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Ultimate DC Universe

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>DC has just created a brand new Universe
>Just like Marvel's Ultimate Universe, this world is just a contemporary take on a handful of DC characters
>You can do whatever you want with the characters, but more importantly you can change whatever you want
>The only rule is that you have to keep it to DC characters
Now's where it gets interesting
>You can only post 1 story arc per character
>After that arc, anybody can post their own idea for an arc that happens after yours
>Somebody can post their idea after yours, etc.
>You have to follow the same events that happened in the arc before you (i.e., a story about Robin dying can't have Robin in the next scene)
>First 7 posts get to decide the origins, and the 7 series that will follow this Ultimate Universe
I don't feel like it.
>Batman is a living sun
>Krypton blew up because of Jor-El tried creating the perfect Kryptonian
>He genetically modified his son's genetic structure so that it would absorb any solar radiation it's near
>His birth caused a solar flare that destroyed Krypton, and Kal-El was sent to Earth because it was the only planet with sentient life that could survive the sun's presence
Oh fuck I meant Superman
Superman is in coma thanks to Luthor.
I mean... it's a little fatiguing. All of the various 52 universes, earths, else worlds, futures, etc.

There's thousands of alternates at this point.
>Batman's parents are Jor-El and Lara
>Superman's Dad is Lex Luthor
Then what the fuck are Thomas and Martha Wayne doing?
Any citizen of the Central City can become Flash by wearing one if the rings that were created by Eobard Thawne.
They are the Speedforce Corp
I mean there's literally million rings or so. Barry Allen doesn't exist yet, he'll be born in the future.
Fuck off i don't want that, the ultimate universe was post 9/11 traumatic crap.
>Barry Allen has to fight against the Speedcorp by reverse engineering the Flash Rings so he can tap into the one thing that can stop them
>The Reverse-Speedforce
Captain Marvel
>Shazam is a street drug sold by a mysterious gang leader named the wizard
>Billy Batson living on the streets at the age of 16 gets hooked on Shazam
>While trying to score Shazam down at the docks the police show up and a firefight between the dealers and the police show up
>Billy runs behind some containers full of toxic chemicals to get high while the firefight is going on
>Stray bullet hits a canister inside the container and blows up
> Billy Batson is transforms into Captain Marvel
After disarming both the police and drug dealeaea Billy steals their shipment of shazam and flies off to the abandoned building where he tends to sleep
>Billy turns back to a kid and discovers he is only captain marvel when he's high
> After The Wizard hears what happens he attempts to recreate the process with his bike gang The Black Riders and turns his general (Adam) Into Black Adam
> he only turns Adam in order to keep him in check with the supply of drugs

I imagined this as a poor interpretation of a comic book hero in a 90s movie
>Then what the fuck are Thomas and Martha Wayne doing?
Getting shot in an alley way while their money avenges them
>Poor interpretation
Trust me, for shitty 90's adaptations, you're right on the dot. The only thing you're missing is Billy's ethnic friend that's made for TV
Sounds kinda like Jolley's Firestorm.
>Their money avenges them
>Alfred spends the rest of the Wayne fortune to build a giant robot that's made out of solid gold
Hal Jordan is an Air Force pilot, he finds out some government secrets or something that he shouldn't know/they're trying to cover up, his plane is sabotaged and he's killed on a mission

He knows he was murdered and they're trying to cover up some bad shot so when his spirit is given the opportunity to become the Spectre he takes it
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>Ultimate DC
>implying DC needs an alternate universe to practice with 2edgy4me sensibilities
>implying DC hasn't already mastered good edge while Marvel is still struggling with the concept that more smarmy pricks for superheroes =/= good adult characters
>Jay Garrick is living a happy life with his wife Joan.
>He has the ring and uses it one night
>At some point The Blackout you can change the name if you don't like it happens and causes active rings to deactivate
>People gave the name of this incident because blackouts of rings happen almost every few months in the Central City
>Jay gets injured and nearly dies, but recovers few days later thanks to the ring.
>While Jay was dying he saw a glimpse of Death, The Black Flash.
>Many people who used the rings at the days of blackouts saw Black Flash as well
>Many people are scared to use the rings after those encounters
What image set was this from again?

Oh, and Aquaman. The Merrevale company is a genetics company that John Curry worked for. He was an ocean explorer, looking for new sea creatures to use their DNA in genetic modification experiments. During this time, he discovers an undersea race of genetically modified humans; Atlanteans. Here he meets his wife, who dies in childbirth. The child, Arthur,has blonde hair, which means he is ostracized from their society and must return with his father to the surface. Arthur begins to develop new abilities as he grows up, but does not know why. At age 25, his father and the CEO of Merrevale are killed in a boating 'accident', leading to his 22 year old son, David Merrevale to become the new leader of Merrevale Industries. Arthur investigates his fathers death and realises there is a plot by Atlantean terrorists, people with similar abilities to him, to begin an invasion of the surface world, with Merrevale being a main target due to them pillaging the oceans. The terrorists are led by Orm, a half-brother that Arthur has never met before. Within the group of terrorists, he also meets Mera, who eventually falls in love with him and joins his side. Throughout this story arc, David Merrevale mistakes Arthur for the leader of the Atlantean terrorists and believes he killed his father, and thus sends PMC troops after him. Eventually, during the final battle of the first arc between Arthur and Orm, David is caught in blast that covers him with experimental Manta Ray genetic modification fluid. (1/2)
>The Gold robot's nickname is Booster
What if the Wizard is just the guy that produces it?
He gets killed in a shoot out and as he lay dying he gives Billy the true uncorrupted formula allowing him to make more.
That way its more like I HAVE CHOSEN MY CHAMPION typa thing from regular Cap Marvel.
Or you could name the drug Lightning and have him call himself Shazam cause you can't really use Captain Marvel as the name anymore
(2/2)Though outwardly similar, he is transformed in a way that debilates him, requiring him to wear a special suit with a large helmet and eyes for him t see or breath. Blaming this, too, on Arthur, he swears revenge. However, with the defeat of Orm, Arthur returns him to Atlantis, discovering that he is the rightful heir to the throne, and that, for the most part, the predjudice against blonde haired Atlanteans has faded, apart from in traditionalist groups such as Orm's. Arthur, with nothing much left on the surface world and the love of his life in the ocean, accepts the offer of rule and becomes the king of Atlantis. The arc ends with him marrying Mera. Meanwhile, David plans his revenge, hiring the mercenarry Tua Nanaue to be injected with shark DNA and a brainwashed young girl to be injected with Dolphin DNA and become the first of his team of half sea-creature/half-human commandos.
When you use the Shazam drug, it strikes you like the single bolt of lightning within.
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dammit prof.gif
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>Bruce-ter Gold Wayne
>Captain Marvel the Drug Addict
>Batman the Sun
>Spectre Jordan
>Lex Luthor's Superman
>The /co/ltimate Justice League
Now they all need to team up to form the Justice League. How does it go down, and what threat do they have to fight?
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This shit reminds me of Just Imagine! Which was bretty alright for the 90s
>tfw Batman the Sun
>Speedcorp has to disband because of fear of the Black Flash
>Some are still addicted to the speed the rings brought them
>Wally West, one of the youngest members of the corp, is so far in withdraw that his body no longer can sustain itself
>Barry Allen, the first Reverse-Flash, tries to help Wally by giving him a Reverse-Flash Ring
>The ring only worsens Wally's condition
>And so comes the Black Flash, who was actually the Black Racer
>The Black Racer gives Wally his powers so that Wally can live
>But because Wally had the Reverse-Flash Ring on him when he was given the powers, he turns into something new entirely
>Wally West is now the Reverse-Black Flash
>He is now the White Flash, fighter of death and protector of life
Earth 2 in the New 52 was basically like Ultimate DC and just like Ultimate Marvel got completely wrecked by stupid, edgy, destructive events.
>The robot mishears his name (Bruce-Boost or Booster-Brucester)
> A gold robot
>Alfred isn't a pennyworth. He's Anthony Ivo's brother.
>Batman is Amazo, which is why he can beat the whole Justice League
>Booster Gold who was really Amazo and was built by the Wayne's Butler can't take out the entire Justice League
Yeah, ok. We've official gone from stupid shit to glorious shit

Any Draw-Fags here? Really wanna see somebody's depiction of Bruce-ter Godl now
>Cop John Jones wakes up in a tube at an army base and is experimented on, his DNA combined with that of some sort of green aliens
>During his time there, he develops telepathic and shapeshifting abilities, and discovers, through mind-reading, that the man in charge of the base, General Vandal Savage, is conspiring to imprison the superhumans that have arisen in the world and make them his own personal army with the help of a nanomachine mind control device known as S.T.A.R.R.O
>John escapes and his powers go haywire outside of Central City, where he is intercepted by the White Flash
>John is brought to mechanical genius Alfred, who creates a harness that keeps John in stable condition, a large, hulking green condition though that may be.
>Alfred realises that General Savage will go after the strongest superheroes first, so he sends John, Bruce-ter and Wally to find them.
>Bruce-ter brings in the Living Sun without much of a struggle
>John finds Aquaman and convinces him to fight with them
>Wally, being a being of life, communicates with Hal Jordan, the Spectre, and brings him in
>However, Savage has already got to Captain Marvel and injected him with STARRO, meaning that he could be used as a weapon
>The team fight Marvel and are defeated at first, but they escape and realise that STARRO is being controlled by a mysterious computer at the army base; John uses his mind reading and realises that it is called 'BRANIAC'
and then I got fired as writer, someone pick this storyline up and finish it in a way that is satisfying.
Did captain marvel just get injected with a starfish?
Or I'll finish it badly, no biggie.
>The team go on a covert mission to the Army base, where they are intercepted by Captain Marvel again
>This time, they win by using John's mind powers to make Billy think he is a child again
>They go into the base and confront Savage, who reveals that BRANIAC is an alien supercomputer from the future that time-travelled back to the 16th century in order to analyse the time period and wait for the advent of superhumans.
>Braniac intends to make superhumans and create an army of them to instate his dictatorship and change the future of Earth so that it does not become something worse; he gifted Savage with immortality to become one of his acolytes.
>The team defeats Savage, who is transformed by Braniac into a giant, red superhuman creature with a third eye and massive psychic powers to rival Johns.
>The team are almost defeated by him, but the White Flash sacrifices himself to defeat him, running so fast that he becomes a bolt of pure energy that travels to Keystone City and causes an energy wave that gives many people superhuman abilities, including a young disabled man called Hunter Zolomon
>Braniac is defeated, but warns that with his defeat that soon Earth will experience the apocalypse, which, due to it's diminishing intelligence, is spelt 'Apokolips'
>The members of the team agree that they'll be ready when it comes, and form 'The League'
>Alfred converts Wanye Manor to be used as a main base and be able to phase to a 'phantom zone' outside of reality; he renames it 'The Watchtower'
>Eobard Thawne has his own ring, whch was unique at the time
>While Speedcorp wasn't even an idea yet, Eobard was practising his powers
>Since childhood Eobard was amazed by the thought of possible timetravel
>He couldn't travel by his foot yet, so he built the Cosmic Treadmill
>Eventually he travels 250 years into the future
>There he finds The Reverse-Flash Museum
>A shocking reveal opens to his eyes
>Eobard Thawne killed Barry Allen!
>by the time of creating new rings and building the Speedcorp Eobard considers to not timetravel any soon
>Barry Allen travels back to the past to help Wally because in the future it is written that Wally will be the hero future Central City deserves
>After the disband of the Speedcorp Eobard tries not to get bankrupt, a wild idea appears
>time to use the Cosmic Treadmill!
No, nanomachines, son.
>The book ends with Bruce-ter carrying the unconscious body of a young woman out of the wreckage of the base; her nametag says 'Dr. Doris Zeul'. She is unusually tall, around 8ft.
>The final line of the comic is:NEXT - GIGANTA, THE WONDER WOMAN
That was probably horrible because it was pure stream of consciousness
I'd read the shit outs this
>Rock of Eternity is just cocaine
He's kept from passing into the afterlife by his SHEER WILL TO LIVE
I typo'd that as Love. I kinda want that more.
>Hunter Zolomon is now longer a man, he's the Hunter Baboon
I swear to fucking god guys, this is /co/'s Just Imagine. Tell me that wouldn't be the best thing ever written
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Ultimate Super-Man.png
238KB, 2048x1536px
Oh, and I've thrown together a Superman redesign in HeroMachine, because I don't have any actual drawing talent.
Why not both?
Ultimate Demon

Jason Blood is a rapper

Very much WU inspired even tho they're mainly marvel fans
Animal Man: There is a human-shaped gap in the universe, no one knows who or what it is... bar one man. Grant Morrison. Cognizant to the inner workings of the hypertimestream, Grant recognizes Buddy Baker has been written out of continuity. Realizing that Animal Man must exist, Grant dons the costume and abilities of Animal Man, and goes about using his animal powers to explore the universe, searching for traces of Buddy's existence. The hole from where Buddy is supposed to be gradually causes time to unravel, creating sutures in reality, causing people to change into previous iterations of themselves. Grant must piece these fractured memories together in hopes of ever finding out what happened to Buddy Baker.
Alright, I feel we can make this better....Can we do something better with Supes, I feel like combining him and Batman. Lets have Krypton trying to create a being of pure light (SON OF SUN) because Krypton is all out of power and due to the red sun or solar flares or poop they can't use solar power. They siphon Rao's energy into a genetically perfected child but the discharge causes the planet to go unstable. To protect the planet(or to keep the child from being abused), Jor-el shields the child in A BLACK CLOTH and sends him into space so he can discharge the radiation properly. However, the siphon also sent energy back to Rao causing it to...do stuff and destroy the planet. The discharge of the explosion sends kryptons deep space early warning system into the far reaches of space along with the Superbaby pod. The superbaby pod arrives earlier on earth because it was farther out. The baby arrives, found by the kents, okay fun yay smallville! However, by absorbing the yellow UV light he begins to become like Cap Atom and risks being explody. His parents show him all the stuff including THE BLACK CLOTH. Due to the risk, he can only come out at night unless he wears THE BLACK CLOTH. Bat stuff fun yay! Then the early warning system comes hurtling into the solar system and Supes sticks into orbit. It had the sentient system robot person CIA BRIAN. Sorry had to BRIAN has seen the universe in his travels. There's not much power so he transfers his consciousness to earth, vandal savage, all that fun stuff. Can we make Vandal turn into like Despero? Thats what i got from that description. Wayne manor could become the hall of justice.

Sorry other supes guy and other guys, didn't mean to step on your toes.
Honestly, I wouldn't mind if the Ultimate Demon was a rich black guy who has his own recording studio, who's also a producer first and who was and is a rapper.
I would venture a few dollars on "The Surprising Adventures of Grant Morrison" #1
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I was going with the idea where it's a basic Superman base for his costume, just with muted colors and different symbols to make him Batman

Also he is a sun
Anon, I don't care what you say. That was beautiful
>/co/ltimate comics
>THE LEAGUE #2 Starring: John Jones: The Man-Hunting Martian
John is trying to find out why he was turned into the creature he now is, and will not stop until he gets his revenge
Strong enough to take on the Justice League, Smart enough to rival the intelligence of his creator (Alfred Ivo), but will he be able to take on his next threat? Alfred's estranged brother, who created an army of robots of his own, Doc. Will "Magnus" Ivo, and his robot killing machine, ALLOY?
White-Flash is dead, and the Corps need to use their rings again so they can fight the new threat of the new wave of Meta-Humans created during The League's fight with Vandal Savage
Captain Marvel is now in withdraw after being taken over by S.T.A.R.R.O., his powers beginning to fade. And Black Adam now has the perfect time to strike
Bat-Sun is now trapped on Earth and has no place to go. After helping out with the League, Bat-Sun sees that he can use his powers for justice
Lex is flipping out, as his Superman now seems really insignificant against every other super-human out there. So now he feels that Superman needs a power boost if he'll ever lead the League

There's the setup. Go crazy
So Lex is just cloning Super-Men now. Like, hundreds of them. But they're all aging at different rates. The one we've got right now is just the oldest, and therefore most outdated, clone. Lex tries using the genetic code of John Jones and applies it to one of the younger clones while it's still in it's youth. So now this younger clone has all the strength of Super-Man and has the mind powers of the Martian, including telepathy and mind control. And because of the clone's premature state, Lex calls the clone Super-Boy

But just as this is going on, the original Superman (nicknamed Superman Prime by Lex) is starting to show his age. His mind is beginning to unravel, showing the flaws of a prototype. So now the only thing that can make sense to Superman Prime is to go out and kill Superboy
Can we just refresh what all the origins are?
Anon who wrote it here.

I question your taste but thanks.
Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, John Stewart, and Kyle Rayner are all Vietnam soliders
Hal and John both enlisted
Guy had a choice between prison or the army
And Kyle was drafted after he flunked out of college
Their squad leader is Alan Scott secretly the WW2 war hero Green Lantern
In this war they are fighting super powered beings and monsters. it comes as a surprise when the first monster attacks and kills the Green Lantern. When they come to his rescue they find out that hes their captain Alan Scott
Alan uses the power of the Starheart and gives them all a portion of the power
Together they are the Green Lantern Corps
Earth-2 is already ultimate DC

also these ideas suck
Sure, Anon
>Flashcorps are a group of people who are gifted Flash Rings that give them the powers of the Flash by Eobord Thawne
>Somebody fucked up a Superman origin story and said batman instead, so now Batman is the son of Jor-El and has the powers of a sun
>The other Superman was created by Lex Luthor
>The Waynes never had a son, so when they got shot Alfred used all of their money to create a robot called Bruce-ter Gold
>Captain Marvel gets his powers through drugs
Experimented on by Savage and Braniac, Doctor Doris Zeul discovers she has the ability to grow at will. She vows to use this to help the world, but a trio of scientists wish to experiment on her to give themselves power; will Wonder Woman be able to defeat the combined forces of Al Pratt, Ryan Choi and Ray Palmer as they form the worlds greatest scientific think tank, 'the Atom'?
Hal also ends up fucking a Vietnamese hooker who told him she was 28, when really she was 14
>these ideas suck
It's the Ultimate universe, anon, that's the point
It's ok, though. 14 is age of consent in Vietnam
>Reintroducing Superboy-Prime

You're sick in the head.
Trapped on Earth, Batsun makes his way to Bludhaven, a city racked by crime. Though he helps, soon the city becomes over-run by villains looking to fight Batsun, such as the Joke-Car, a clown car with malevolent intelligence, Two-Face, a bipolar man caught in a radiation accident that has caused him to literally grow two bickering heads, and the Night-Wing, a strange being that mirrors the powers of Batsun.
>Next big crossover event

Within the far-off cosmos of space lies the ancient battle ground of Thanagar, home to only the toughest of the galaxy's warriors and mercenaries. And they have come to Earth so that they may scavenge for any potential soldiers for their upcoming war against an unknowable threat

The Hawk-Men have their own society that migrates from planet to planet, every member forced to join in the ritual of the Hawk. They all take the mystic force of the Nth metal and become one with it. They are an entire army that has no concept of individuality, all Hawk-Men look the same, act the same, and fight the same. And they want Earth so they can use it as a base for their upcoming war
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>It can only talk in knock-knock jokes
>Superman Inc #1
>You've seen Lex Luthor's Ultimate Creation, but what happened to the rejects?
>The answer is Superman Incorporated!
>Left to fend for themselves by their father the Supermen spread around the globe, selling their services for as much money as they can before death takes them
>But recently rumors have been circulating that the first superman is alive, but with a broken mind and skin of white stone.
>Can the Superman find the truth about their brother, save the world and, most importantly, turn a profit?
What about Hal Spectre and Aquaman of Murder?
>Hal Jordan died knowing bad government secrets, turned into the Spectre through sheer will to live
>Aquaman is basically the same, except Black Manta is now the product of genetic engineering
>Sinestro is a mad scientist employed by vietnam after being rejected by the US
>Enhances the vietnamese soldiers with fear powers
>Called the Yellow Lanterns by american soldiers while officially being the Sinestro Corps (Sinestro insisted)
>Vic Stone: Agent of ARGUS
>College football player Vic Stone is selected as a prime candidate to join specialist security agency ARGUS
>He trains and operates with a team of young, fresh operatives known mockingly within ARGUS as the 'Teen Titans'
>Dick Grayson, former Bludhaven cop, as the team leader
>Cassie Sandsmark, female weightlifter and heavy weapons specialist
>Garfield Logan, wildlife specialist, tracker and scout for the team
>Megan Morse, another person transformed into a psychic super by Vandal Savage and Braniac
>Together they fight against the terrorist cell TRIGON, lead by the mysterious terrorist known only as the Raven
>Superman A-0
Really more of a Superboy clone than a superman clone, A-0 definitely isn't as strong as Superman Prime nor can he fly, but he can run just about as fast as the original can. But A-0 also has a screwed up aging rate, giving him the lungs of a 20 year old but the brain of a 12 year old
>Superman C-0
C-0 was the first attempt at giving Superman his non-physical powers such as Freeze Breath and X-Ray vision. But unlike Prime, C-0 doesn't have any immunity from his own powers either. If he tries to see through a building he might give himself cancer, if he tries blowing out a fire he might turn his tongue into a block of ice, and if he tries using his heat-vision he might catch on fire. Although these other powers are much stronger than prime's, they also risk C-0's own health every time he uses them
>Superman D-0
D-0 is the bulk of the Supermen. Over 10 tons in weight, D-0, or "Doomsday" as he's been nicknamed by the others, is a walking tank. His entire body is made to never stop attacking and he has a healing rate so strong that he's beginning to form an exo-skeletal layer over certain parts of his body
>Superman B-0
The team's leader, B-0 is the most like Superman in nearly every way except he lacks the durability Superman Prime has. So therefore his skin is much more cracked than any of the others, and he might've been hit a bit too many times over the head as he has trouble using pronouns and tenses in his speech
>Green Arrow #1
>Oliver Queen was just your regular billionare
>Until one day it all changed when he decided it was time to compete with Lex Luthor
>Determined to make his own Superhero, Queen started project A.R.R.O.W, based on information gathered about legendary W.W.2 hero Green lantern
>However the first test was sabotaged, and Oliver Queen was caught in the experiments dangerous rays
>Now able to fly at supersonic speeds using a mysterious Green energy, Oliver Queen is determined to keep his city safe against the new and dangerous world around it.
You know what I'd like? Adlantis and other underwater city states being public and known about for years. Treat them like real countries. Have slang and everyday sayings related to them. Stereotypes.

Have them discovered during the war thanks to Sonar/radar, with the allies and Germans getting there shit wrecked in certain parts of the ocean.

When the war ends have Adlantis become officially discovered. Other follow. Post world war 2 great exchange happens but the only noticeable variances relate to Aquatic technology. Through the UN Atlantis controls a zone of ocean. City states have unique control Zones for shipping and fishing. International waters still exist

Cold war still plays out at always. Adlantis royalty pro american.

Late 60's Communist Adlantians take over. Kick out royal family who then flee to Ireland/Britain.

Aquaman is reversed from his mainstream self. Being a royal who has to learn to be humble.

Ocean Master is a title for the communist leader...still turns out to be his abandoned brother
>Bruce-Ter has been protecting the world from the Wayne Tower, but his presence has become more and more noticed
>At Magnus Industries, Will Magnus, the unadopted brother of Alfred, has been building his own army of ALLOY units, based on Bruce-Ter's design, building up to an even greater threat; the 50 story tall battle machine AMAZO
>There are new allies, too, though; inventor Theodore Kord has made his own mecha, the Blue Beetle, but it is accidentally stolen by ordinary teen Jaime Reyes, who must use it to do good!
Come on, please tell me that there are NO drawfags on this thread at all

I really wanna see Bruce-ter Gold and the Blue Mecha Beetle steeling John Jone's thinmints now
Somebody should cap this.
>/co/ltimate comics presents:
>Bruce-ter Gold and his sidekick, the Blue Beetleborg
>Super-Boy and Super-Men Inc.
>The Green-Arrow
>Aqua-King: The Racist
>Captain "The Kid" Marvel
HAWK-MEN ARE HERE. The League has been assembled once more to save the world from the Hawk-Men's wrath. Superman Prime has been expelled from the Earth, SPEEDCORP are still mourning the loss of White-Flash while dealing with the legion of meta-humans he left their city with, and Bat-Sun is preoccupied in Bludhaven fighting his strange impostor Night-Wing. But will new heroes like the Blue Beetleborg and the Green-Arrow be enough to stop the Thanagarian menace? Will the Atlantian army fight with or against the Hawk-Men? Who is Captain Kid Marvel?

y'know the deal, be creative. Make up whatever. Go crazy
I'm thinking we should start /co/ltimate comics as a regular thing, like /coc/ threads or breastquest

Mainly because this is one of the most fun threads I've been on in a while and I'm loving the creative flow we've got here
File: 1424302281640.png (14KB, 800x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
14KB, 800x600px
>like /coc/ threads or breastquest
Fuck you.
I just meant more than 1 thread
>Not including Giganta: The Wonder Woman
We could do with some female heroes to diversify the roster a bit.
>Everybody's assembled in Wayne Manor aka "the watchtower"
>Aqua-King is pissed off that Atlanteans are now being treated as 2nd class citizens and promptly tells everybody to fuck off
>Lex Luthor is trying to brand his new Super-Team as much as he can by forcing them into the League
>Superman Prime has been banished from his father and can no longer stay with the League as to do so would only bring further shame to Luthor
>FLASHCORPS can't spread themselves any thinner throughout Keystone city, let alone pledge their allegiance to the league any longer
>The team has lost it's core and is growing unstable
>Bruce-ter Gold and Blue Beetleborg are the only two on the team who are dependable anymore
>The real Captain Marvel disappeared after the trouble with S.T.A.R.R.O. and his since then been replaced by a blue-hooded figure who only calls himself "The Kid"
>The Green-Arrow is only there for publicity and has no real training when it comes to fighting meta-human threats
>And then the Hawk-Men invade
>And The Society re-emerges to fight the threat.
>Slade Wilson is an autistic child that doesnt speak who loves his mother
>one day she dies
>slades father comes home and calls an ambulance
>When the ambulance gets there the paramedics tell the father and Slade that the mother is dead and has died from a stroke
>Slade mummers "Dead?... Stroke?" Under his breath
>Slade grows up to become a serial killer known as DeadStroke because when he has chosen and decided to kill his victim he repeatedly shouts DEADSTROKE!
> Slade murders in order to understand what happened to his mom
>DeadStroke is seen to the public as a myth because he has never been caught and only one person escaped who said half of his face was completely black although that's probably due to the dark alleyways he strikes in
>Dead stroke are the only words he says
>Hawk-Men come in and start things off with a bang
>Their diplomat is Magog, a hot-heated commander who sees the humans as inferior life-forms
>Destroys half of Russia just to prove he's not fucking around
>The Atomic fallout from the blast has turned Europe into a wasteland within days
>Aqua-King ain't having any of this shit
>Just as the first fleet of Thanagarians come in, so does the entire atlantean army
>Aqua-King tries his best to rally the rest of the world to help him in his fight but they all turn their back
>From the great walls of China to the Amazons of Africa, nobody helps as the Aqua-King prepares for war
>Even the League sees this to be a pointless battle
>Within that day, the Atlanteans become extinct
>And those were all just the Hawk-Men's scouts
>The entire world now sees the threat they're now up against
>And now they must band together if the Earth is to ever survive
>Something greater than a single Army or a League
>And The Society re-emerges to fight the threat.
Where did Captain Marvel go? Is Black Adam going to strike? What's the wizards plan?
>The scouring of russia has the unintended effect of a delayed release of the Soviet defense system known as The Red Tornadoes, a platoon of hive-minded robots able to control the wind.
Whatever you want, dude. The point of this thread is for you to go along for the ride. Captain Marvel is wherever you say he is
Shit nigga Im not creative I'm just trying to read some shit
>A secret society of super-beings that have existed in the shadows since the dawn of America
>WILDCAT: President Ted Grant, who's ability to turn into a werecat has been passed down the generations
>Billionaire ALAN SCOTT, aka POWER RING, blessed by the Ophanim angels to do justice and given a secret ring that can spit holy light
>Black Canary, a Hawkman scout who landed on Earth centuries ago and became so disconnected from the race that she sided with mankind; able to manipulate soundwaves
>Fate, an alien intelligence stored in a helmet that grants the user incredible powers and original founder of the Society; currently worn by Kent Nelson
>Kara Zorel, newest member of the society, billionaire socialite given super-intelligence by breast implants that used tissue cloned from brain matter, using a suit of power armour that makes her 'The Power Girl'
>'Doctor' Midnight, voodoo priest and vigilante

You're doing God's work, George
>Deathstroke: The Terminator
Floyd Lawton is the greatest marksman the US Special Forces has ever seen in the last fifty years. He has no past, no present, and no future, just the mission.

General Slade Wilson is a former war hero whose glory days are well behind him and seeks to use his position as head of Project Cadmus (an Army blacksite that doesn't exist) to research a way to make himself young again by developing the One Man Army Corp. The idea is to genetically engineer super soldiers that can be sent on what would otherwise be considered suicide missions. General Wilson has found the perfect canidate in Lawton.

Lawton reacts well to the OMAC procedure, he can run for days, hold his breath for hours, punch through brick, and quickly regenerate wounds that would otherwise kill a man. In addition he's given experimental ballistic armor and Brother Eye optical implant that allows Lawton to hit any target no matter the visibility and basically turns his brain into a super computer. Wilson immediately begins experimentation on himself as the second candidate for the revolutionary procedure. However Wilsons body rejects the injections and implants and turns into an abomination that in it's limited intelligence calls itself The General and goes on a rampage that proceeds to destroy Project Cadmus's facility and kill everyone inside.

After a brutal fight, Lawton is able to kill The General. But because of Project Cadmus's dubious nature as an army black site, the government denies all involvement and Floyd Lawton is framed for the murders of Slade Wilson and the Project Cadmus personel. Armed with Brother Eye and his experimental Balistic armor, Floyd Lawton retreats into the underworld working as a mercenary and taking the name Deathstroke from his old army days. If you're lucky enough to find him and he finds your mission enough of a challenge, maybe you can hire Deathstroke: The Terminator.
>The Society World Army
>A combination of every major nation, resulting in the Earth's last brigade against their alien invaders
>The all-female warriors of Africa's Amazons reemerge
>So do a secret band of independent Guerrilla Freedom Fighters that went underground in the 40's from Germany
>And the Russia's own brand of Red-Tornadonauts
>Now the League has to combine their super-human strength with the Society's world armies to form the last stand against the Thanagarians
>Bruce-ter Gold and Blue Beetleborg join with the Red Tornadonauts
>Giganta is the only one the African Amazons will allow to lead them
>The Green-Arrow is left with the Freedom Fighters, as the Freedom Fighters can't accept the idea of a Super-Man leading them into war
Also, not really a problem, but you guys should really take a second to go and see if your ideas have been already done

Like these two posts:
You could easily just change the name of the Autistic Slade to Joseph and it works perfectly

Oh, and anyone can jump in on what I've been writing here. Not sure I can really finish this wihtout it having it turn to shit
>From the Menace of the Hawk-Men new heroes are born and old heroes return!
>Carrying an ancient staff left by the early explorers of Krypton, Ted Knight patrolled the skies as the mighty Starman!
>Using the ancient Tibetan art of Astral Projection Johnny Thunder used his 'stand' Thunderbolt to fight against injustice
>Terry Sloan was the worlds greatest mathematician, developing an equation that could predict disaster he saved the world and many lives as Mr Terrific, but when the equation was unable to predict the bombing of Hiroshima, Sloan lost faith and went into the shadows.
For the love of God, are any Drawfags out there? Because it'll be a crime if none of this gets at least a shitty MSPaint doodle
Someone just link this thread to the drawthread
So should we add these guys to the modern society
Or have their successors (Jack Knight,Jakeem Thunder and the black Mr Terrific i forgot the name of) in the society?
Well, Jack's successor should be Stargirl.
But otherwise, yes.
Just add them, no point discarding President Ted Grant
>Jack's called in to examine Hawk tech as most of it was stolen from the ruins of krypton, and years of fiddling with the Staff means hes the most qualified when it comes to Kryptonian technology.
>>69765400 Here, yeah I didn't see the earlier Deadstroke cause I was working off a phone. I like making Deadstroke Joe Wilson.
It works really well. Explains the non-verbal nature and why he's a great fighter naturally
>In the wake of of the Hawkman invasion, Professor Tora Olafsdottir is creating a cold fusion reactor to better prepare the Earth for the next invasion to come
>However, in a freak accident she is fused into one being with her mind and and the body of her abusive boyfriend Guy Gardner
>Together, they are Icestorm, with powers of frost and transmutation

>Meanwhile, her celebrity crush, Ronnie Raymond, is hit with cosmic rays while on a one-off trip to space with scientist Martin Stein, his young trophy wife Tara Markov and specialist technician Boston Brand
>Raymond gains the ability to become a flaming, flying entity, known as Fire, Stein is able to stretch and become the Plastic Man, Markov can turn into living rock and is known as Terra, and finally Brand, at first presumed dead but actually the ability of invisibility, is now known as Deadman!
>Together with Icestorm, this team become known as the Secret Six!
I would want this to be written like we were never 100% sure if he was ACTUALLY Captain Marvel, or if he was just super high and seeing shit.
>The Hawk-Men win
>The Chinese Army falls first
>Then the Americans
>Then the UK
>Only survivors of the Society are the Meta-Humans
>The war has been going on for only 1 week
>Nearly one third of mankind has already died in combat
>The League reconvenes in a base carved out of a mountain
>Bruce-ter Gold and Blue Beetleborg nicknamed it "the hall of justice" because of how pristine it looked compared to the rest of the world
>The Third wave of Thanagarian warriors are incoming
>They still haven't made a dent in the First wave
>Lex Luthor realizes that the chance of winning this war is astronomically low
>He has no other option but to ask for help from his worst enemy
>He needs The Bat-Sun
You, I like. Keep going with the Secret Six if you want
>To recruit for his superhuman army Vandal Savage kidnapped empowered many different people form all walks of life.
>After Savages defeat by the newly formed League, three such victims were taken in by Doctor Niles Caulder, a scientist who helped work on S.T.A.R.R.O who had a change of heart.
>After forming a makeshift family, their new lives were smashed when the Hawk-Men invaded.
>The three misfits were determined to fight for the lives they had made, and recruited many other ''Savage Survivors'' to their cause.
.Now they fight to save the weird, bizarre and strange lives they lead as the Doom Patrol.
>Lex Luthor has to depatch from the League to go and find their last chance at winning the Thanagarian war, Bat-Sun
>Bludhaven has become even more of a hell-hole than it already is
>Shazam has hit the streets, and is stronger than ever
>Nearly everybody in Bludhaven is a burn-out addict now
>Living corpses that now rely on the drug to start up their heart
>Lex doesn't care and marches on with the Super-Men Inc.
>They find him
>Bat-Sun and Night-Wing are locked in combat, a final battle to end all battles
>Lex doesn't have time for games and sends D-0 to go and kill Night-Wing so they can end this feud
>D-0 grabs a hold of Nightwing and doesn't stop
>Eventually D-0 hits Nightwing too hard, exposing his nuclear core
>D-0 realizes what this means and tries to cover the blast as best as he can
>Lex looks at Bat-Sun for a second and tells him that they need him
>They need him so they can begin the reign of Super-Men inc.
>Bat-Sun joins Lex and the League so they can put an end to the Thanagarian war
File: Vic Sage.jpg (100KB, 400x225px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Vic Sage.jpg
100KB, 400x225px
>The Question
After a Midlife Crisis following his 6th divorce, Newsanchor Vic Sage has realized that Journalism is dead. No... that's not the pills talking JOURNALISM IS DEAD. In order to save it he needs to bring Gonzo Journalism to it's logical conclusion BE STORY, BECOME THE STORY. He will be recorded AT ALL TIMES by his interns Jack Ryder and Renee Montoya, there will be a live webstream that people can donate Bitcoin to but only if they suggest a story for him to cover AND HE WILL COVER ALL OF THEM.
"Is President Grant a Werewolf?"
"Are the Alien Invaders trying to make my son gay?"
"Can the Scottish Guy that lives in the apartment above me really talk to animals?"
"Should I trust buy this Flash Ring off ebay?"
"Why do Army Generals keep turning into monsters?"
"What is in Lex Luthor's Garbage?"
He will conduct it all and to protect the objectivity of the story he will do it wearing a blank face mask HE DOESN'T NEED A FACE HE IS THE AVATAR OF THE AUDIENCE AND THEY WILL GUIDE HIM TO ANSWER THE QUESTION.
>The trauma of the Planet losing so much life initiated its natural defence system
>Rising Out of the Bayou, the Swamp Thing is born!
>Controlling plant life he fights against the Hawk-Men ,determined to end the bloodshed by any means necessary.
I like this, a lot.
Ty, man
>Their main adversary is the dictator-ruler of Santa Prisca, the man only known as Baron Bane. Actually name Bertram Bane, he was injured in accident as a young adult at Pittsburgh University caused by Doctor Stein. Requiring painkillers and a mask to hide his scars, Bane swore revenge, and using a mixture of magic and technology created nano-machines for his intravenous painkiler system that allowed him to increase his muscle mass. He also has a suit of power armour.
>Thomas Blake, the treacherous Vice President of Ted Grant, who extracted his genetic code so that he, too, could become a werecat otherwise known as the 'Catman'; he plans to seed the Earth with this genetic knowledge and lead humanity into a new golden age of Cat People.
>Gentleman Ghost, a bizarre being who's true name sounds something like Mxyzptlk from the 'phantom zone' who leads a race of ghostly shapeshifters known as the Zods in incursions against the Ultimate DCU.
>Dawn of the final day
>The Third Wave has come
>Mankind's last stand against the Hawk-Men has come
>And they stand in Metropolis
>On this day, all feuds are put aside
>All religions become one as the African Amazons prey alongside the Swamp-Thing
>The Third wave lands
>The last battle begins
>Super-Men Inc. Go straight into battle
>The Hawk-Men don't even bother with them, tossing most of them aside with relative ease
>The Hawk-Men go instead for the human armies
>Captain "The Kid" Marvel leads his Freedom Fighters against the Hawk-Men as best he can
>And so does Giganta the Wonder-Woman with her African sisters
>The Hawk-Men do not care
>With a single beam from their Nth metal weaponry, all the soldiers are turned to dust
>Kid-Marvel can barely move, frozen in pure shock by the ashes of men and women, as Giganta is stabbed straight through her torso
>Lex tries to remain calm and command the rest of them, but it all fails as fear is the only domineering force now
>Hawkmen march one block closer to the remaining forces who scurry like flees
>Bruce-ter gold and Blue Beetleborg join together with the Red Tornadonauts to form a single conscious
>They combine to form a omni-mind army consciousness
>They are OMAC
>Deep in space, 40 years in the past, the future son of Guy Gardner and Tora Olafsdottir, at 20 years old, appears from a time-space travel device known as the Mother Box.
>Named Kyle by them, he was hit at some point in the future but in his own past by some sort of energy blast that unleashed his Dark Side; he is now recruiting the most heinous beings in the galaxy to subjugate the weakened Earth of the post-Hawkmen invasion and make it his new kingdom, which he will name Apocalypse
>Throughout the series, he recruits
>The alien sergeant Kilowog, who becomes known as Kalibak
>Sinestro, a female alien dictator, who becomes known as Granny Goodness
>Lobo, an alien bard who becomes known as Kanto
>He also adopts a young man he finds at the edge of space as his son, Orion, not knowing that the boy is in actuality the former Captain Marvel, Billy Batson

This is all set up for the Ultimatum of the Ultimate DCU
I fucking love this idea.

Fuck yes.
>OMAC tries its best to stall the Hawk-Men as Lex runs over to Bat-Sun
>He looks at Bat-Sun, who nods his head at Lex's empty stare
>Just as the OMAC is disassembled by Nth Metal axes, the Hawk-Men find themselves in a shadow
>They all look up to see a dark figure obscuring the sun
>And so, comes the Dark Knight
>Bat-Sun uses his powers to absorb as much of the sun's solar rays as he can
>he ascends slowly from the sun's vibrant rays
>As fast as lightning and as fierce as cancer, the Bat-Sun erupts into combat
>The legion of Hawk-Men try to swarm over the Bat-Sun
>Eventually the Red Son is outmanned
>They stab him with their Nth metal and he begins to bleed radiation
>Lex shouts for everyone to run
>Bat-Sun is beginning to shake as the Hawk-Men scream in pain
>Miniature magnet fields begin to orbit the Bat-Sun as the Green-Arrow and SPEEDCORPS begin to move people out of harms way
>And so, just as the Bat-Sun was born from his world's destruction...
>The Bat-Sun burns with the force of a newly born sun
>Every Thanagarian warrior is annihilated from existence, their own atoms burning from the extreme intensity of the blast
>The League and the Society watch, hundreds of miles away, as the mushroom cloud washes over the remaining cities
>... He dies from his world's restoration
>A day later Lex finds the Bat-Suns body
>And on that day, the world mourns for the world's greatest hero
>But even from a sun's death, a new sun is born
>Lex Luthor looks over his documents over the Bat-Sun's autopsy
>And he places it in a folder called "Project: Boy Wonder"
Whoops, almost forgot
>The End
So, what's the Death Toll from part 2? Which heroes have we lost?
File: angry.jpg (104KB, 500x256px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
104KB, 500x256px
>Bat-Son is kill
>The Red Tornadonauts
>The Amazons
>Freedom Fighters
>Bruce-ter Gold
>Blue Beetleborg
Rip in peace
I'll do a preview for the threat in the League 3

>Next Big crossover

The Church of the Anti-Life, and it's Pastor, Maxwell Lord, have been preaching of the end times ever since the Hawkmen invasion. Many think he is mad; after all, the world is rebuilding. But he will soon be proven right.

A giant man with stony skin and glowing red eyes appears from a tube of light in the sky, claiming that the Earth is now his to rule. What's more, he claims to be the son of Icestorm, who has just been born in Coast City. With the coming of this new threat, and the regime of Apocalypse threatening to be the future of Earth, can a new League rise to the occasion?
>tfw all of my characters except the Secret Six and John Jones are dead now.
In the wake of the Hawk-Men invasion, five all new series by /co/ltimate comics!
>Secret Six #1
A team of scientists and celebrities discover that they have been gifted with extraordinary powers. With the crippling of the League, they are now mankind's first line of defence from itself and from the stars
>Doom Patrol #1
Stories of people trying to live ordinary lives when touched by a world extraordinary
>The Question #1
Conspiracy theorist and news anchor Vic Sage travels around the world chasing down impossible stories, not knowing that he is the story that the viewers are really interested in
>New Gods #1
Billy Batson, now known as Orion, regains his memory and escapes from the clutches of his adoptive father, not knowing that he is leading him right to Earth
Rising from the ashes of the Bat-Sun, a new entity! Young Tim Drake, now imbued with the powers of the stars, must fight other pretenders to the throne; cyborg Sun Vic Stone and the cult of the Red Hood.
We need somebody to screencap this. Now
You forgot:
>Superman #3
Superman Inc. Died in combat during the Hawk-Wars. Now truly the last of his kind, Superman Prime is trying to find meaning in a world not his own anymore. Will the church of anti-life turn him into a disciple for Darksied, or will the Man of Steel stand tall as America's last true super-hero?
>Powers of Shazam #2
Who is "the kid"? What happened to the original Captain Marvel? Where's Black Adam? All of these mysteries will soon be revealed
Plus, two new returning series
Speedcorps newest member, John Stewart, and Barry Allen's young cousin Bart must help clean up the world and stop the machinations of the Rogues PMC, while also investigating the time-manipulating powers of disabled Hunter Zolomon.
With the death of Aquaman, David Merrevale has no reason for a grudge and nothing else to live for; it's time for him to step into Aquaman's shoes and for the Black Manta to become the guardian of Earth's oceans!
try not to get confused about when things happened just because you weren't born yet
>Powers of Shazam #2
Freddy Freeman always had a hard life. He lost feeling in both of his legs at an early age. Freddy's only dream was to be apart of his favorite super-hero team, the SPEEDCORPS, so when he became paralyzed he took it pretty hard. And living in Fawcett city didn't help either. His mom and dad just left one day, leaving Freddy trapped on a bus station without his wheelchair

The only thing that Freddy lived for were the highs in life. He got into drugs right after his parents left. The only "friend" he had was Billy Batson, but even then it was just because Billy thought having a cripple hang around him would help get him a better deal with his drug dealers. That is, before he found the Wizard

Before the Hawk-War, Captain Marvel had his last battle against Black Adam. Just before dying, he gave Freddy the secret to his powers. Black Adam is still left alive, and Freddy still can't bring himself to wear the Captain's uniform. Also doesn't help when he's 5 years younger than Billy. Even if he was going to wear the costume, everyone would think it was the Captain's son. And Freddy couldn't stand the idea of being called junior
If Captain Marvel died, what is he doing in space as Orion?
Because Captain Marvel died. Billy Batson is still alive
>The Question #2
Vic Sage is answering the viewer Question "Why does my roommate keep asking to borrow money?" the only way he knows how, BY TAKING SHAZAM! Also Jack and Renee discover that Vic might be on to something about Ambush Bug being more than just a dating app for your phone.
That doesn't make any sense... Cars don't communicate that way, you utter boob.
This is far crazier than the Ultimate universe has ever been.
So you just made Ollie into a Green Lantern. 1994 called, they want their ideas back. Woof.
>Powers of Shazam #3
Captain "The Kid" Marvel makes a startling discovery when he finds out that Black Adam is still alive, and that he's got company. As it turns out, the world government "The Society" is more enthusiastic than ever about Super-Humans. So Black Adam is now apart of Project L.I.G.H.T.N.I.N.G., along with the manipulative Professor Theodore "Tawky" Tawny, so they can find all the SHAZAM left in the world and take it for The Society's Super Soldier program. Even more surprising is the sudden appearance of Billy Batson at a rehab clinic in Fawcett city. Billy's been overdosing on SHAZAM pretty hard, to the point where he's having trouble standing still. Freddy's ecstatic that his friend is really alive, but soon realizes that the lasting effects of SHAZAM aren't pretty. Billy now looks just as old as the Wizard who first gave him SHAZAM. But he looks past that because he knows that being a hero is more important. So now Freddy can finally accept donning the Captain Marvel suit. But now he has to search for the next bearer of the Powers of SHAZAM
everyone needs to see this
I'm not so sure that anybody's screencapping this anymore
> Gordon's Law #1
James Gordon is a hell of a cop. After investigate the connection between Mayor Hill and the Gotham's underground, Gordon knew to much. The mob couldn't buy him, so they decided to go after his family. killing his wife Sarah and injuring his daughter Barbara. Now, he's in a personal war with the mob, with the help of his daughter Barbara a CSI specialist in cyber- crimes, Dr. Leslie Thompkins a forensic specialist, Vicki Vale a brave reporter and the detective Harvey Bullock. They'll bring justice to Gotham City and found the killers of Gordon's wife. Even if the killer is his long time friend, the billionaire Thomas Wayne.
>The Question #3
Is your daughter a SHAZAM addict? The story of a crazed drug addict calling himself "Captain Marvel" that's trying to get more teens into SHAZAM at 5

Later: SPEEDCORPS, Where are they now? Mostly dead, except for the ones that are alive. And where are the alive ones right now?

And now, the weather:
Did Bat-God doom mankind by infesting clean air with atomic fallout?
Thomas Wayne is dead, idiot.
This is set before Bruce-ter Gold RIP in peace, obviously
And? That's a good twist. In this universe, Solomon Grundy is Thomas Wayne!
>Larfleeze is the President of the United States too
>Doom Patrol #1
Buddy Blank was never the hero. He wasn't very smart, nor was he very strong. As a matter of fact, Buddy was nothing short of a wimp. That is, until the Hawk-Wars happened. He was one of the first to come out of the drafts.

After the Hawk-Wars, however, life returned back to normal. He was just another veteran in a world too focused on rebuilding society to give a damn about the poor, the sick, and the needy. That is, until Buddy started hearing the thoughts of the people who died during the Hawk-Wars in his head. Why did they start? Nobody knows.

But now Buddy's got a psychic link to 98 dead soldiers.

And 2 robots

Buddy Blank now shares his head with the OMAC, the living machine. Only he can hear their thoughts, and they want him to listen. Buddy just wants the screaming to stop, and Doctor Caulder says he knows how to stop them
>Doom Patrol #2: Starring John Jones: The Man-hunting Martian
John was lucky during the Thanagarian wars. He was able to use his shapeshifting powers to blend in wherever he was. John was also a coward, not beyond shifting his form into a Hawk-Man if only to save his own skin. The Hawk-Wars forced John to do unspeakable things. He's killed his fair share of Hawk-Men, sure, but it's the visions of the children that haunt him now. And it wasn't just what he would see. John can hear what they were thinking when they were gunned down too. So now some Doctor walks up to your door. Metaphorically, of course. You can't walk if you're immobilized in a wheelchair

But John's no fool, he knows who Doctor Caulder really is even without having to read his mind. And that's what scares him the most
> The Brave and The Bold #1
Lois Lane and James Olsen are the agents of P.L.A.N.E.T. the new agency in charge on protecting the planet earth and also the #1 hit television program. Follow the adventures of this new team in the aftermath of the Hawk-Wars. This is not reality TV, is YOUR reality!!!
>not tying in Adam Strange
Sweeps week crossover with the Question when?
>Doom Patrol #3
John Jones and Buddy Blank thought that they were going to be helped when Doctor Caulder came to their doors. Not locked up in Arkham Asylum

Now the two have to get out in one piece, John barely able to keep his form together and Buddy in a constant state of pain because of the voices' in his head

Will they get out before electrotherapy begins? And why does Doctor Caulder want these men gone?

The real question is what does Hunter Zolomon have to do with any of this
File: feelsuperman.jpg (14KB, 263x191px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
14KB, 263x191px
OP here. Well gang, we had a blast

If this thread doesn't last till tomorrow, I'm gonna go and make a new thread about the /co/ltimate universe

Thanks for making my day
It's cool, man, glad to have helped.
File: the shit.jpg (18KB, 231x298px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
the shit.jpg
18KB, 231x298px
is there an antimatter ultimate universe? can i use a character from that and put them in this new one?
why not? No rules, dude
I had to go at the Hawk War. Whats happened since then?
File: Kal-Il_0001.jpg (2MB, 1988x3056px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 1988x3056px
>Lex Luthor finally creates a perfect clone of Superman and Names him Ultraman
>Luthor cares for him like his own son while raising him to use his powers and to hate superman
>Bizarro finds out "Luthor does hate him yes less" (luthor doesn't love him anymore""
>Bizarro tries to kill ultraman which turns into a huge brawl in the middle of metropolis
>Superman shows up to find Bizarro and Ultraman squaring off.
>Ultraman sees supes and is instantly triggered
>that's all i have so far
I don't know shit about superman I just really like Ultraman
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