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>One Good Deed A Day There's no secrets in a small town.

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>One Good Deed A Day

There's no secrets in a small town.
Huck lives a simple and charmed life.
With a list in hand, he tries the best he can.
But when new comers arrive, everything changes

This is-
Huck #1: Yeah, We Know What This Riffs On
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Huck 001-001.jpg
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Since Chrononauts was such a huge letdown, I was worried about this.
But a variant cover has spoiled something that I think makes this a little more interesting.

This is the secret sequel to MPH
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Huck 001-002.jpg
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And here we go...
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Huck 001-003.jpg
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I'll need to read that eventually.

I'm just here for Albuquerque.
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Run, Huck, Run!
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Read which.
And yeah, MPH give backstory to some of the stuff that will come up in Huck

Albuquerque's art is so cute here.
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Huck 001-006.jpg
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MPH. Chrononauts wasn't bad, it just wasn't a terribly original idea and was clearly intended as a movie pitch. I still bought the trade with the Top Gun cover though.
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Shady stuff, gran.

God, I honestly think I might hate Chrononauts.
Not for the art of course, but it was just the most barebones thing ever - which was irritating I thought.

And yeah, MPH is cool, I honestly didn't see the Huck connection coming until the variant covers spoiled it.
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Wait a minute. One good deed a day...



Hey! This is just a humanized version of "100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd"! What the fuck, Millar?
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What a bundle of joy
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Huck 001-011.jpg
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He's very meticulous.
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Well played, Huck
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Huck 001-014.jpg
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That first deed is maybe a bit lame compared to the others Huck
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Huck 001-017.jpg
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Huck 001-019.jpg
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>Slow Guy
So the mildly retarded Forrest Gump thing is in then. And for a second I actually thought Millar was speaking in a more conceptual sense.
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Huck 001-020.jpg
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That's an old joke
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Aww nuts
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Get ready for the big time kid.
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Next Month:
>Now under media scrutiny, Huck sets out to help the flood of strangers coming to him in need.
Thanks OP. Big Millar fan. It was an okay first issue. Appreciate it. Will be following this one.
Seems to be more going on than Chrononauts, so that at least gives it some more umph.
And the last solicit confirms the MPH connection - and seems actually pretty intriguing.
A human aspect as well.
I kind of like Supertard but I don't see what new directions the story could travel down
Seems like it's going to be your basic "discover your origins" story going by solicits.
Super-Gump antics not going to be the main focus.
>doing anything but barebones

i legit don't get your love for millar. at worst, his comics are the possible worst, at best he writes middling, average stories
I understand that he writes these formulaic and basic stories - but Chrononauts was just set pieces.
There wasn't even any actual effort to flesh out Danny or Corbin - it was just...awful.

At least with Starlight and MPH, there's a little more diligence paid to character motivation and those little fill-in moments.
This is really decompressed. He spends over a quarter of the fucking book running to drop off a gold chain.
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>He saved some people and the town has asked me to keep a secret

It's worse than Duke's kids from starlight
There was also the reporter who did the same thing in Superior, or planned too
Loved it.
Chrononauts was the comic book equivalent of watching a Will Smith movie. It was fun and that's all that matters.
Maybe After Earth.
In that it was boring as hell.
speaking English?
He could have at least done *translated from Hausa, or whatever they speak in Northern Nigeria .
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Thanks Dave for the storytime, I actually like a lot when Millar does some warm and cheer up stuff.
>big man
For you.
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Unlettered Preview of #2
bumping to read.
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Readers of MPH will already know what this is
File: Huck-02-11-15f37.jpg (98KB, 495x752px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: Huck-02-12-eecc4.jpg (88KB, 495x752px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Huck 2: Huck in the City
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And some sketches. The end.
I can't read it after Millar's comments. I just hate to fuck too much.

>Bitches about superheroes fighting
>Made the comics the movies are fucking based on
Yeah, honestly, I didn't want to go into those threads - but it was just some of the most transparent things ever.

I mean, I see it happen whenever he launches a new book, so I'm used to it - but...come on.
I love this first issue... but i'm absolutely positive this series will take everything i like about this character and concept and grind it to ash under it's heel by book 3. I predict Huck has a drinking problem and starts breaking people in half by issue 4.
>I predict Huck has a drinking problem and starts breaking people in half by issue 4.

Someone predicted the same about Duke McQueen. Didn;t pan out.
At most I think Huck might reach some aspect of despair once he learns the truth about his mother
So is American Vampire officially dead? No way Albuquerque can do 2 books. Hell, he can't even do one on schedule.
Was American Vampire cancelled? Albuquerque moved to this and Snyder is focused on Batman.
It's on hold while Albuquerque did this.
And Millar "reserves books now", so IIRC Raf is back to working on American Vampire.
Huck is already done

It's not dead or cancelled dudes.
Y'know, when Millar isn't trying to be edgy, he's amazing. As a husband and a father, Starlight made me cry multiple times. I'm hoping this is more that than Nemesis or some other shit.
>I'm hoping this is more that than Nemesis or some other shit

It's Forest Gump
NO HUCK! NO! YOU CAUSE AN INTERNATIONAL...he's already gone. :/
Can Huck cure cancer?
Can;t stop him
my reaction exactly, and it was the point I put the book back on the wall and said "Oh Mark, you never fucking learn, do you?"
Starlight was awesome.
>these jackholes shouldn't act like jackholes
More like KEK
More like kek
Wait...tell me this isn't Super-Tard.
He's not that retarded, but he is simple-minded. I just hope this goes well and not turn into some super rape-gore shit or something Millar comes up on bad days.
>Albuquerque dropped Ei8ht to do a Millar comic
>Lets call the press on a completely baseless claim of a veritable stranger

>The press actually shows up...

Youre totally missing the point, it makes no sense for them to even call in the first place and even less for anyone to take it seriously and actually show up.
Well I guess I'm curious to see if Millar would indeed write it as such or if some third party managed to figure it out ala MoS Lois Lane
Who cares what language they speak in the middle of fucking nowhere?

Hell, they were at a school -- maybe they were there to learn English; a language that actually fucking matters.
You're gonna stop reading it over that? Really?

Huh? What does it have to do with MPH?

>>saved up 58 dollars


>>on next plane to Africa

Come on now.
Is the mother someone from an other Millar book?
Reporter from Superior was a good character. Definitely moved from 7/10-9/10 for what she didn't do.
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1447869373994 copy.jpg
3MB, 1988x3056px
the title was bugging me like if it was spelled wrong so I had to fix it
you guys are too obsessed with that.
Maybe they just did a bunch of legwork off screen - Huck's no retard but he's not as OPSEC conscious as Secret Identity Clark Kent.
tell me about it

He didn't pay for the plane. He just grabbed to the bottom of it and let go when he was over the bad guys. Finding shit seems to be one of his powers, and apparently that extends to finding people in the middle of nowhere, Nigeria.
File: 4c301d5e07ca7e03.jpg (656KB, 900x1367px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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HURR....is Huck the son of Mother Russia from Kick-Ass 2 who was a product of the soviet superpower program introduced in MPH?
Wasn't that a mini-series?

He could just do more after he's finished with Huck.
reminds me of that John Travolta Michael movie
The mother is part of the soviet super soldier program mentioned in MPH'

She's not Mother Russia
>not turn into some super rape-gore shit or something Millar comes up on bad days.
That is so far unlikely to happen
I enjoyed it, which is all I really wanted out of the book. Hopefully it doesn't shit it's pants in later issues, but we'll see.
>Hopefully it doesn't shit it's pants in later issues
With Millar right now, unless it shits it's pants in the first issue, you have a safe bet later.
Her not doing that really kept her from being too annoying
This was actually good. Nothing spectacular, just a nice little heartwarming tale. And FINALLY, the god-tier artist doen't feel like a waste on a sub-par book. (Looking at you Sean Murphy.)
Sean Murphy really was extraordinarily wasted.
I'm looking forward to Albuquerque doing the mother's origin, the latest solicit makes it look harrowing
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