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Final Fantasy Thread

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Continuing from >>3113499
Some FFXII fanart would be appreciated too now that IZJS is out! Or this can just be an XV thread, I don't know.
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Ignore Ashe's tits
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Noctis at Angelgard.jpg
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ff12 Larsa & Vayne.jpg
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More ff12 boys, please. My folder is extremely lacking.
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If anyone has any other FFXII from Diabolism that would be much appreciated.
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XII is unfortunately one of the least popular mainline FFs in Japan, so there isn't much art.
Official: Oh dear.. We envy you, Your Majesty.
Official: The Shield of the Lucian King is well-known as a proud and exceptionally valiant man. Lord Gladiolus is famous even in our country.
Official: And now that he has been named your First Minister, he is surely a great source of support for Your Majesty, both in public and private matters. We would appreciate if he made a state visit to our lands-
Noctis: Unfortunately, he is my Shield.
Noctis: He is obligated to stay by my side for life.
[Translation: Hands off my Gladio or I'm going to fucking destroy you.]
Noctis: This is why I cannot allow him to leave, not even for a single day. Please accept my apology.
Official: A-haha, not at all... Your Majesty has nothing to apologize for...!
[After the conference]
Noctis: Hell... That guy must've been nuts if he thought I'd just lend my cute Shield to them. Right, Gladio?
Gladio: Leave me out of this shit. Your diplomacy is gonna give me a heart attack- Ah...
File: 1b171349f259.jpg (55KB, 512x640px)Image search: [Google]
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bringer of dawn.jpg
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Gather around, folks, it's story time.

N: My wet nurse once told me
Nurse: Her Majesty has become a star in the sky.
Nurse: Even now, she watches over Your Highness from the heavens.
N: A white lie to make a lonely little kid go to sleep.
N: After all, you couldn’t see any stars in Insomnia.

[alarm rings]
N: Ugh…
I: So you are finally awake.
File: 64093945_p2.png (470KB, 1246x846px)Image search: [Google]
470KB, 1246x846px
N: …That’s a real shitty way to wake someone. You’ve got some nerve.
I: Right back at you. It was ringing for 15 minutes. At the maximum volume at that.
N: So? We’d agreed that we’d take it easy today.
I: Indeed. We have been fighting and travelling non-stop for several days now. We are all tired.
N: Should’ve rented a hotel room. Soft beds and all.
I: And whose fault is it that our hotel money went on car repairs instead?
N: Guilty as charged. But it was you who suggested I should drive, y’know.
I: And I regret it. I didn’t think you would drive like a madman; normally you kick us out of the car if there is too much mud on our clothes.
N: Ugh… (Point taken.)
I: Gladio and Prompto have gone to procure some food.
I: And we can’t go anywhere until the car repairs are done.

I: …Noct.
I: Do you want to go see a meteor shower?
N: What?
I: I heard a man in the shop mention it.
I: It’s a meteor shower season, apparently.
I: You wanted to see it as a child, didn’t you?
File: 64093945_p4.png (506KB, 1234x846px)Image search: [Google]
506KB, 1234x846px
N: When I was a kid…

N: It was after the attack. It left me a cripple. Couldn’t walk, couldn’t go anywhere at all.
I: Noct, want to read some books?
N: Most books Ignis would lend me were too hard, but there was one I read from cover to cover. It was an astronomy book.
I: You like stars?
N: I was told people turn into stars when they die.
N: And… Seeing a falling star can grant you your wish.
File: 64093945_p6.png (413KB, 1204x846px)Image search: [Google]
413KB, 1204x846px
I: What would you wish for?
N: To see a thousand meteor showers
N: And get thousands of wishes.
I: Haha.
I: Noct, you are really something.

I: …Speaking of which, you just may see thousands of falling stars.
N: What?
I: This winter, there will be a huge meteor shower supposedly.
I: Perhaps…
N: I’m going! Totally going!
I: But first you would need a lot of physical therapy-
N: I’ll do it!
I: And eat a lot of vegetables.
N: Ugh… We’ll see about that.

N: Ignis may have looked stern and straight-laced, but he always went along with my crazy ideas.
N: When I mentioned the cakes I ate at Luna’s, he tried hard to replicate them.
N: He acted and spoke more like my friend than my attendant.
N: If asked him for something, he’d do it.
File: 64093945_p8.png (437KB, 1216x846px)Image search: [Google]
437KB, 1216x846px
N: The meteor shower’s at night and we’ve got guards to deal with. How are we going to get out?
I: I have several strategies just for the purpose.
N: That’s what I wanted to hear, my future staff officer!
N: The physical therapy was a nightmare, but Ignis was there, so I persevered.
N: And I really wanted to see that meteor shower.
R: Oh, is that a picture of your mud art from the other day?
N: …Those were stars, you know.
R: My apologies. You like stars, I see.
N: We practiced how to sneak past the guards.
N: Failed several times, too. Ignis would then come up with a new plan.
N: I had countless wishes.
N: To play soccer with dad. Go fish in a big lake beyond the Insomnia borders. End the war with Niflheim. Get some friends. And to have more…
File: 64093945_p10.png (551KB, 1208x846px)Image search: [Google]
551KB, 1208x846px
I: But the time is right, so why…
I: …Oh, I get it. The city lights are too strong and there’ the Wall, too.
N: Ignis was smart, but he was still only human.
N: He knew about as much about the outside world as I did.
I: Noct, we should return. It’s too cold here.

N: I was bad at giving up, so I just sat there for a while.
N: Ignis, you’re gonna catch a cold.
File: 64093945_p12.png (550KB, 1214x846px)Image search: [Google]
550KB, 1214x846px
N: …We should go back.
N: …It was like a miniature galaxy, just like in the book.
N: Stars made of the dead. Build from my father’s life and blood.
N: Protecting the people from the darkness.
File: 64093945_p14.png (424KB, 1202x846px)Image search: [Google]
424KB, 1202x846px
N: If I could make a wish,
N: I’d ask the stars to give back all those lives they had stolen.
I: …Noct, make sure to warm yourself up before you go to sleep.
I: …
N: …Suddenly, those lights horrified me.
N: F-forget it. I’m going to bed.
File: 64093945_p16.png (522KB, 1256x846px)Image search: [Google]
522KB, 1256x846px
N: [groan]
N: Ignis, it’s not your fault. That’s what I wanted to say, but I couldn’t get a word out.
N: I clung to him as if to escape all that light.
File: 64093945_p18.png (433KB, 1262x846px)Image search: [Google]
433KB, 1262x846px
N: We were warm and comfortable. Wish we could’ve stayed that way.
N: ...But time waits for no one.

N: When was it that you have changed? A hard, severe face trying so hard to pretend he was all grown up.
N: It’s as if you wanted to turn yourself into a tool, a simple tool for the king to use.
N: It’s great, but something’s off.
I: I see.
N: …If you ever make it again, I’d be happy to eat it.
I: Very well.
N: It hurt me to look at you.
N: I’d test your patience because it was the only way I could still draw out the real you I knew when we were kids.
File: 64093945_p20.png (507KB, 1274x846px)Image search: [Google]
507KB, 1274x846px
N: Then I entered high school. Made a friend.
N: Got busy with training. Weapons and magic both.
N: You wouldn’t have to bear me alone.
N: I gave up the wishes too.
N: The only wish you could get were the ones you granted yourself…

N: ‘Remember that you are the future king,’ you kept saying.
N: …Of course I did.
N: …But.
N: You just kept rushing on.
N: And the days where my title and that damned stone didn’t matter…
N: …Grew so faint.
File: 64093945_p22.png (746KB, 1276x846px)Image search: [Google]
746KB, 1276x846px
N: My country vanished in lies and a fake promise of peace.
N: My title, my blood…
N: I was an ignorant, empty vessel to a borrowed power.
N: I had to be protected.
N: So I stood on a mountain of corpses, one of them being my father’s.

N: I’m going to destroy you all.
File: 64093945_p24.png (970KB, 1268x846px)Image search: [Google]
970KB, 1268x846px
N: Borrowed power or not, I can fight.
File: 64093945_p26.png (740KB, 1288x846px)Image search: [Google]
740KB, 1288x846px
I: W-what?
N: The Power of Kings has its price. I feel every strike, eating away at my life.
N: Fine by me.
N: At least I know when I hit.
I: Noct!
File: 64093945_p28.png (811KB, 1310x846px)Image search: [Google]
811KB, 1310x846px
N: My dad had gone through worse. The more I understand him…
N: The closer I’m to death.
File: 64093945_p30.png (625KB, 1242x846px)Image search: [Google]
625KB, 1242x846px
N: Really brightens up your day, doesn’t it?

P: …Ignis.
P: The way Noct’s fighting lately… he’s kinda scaring me. His powers take a lot out of him, right?
I: …
G: …Fucking hell. He never asks for help.
G: Just say something, damn you-

I: Noct.

N: …
I: You’ve gotten used to the country roads, right?
I: How about we take turns when driving now?

To be continued.
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63544352_p6 (1).png
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62210249_p1 (1).jpg
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>we will never see them uniting Ivalice and co-ruling the world because the shitty writing required a last minute final boss battle
It hurts.
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Aw shit is that some fresh cor
File: DHv6ENSUIAA754P.jpg-large.jpg (125KB, 704x1000px)Image search: [Google]
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PC version announced, new pic to celebrate.
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>official art of timeskip Noctis besides that single render
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waiting for qt assassin fanarts
The what again?
File: ov7646gnAb1u6i0ico1.jpg (119KB, 1200x675px)Image search: [Google]
119KB, 1200x675px

the assassin bros

I hope to god we get to keep those outfits when the festival is over
File: 1496671060720.jpg (368KB, 1280x905px)Image search: [Google]
368KB, 1280x905px
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111KB, 708x983px
File: DIEKmmuUIAAYwXt.jpg (369KB, 1200x1200px)Image search: [Google]
369KB, 1200x1200px
>Noctis as Altair
Aw yiss. Still the best AC protag.
File: DIF5pwPUAAAdMgI.jpg (48KB, 885x627px)Image search: [Google]
48KB, 885x627px
File: DIF3fVcVoAAudYR.jpg (174KB, 768x1024px)Image search: [Google]
174KB, 768x1024px
>Ignis as Malik
File: tumblr_ovaojjiHL51soih91o1_540.jpg (171KB, 540x764px)Image search: [Google]
171KB, 540x764px
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82KB, 575x690px
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File: DGZJmuSUAAABhFR.jpg (276KB, 1526x2048px)Image search: [Google]
276KB, 1526x2048px
Poor Iggy. Noctis would gladly do it, too.
>You know what they say: go big or go home.
File: ardyn's schedule.jpg-large.jpg (80KB, 700x585px)Image search: [Google]
ardyn's schedule.jpg-large.jpg
80KB, 700x585px
File: DIIKU1kUMAE9b_q.jpg (185KB, 910x1200px)Image search: [Google]
185KB, 910x1200px
File: kg.jpg-large.jpg (255KB, 2048x1126px)Image search: [Google]
255KB, 2048x1126px
File: origins.jpg (195KB, 1905x829px)Image search: [Google]
195KB, 1905x829px
>Noctis and Ardyn are now real-life mythological figures
Good job, demigod dynasty.
File: your majesty.png (232KB, 600x450px)Image search: [Google]
your majesty.png
232KB, 600x450px
I thought that was Yurio from YOI kek.
File: DIFDZCpUAAANYS0.jpg (368KB, 3508x2480px)Image search: [Google]
368KB, 3508x2480px
File: DIFCHRHUIAEVjz5.jpg (97KB, 700x750px)Image search: [Google]
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whipped 2.jpg
97KB, 532x810px
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