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old thread
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i love this one. t&b as pirates! yes!

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How about a freckled boys thread?
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Can we get a thread going for guys (preferably more masculine ones) in cosplay more typical to females (one piece swimsuits, "magical girl" outfits, maid uniforms, ect.)? It is my top ranking fetish. I'll dump what I have
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Post them cuties together.
Kissing, cuddling, holding hands, doesn't matter.

I'll start with these cuties!
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Anyone know anything about this anime?
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Choose your husbando.
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cont. from
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Okay... I really want to know if other girls/gay guys do this.

Basically I only ever fall in love with fictional characters (not always from anime but still). When I do take an interest in a real person it's usually because I don't know them that well and I 'fictionalize' them in my mind. Like I take the attributes that I do know of them and think they are so much like some fictional character I've been in love with before. I also have no desire to get closer to a real person because that would ruin whatever fantasy I have about who they are. I tend to like a certain trope male in fiction as well.

In a nutshell the trope I like is someone who is bitter and isolated or seemingly 'evil' but secretly just needs attention and love.

I'd really like to know if other people do this, what type of character you do this with and why you think psychologically it happens. Sorry if this is the wrong board for this discussion.
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>bitter and isolated or seemingly 'evil' but secretly just needs attention and love.

Scratch evil, and it sounds a bit like you OP doesn't it? You isolate yourself from others (don't want to ruin your fantasy by getting to know them) but want love. 4chan isn't a good shrink so maybe visit a real one?
Are you literally gay, OP?
OP I know EXACTLY how you feel.
Best bet is just getting a hug pillow or something because 3DPD will never satisfy us. ;_;

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Is this too much?

It's so cute and sexy!
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>Implying that wouldn't be every other thread here
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I have this for here, but if anyone wants to support the "Girls Panties" thread, I'd like that, greatly. I'm not the OP there but I want to see what comes of it
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Cute male reaction images here lads and ladies.
This first one is just for all of you
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I don't have nearly enough of these
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I'll bring Bolin to the party real quick

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Previous Thread:
/y/ thread: >>>/y/2098239
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My thanks to the anon who made the new thread.
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Previous thread >>2895257
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Last thread has hit the limit!

Old Thread: >>2898165
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