Brubaker Captain America
>Starlin Silver Surfer
>Gruenwalds Quasar (essential for cosmic lore and truly underrated)
>Starlin Captain Marvel
>Gruenwalds Cap
>DnA Guardians of the Galaxy
>Hickman FF
>Claremont Xmen
>Pak Hulk
>ennis punisher
>Ellis Nextwave
>Remender X-force
>Simonson Thor

Among many others.

I can suggest some one shots, minis and events if you like.
I'd read Waid's Daredevil before Bendis'
Gruenwalds Squadron Supreme
While I like Waid's DD, it makes more sense going in chronologicaly
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Thread images: 4

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