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Pressure Cookers/Canners

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I want to get a pressure cooker or canner for $100-150.

What do I look for? Any brands better than others? Personal experience or suggestions? I'm wanting something with at least a 7-quart capacity and safe because I remember them making me nervous when I was young whenever my mother used them.
get the 24 quart presto

7 quart is retarded
Get Instant Pot. Its like magic
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instant pot.jpg
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So this right here? It looks like there is an 8-qt for a bit more, I could do that. I noticed it says it may not be good to use it for canned meat, but canning for other things is okay? One of the primary uses I want it for is making stock to reduce down on time.

I'm really not going to ever use that much volume though. This is just for myself, I have no family.
i have one of those and i like it. i've never used it for canning but I do use it alot for soups/broth/stock and it works really well for that. also good if you're fucking lazy like me and occasionally buy a bunch of cheap chicken when it's on sale and throw it in the freezer
>throw in a cup of water
>drop in little metal rack
>toss in however many frozen chicken thighs
>close and press poultry button
>fuck off and do whatever for a halfhour
>unseal and enjoy perfectly cooked chicken that looks like conan obrien's wrinkled ass cheeks
i suppose i should sear the outside of the shit afterwards but again, fucking lazy.
I have so many kitchen appliances (bread maker, dehydrator, ice cream maker, deli slicer, meat grinder, vitamix, kitchen-aid stand mixer, sous vide, vacuum sealer, crock pot, instant pot, cuisinart, coffee maker, soda stream, juicer, etc.)

Most items don't get much use but if I had a house fire and had to replace my entire kitchen an instant pot would be one of my first purchases. Makes dried beans in about 40 mins, perfect white and brown rice every time as well as perfect soft boiled eggs. Never did any canning with it though.
>boiled eggs
I'll chime in on this too; i've never had easier-to-peel boiled eggs (hard boiled in my case) than in a pressure cooker. the shells just fall off it's great
Honestly, I bake just about everything. I recently got rid of a toaster oven that was 75F degrees below it's displayed temperature and held about 4 pieces of flat bread. It is easy mode and tastes better than a microwave, you just have to remember to not let it burn. Bacon. Sausage links. Eggs. Pretty much any leftover that isn't soup. Re-heated pizza. So many different things. I replaced it a few days ago with a new extra large toaster oven. Lots of chicken and beef and duck now.

Anyway, I wanted a pressure cooker for stock like I said. I don't do a lot of slow cooking, but I would probably be more tempted to do it with that. Not sure what you mean by the metal rack, sounds interesting though since I'm just used to a simple crockpot and lid.
>Honestly, I bake just about everything
yeah, i do too when i've got something in the fridge. my main point is that you can go straight from frozen to cooked without having to spend any time defrosting first. obviously you'd get a better result (especially visually) baking / grilling / etc
>Not sure what you mean by the metal rack
it's just a small grill that sits in the bottom of the pot and raises stuff up a little bit. you have to put a minimum 1 cup of water in the thing to get it to pressurize properly and the rack keeps the food from sitting in it
I have a Fagor that I'm pretty happy with.
I'd recommend getting a stove top pressure cooker so you can sear and sauté in it. Pretty sure those electric ones can't sear and electric appliances these days just aren't built to last.

You can saute and sear in the Instant Pot. I've had a Fagor for years but it just isn't as convenient as the IP with the built in timer and temperature control etc. (not having to turn down stove after pressure reached then finding out you turned it too low, etc.). It's pressure cooking in easy mode.
obviously you don't get much real estate but it'll do it
Okay that's pretty impressive. I wasn't expecting that at all. It looks like it sears just as good as my pots and pans, but like you said it just has limited room. Not really that big of a deal. If I really wanted to, I could just sear something in a different pan before adding it to the pressure cooker. Too bad it looks like it has a 10-12 week shipping time.
>Too bad it looks like it has a 10-12 week shipping time.
should be able to get one in a reasonable amount of time off amazon unless it's your location that's the issue
Oh I should have specified, it's the 8-qt that has the long waiting time on Amazon. The 6-qt does not, which makes it tempting even with the lower capacity. I'm still on the fence.
you can't can with an instant pot. you need something with a gauge

if you're actually going to use it for canning though, a 21+ quart can only do 6 or 7 quart jars (or 14+ pints)
Reminder friends that an instant pot CANNOT be used for pressure canning as it dies not reach 15psi. Only a stovetop pressure cooker can.
I saw a infomercial for some thing claiming to be a rice cooker, slow cooker, pressure cooker, and deep fryer all in one. it didn't have a locking bar though so I figure it probably explodes. is there anything I can get like that with better safety features?
Thread posts: 18
Thread images: 2

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