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Looking for some good animated, preferable more adult-oriented

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Looking for some good animated, preferable more adult-oriented animated films or cartoons that aren't american, canadian, european or japanese. Pic related isn't really what I'm looking for since it's clearly aimed at kids, but it's one of the only cartoons i could think of that isn't isn't western or japanese.
>Arabian Nights: Sinbad's Adventures (アラビアンナイト シンドバットの冒険 Arabian Naito: Shinbatto no Bōken?) is a 52 episode anime series directed by Fumio Kurokawa and produced by Nippon Animation which was first aired in 1975.
Well shit. So now I'v got nothing.
There's this from Iran:

even adnan wa lina (future boy conan)
and that one show about some bee
>and that one show about some bee

Maya the Bee or Honeybee Hutch?

Then again both were animated in Japan
Well yeah, I know Maya and the Moomins were japanese. Pic related is something I found about recently though, while looking for cartoons from all around the world. Seems I was misinformed.
Thanks a lot for this.
Oh shit I think I remember that cartoon.
Is this the one where the kid ALWAYS squeals "HELP MEEEEE" 24/7 forever?
"Elha'ouniiiiiiii" NO FUCK YOU
>american, canadian, european or japanese

So would animation from the other Asian countries count? Cos China and South Korea have produced some interesting work
Is this Sindibad?
Sinbad, Sindbad, schaut wie viel Glück dieses Kind hat.
Sure, if there's anything you can recommend.
Even Katy la Oruga?
Most of these are kind of aimed at kids but they're all I could think of:

Waltz with Bashir

Persepolis (kind of cheating because it's french/iranian)

Leafy A Hen into the Wild

Prince Nezha's Triumph Against Dragon King

Uproar in Heaven (Journey to the West)

and if you're interested in Russian animation:

The Snow Queen

The Little Mermaid

I feel like the only reason Japanese animation is really good today is because we got lazy and let the Asians do most of the work
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Reminds me of Arjun
>Maya and the Moomins
They're European trademarks of course, it's just that their respective book series just got so popular in Japan that naturally they got animu adaptations. The Maya and 1990 Moomin animes were also co-productions btw.

>Japanese animation
>really good today

Not to be a nostalgiafag but compared to the old anime anons mentioned above, not really. Just my opinion though.
sindbad (harfensound), sindbad (harfensound), kleiner mann du bist okeeee.
I used to watch Captain Majid which I thought was Arabic because of the name and football/soccer being popular here. I only recently learned, after 15 years, they were Japanese.
From China:

>Snow Kid (1980)

>Havoc in Heaven

>Princess Iron Fan (pretty old, but it even influences Japanese animation to quite a degree)

And quite a few interesting short films such as "The Plank Bridge" and "Feeling from Mountain and Water"

From South Korea:

>The Story of Mr Sorry

>Aachi & Ssipak

>The King of Pigs (not perfect in the animation department though)

For top keks

>Black Cat Detective

>Squirrel and Hedgehog

>Space Thunder Kids (from the fucker who enables Godfrey Ho's career)
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>>71214413 (You)
Also forgot


>The Fake

>The House (2011)

>My Beautiful Girl, Mari

for more South Korean animations
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Remember me /co/?
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>Princess, Danish animated movie by Anders Morgenthaler from 2008.

There's some live action parts in it, and it's fairly graphic and deals with some pretty uncomfortable subjects (teenage prostitution, rape of a minor, victims of the porn industry) But you also get to see a little girl beating her rapist to death with a crowbar so yeah.. Definitely not for kids.
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Lord this movie gives you badfeels.
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Soviet Russia made several interesting animated features and shorts.
Thread posts: 25
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