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How would Statler and Waldorf heckle your favorite shows?

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How would Statler and Waldorf heckle your favorite shows?
"The Legend of Korra, huh?"

"I could use a legend."


"Yeah, it might help me find where I'm supposed to give a shit! Dohohohoho!"
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>"Boy I tell ya, This show is filled with lots of lore and a lot of unanswered questions but their is one thing that always brings me back"
>"What's that?"
>"The women"
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"Hey, do you know what time it is?"

"Yeah, time for the show to end"

>Boy that Statler and Waldorf sure are predictable and repetitive
>Makes sense
>Why's that?
>Old geezers gotta try to stay regular!
There was a good one about the-show-that-must-not-be-named i heard once

>i can see why they call him Spike
>Yeah, every time he talks, i wanna drive him into the ground!
Something tells me it's not one of your favorite shows.
Do Statler and Waldorf really like anything?
They'd like it if you shut up!
>"Gravity Falls eh, seems like an appropriate name."
>"Yeah, why?"
>"Cause every time I watch it I fall asleep!"

I'm sure there's something better but I can't think of it.
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>That Homestar sure is a terrific athlete
>Yeah, he can run straight back from hiatus at a full four toons per year!
They like the internet.

Did they always have colored irides around their pupils? I thought muppets all just had dots.
>They tried making a show appeal to little girls, and ended up roping in a ton of middle aged men
>That's like drilling for oil and hitting a septic tank!
Wow. Their voices sound so different from the originals.
it's sad, some of the lasting appeal of the muppets is just what unique, bizarre voices the guys had.. jim, frank, jerry, they all had .. just irreplaceable WEIRD voices. even talking as themselves.. Kinda like how there's nobody else like pat buttram
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>This show really makes me wonder.
>About the implications time travel and super speed?
>No, I'm wondering why they couldn't hire anyone who can act!
Jesus, this has to be one of the most meta things I've seen on the web.
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>Oh, Wayne Knight, what an amazing career
>Yeah It's amazing he stuck around as long as he did!
>He really doesn't have many roles under his belt does he?
>Only rolls of fat!
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>I really envy Tadashi
>For having such a loving and caring brother?
>No, for not having to sit through the rest of this movie!
>Do you ever wonder what SHIELD stands for?
>I already know. It's about the producers feelings towards the show: Should Have Invested Elsewhere, Let's Ditch
>Do you ever feel bad that we don't ever contribute to the mediums we claim to belong to, and instead of helping to improve things, we just spew hate and spread discourse?
>Not really. It seems to work well for Anita Sarkeesian.
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>"You know why Star is such a fitting name for her?"
>"Why's that?"
>"Because a star has one point for every person who actually watches the channel it comes on!"
I think you mean discord anon

You ponyfucker
File: Teen-Titans-Go.jpg (104KB, 940x529px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Teen Titans, GO!
>Are you signing the theme song?
>No, I just really want them to go!
First time I lol'ed this whole thread.
noun: discourse; plural noun: discourses

written or spoken communication or debate.

Illiterate fuckwad.
I really hope that's not your favorite show.
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my goddamned sides
How the fuck do you not know what discourse means?
not that guy, but in that context the person clearly meant discord. you wouldn't say "We just spread hate and discussion"
>This show is a real roller coaster.
>Yeah, it went downhill very fast and makes me want to throw up.
>Regular Show, eh?
>That's apt.
>Why do you say that?
>Whenever it comes on I remember it's time to go to the bathroom!
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>Well, I think I did learn something from watching this.
>To always help out your friends?
>No, to never watch this show again!
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>mfw stealth bronies everywhere
well done good chap. i was trying to think of a joke in that vein.

>Fresh Prince? What does that even mean?
>I think that's what he leaves in the snow after stealing your TV!
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Thread images: 16

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