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This is what I got for the entire month on food stamps. It took

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This is what I got for the entire month on food stamps.
It took me 8 minutes to spend my money for the month.
Why is it like this?

(Powder is broccoli cheese soup, $3.50, there s another package of broccoli out of frame)

How to eat food if you're a sperg?
Find a fucking job
Have babies with some breeder you don't care about. Be minimally involved with their lives but claim them as dependents so you get more food monies.

Government doesn't give a shit about single people as is, no less worthless spergs.
Would you hire an autist?
The THREE BUSINESSES in my town don't seem to want to, even though I'm close friends with the managers.

Meat/coldcuts is a luxury. Why would you buy that?

You could've gotten peanut butter and oats.
Why waste your money on a gallon of water? It seems retarded when you have a faucet with good enough water?
Why did you buy water? Does it not come out of a tap?
>This is what I got

You're welcome fuckface, get a job

If you really want help though, give us an idea of how much money you actually get and we can work out some kind of plan
Very good reason anon.
I'm severely allergic to chlorine and chloramine.
I absolutely HAVE to buy my water.

You are going to drink 1 gallon of water in a month? Can you get a special filter or something?
What do you boil noodles in? What do you wash your hands in? What do you bathe in?
>get a yob
>there are three businesses in my town
>all denied me

$28 a month, plan that friend.
Faucet water but I cough up blood when exposed. It IS lupus.
Try getting a fucking job! I hope they deport you...
deli meat is expensive
>buying water
get a job or buy more potatoes
That was $3 for .8 lbs.
Fuck off and go buy a frozen pizza asshole.
Stop being poor
File: image.jpg (44KB, 390x310px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>$28 a month
Then fucking move
Sandwiches are easy to make but not super nutritionally efficient for your money. Like, you can get chicken for 99c a pound, wheras cold cuts are usually like $5+ a pound.

Can you use a campden tablet in your tap water (potassium metabisulfite)? That's how homebrewers remove enough chloramine from tap water for their purposes. Of course you probably know what you're doing living with that, just curious if you've ever tried it.
Why no rice and beans? Cheap and nutritious.
In a month.
OP im a single white male and i get 194$ a month

you should call them

28$ a month doesnt sound right

tfw its still just barely enough for me with the amount of food i eat

Then you need to move. I sincerely doubt you're living off 28 dollars a month by itself.

In any case, here's what I got. Prices are going to vary, this is just what I know from near me -

3 dozen eggs (look for a group sale, they'll sell them in bulk) - 3.50$
Chicken Thighs - 6.90$ - 69 cents a pound, varying. This is your protein for pretty much every meal, I guess. For the sake of easy math we'll say you get 10 lbs
Oats - 4 - 5 dollars per 42oz, can get cheaper or more expensive
Rice, beans, spices (salt/pepper) - All extra, consider getting some of those premixed spices like "beercan chicken" or whatever. Cheap and relatively impactful.

So right there you've got your staples, I'll round it up to 16 dollars right there. Oats for breakfast, eggs and chicken throughout the day. As far as spicing them goes, your budget is stupidly limited. Salt, pepper, and you're going to have to make veggies stretch. If you grab a pepper or tomatoes or whatever get used to using a small amount of it in your food.

Tbh, there's no way to really make a decent nutritional meal plan with 28 dollars, but I also don't really believe that you only receive 28 dollars a month given that you have a computer and internet access. I also don't buy for a fucking second that being a sperg prevents you from finding work ANYWHERE. Half my coworkers are autists and spergs and ALL of my bosses are.

That is, 16 dollars without the rice/beans/spices, since that category varies.
File: WAR_COMP_106.jpg (61KB, 800x615px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
61KB, 800x615px
I don't know what I did wrong.
Rent is 75% of autism bux.
I'll call them.

Did you say oats, brother?
How are you supposed to move if you have no money (because you don't have a job)?
I was offered a home from someone at a christian center I regularly beg for food.
I get autism bux but only have $150 left a month after rent, and that's not going to cover much more than water and a little more food.
>allergic to chlorine
>it is literally coursing through his veins RIGHT NOW

I doubt your claims
Lol being an autist is an actual disability now? You're fucked son. Fucking Bill Gates has autism.
>sliced cheese
>whatever that packaged shit is on the left
>broccoli (literally just fucking fiber)
>water in a fucking jug

You're retarded. Try this.

>lentils/beans (dried, 5 lbs sack)
>rice (10 lbs sack)
>steel cut oats

Holy shit, you suddenly have shitloads of food.
the obvious solution is to find a cheaper place to live.
I can eat oats (if you spare some) and beans but not every day.
Get a job loser
lucky for you it's a short month!
Buy a filter pitcher
dare i ask what shithole state you live in that gives an unemployed person 20 bucks a month? because the lowest i ever received with snap was like.... 78
Holy fuck OP you massive retard, post paypal so I can give you money so you can buy some oats.
I can't get into my account, if you're determined though I'll make a new one. Let me know.
holy crap OP how are you even still alive. DOnt you have any parents you can og to for help? I refuse to belive you dont.
Mom dead, dad got thrown out after scamming me for opiate money.
I have a grandma I talk to but that's it, and she's poor like me.
Friends then? former classmates stuff like that?
File: IMG_20170202_044859.jpg (442KB, 1120x1680px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
442KB, 1120x1680px
No I have one person, grandma, and she's hundreds of miles away.

It wasn't always like this.
Obama cut food stamps down to 4% of what we were getting.
I was at $250/month in 2014. $170 In 2015.
$150 In 2016.
I do not know how I am alive.
$150 is a pretty damn good monthly food budget for a single person.


If you subscribe to a 2,000 or even 3,000 daily calorie diet, you can live off of like $80 a month.

Suck it up and shop at Walmart. They're evil as fuck but cheap. Making political statements are for people who can afford to live.
Stop buying prepared mixes/meals.
Pasta and tomato sauce are your friends.
Dry beans.
Brown rice.
Frozen mixed vegetables.
Salt, pepper, and bouillon cubes.

You'll notice that milk, cheese, and bread are not on this list. They're too fucking expensive and entirely unnecessary.

The first trip will be the most expensive, since you'll be buying everything. After that, you just top off your supply and eventually get a baseline for what you go through in a month.

It's not a particularly comfortable lifestyle, but it'll give you room to build up savings. If you don't have a method of transport, save up for a bike and work from there.
Hey, wal mart is 50 miles away and I have no transportation.
There is one store here and they gouge. A box of macaroni is $2.50 for example.

I'll be here two more months.
>portion control

I eat 400-500 calories and one meal a day.
they're professional losers and victims, do not waste your time trying to dig them out of their holes with rational thinking, they'll swat away any solutions offered up
Did you even read the fact that I'm moving?
I wasn't looking for solutions, I jus thought you guys would be interested in knowing how difficult it is to live once you get a diagnosis like mine.

You wouldn't hire me if I was the hardest worked on earth. Admit it. There is no solution but to move and I already made arrangements.

>posting without reading thread
File: 1478173958517.gif (982KB, 495x278px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
982KB, 495x278px
>Buys milk
>Buys bottled water

Nigger what are you doing? The milk will only last two weeks and the water is free if you drink from a stream.
Dude no.
But the milk is for macaroni and the broccoli/cheese soup. I really like macaroni. I don't eat cereal or use it for much else so it lasts quite a while.
It's only 3 tablespoons for a box.

I'm just too damn fond of broccoli and macaroni.
>no one would hire me even if I was the best worker ever, it's hopeless admit it

here's a hint champ, you're not even the hardest working person on your street. Going a long way to disprove my theory though
Read the thread. Three stores. All denied me.

(You can make the word 'retard' out of this!)

>tfw autistic kid calls you a retard
you live in a town that only has three businesses?

is the population 40?
you'll get stuck in this shit heap again even if you move, so at least get a car license when you get wherever you're going. Break the cycle
>inb4 I can't
oh right
Yeah I can't legally drive in the US I have epilepsy.

How to circumvent the law?

Do you even global rule 3?
You said you were an autist, not epileptic you seizing faggot. Why you are eating the government's food is relevant to the topic you created, which is eating government food.

If you really were "close friends" with the managers at the only businesses in town they would make sure you had more than 30 dollareedoos for food. They probably only talk to you because they feel obliged to -- that or you never explained to them how fucked you are, you don't seem the type to complain after all.

You can't drive, so move somewhere with a bus line you can use. I'm just trying to help you, but for some unknown and entirely predictable reason you just seem to arch your back and avoid it.
>$150 a month
That's fine. My food budget every month is about the same amount. You have enough for chicken and beans, which is all you need.

What a whiny cunt you are.

>baaaawwwww I'm too poor
>n-no I cannot give up my favorite foods
The managers actually loan me money whenever I need it. One of them is my neighbor, the nicest woman I've ever met, her and her husband help me tons but I still have to pay them back.

How does autism cancel out epilepsy?
Why are seizures funny to you? I can walk past a perfume laden whore in public and have a seizure.
How is this amusing anon? Explain yourself.
I wasn't laughing at you. You are epileptic, you seize, in my estimation you are also a faggot. I wasn't laughing it's actually pretty sad. I only mentioned it in relation to autism because you had been blaming your inability to find work on autism; if you can drive you can certainly get a job somewhere doing something. Being unable to drive was an unknown unknown. It isn't funny, it's pretty sad actually. Having been on stamps for 3 years though... is plenty of time to get up and move. So I dunno, you want a job but you can't secure work in a small town so you decided to wait for new businesses to open?
No, no you just sat on your ass eating hand outs. Or maybe you did want to leave and just can't figure out how the other epileptics that work do it, or how the other autists do it. I don't know man.

You are a victim though, of circumstance and of yourself.
I've only come back here for 1 year because this is the cheapest place to live in the US rent wise.
You can hate me but explain yourself because I'm doing everything I can to improve myself and I stated so.
I stay I'm a tent during the summer and it's the best time of year for me. It's winter and I'm staying in a church parsonage because I was discriminated against and denied public housing here.
Really, explain.
you are a stupid person who self sabotages because you don't want to improve, you don't want to work, you want to eat and be left alone.
You think living somewhere cheap is smart even though you cannot make any income there? How does that make any sense to you?
Banks exist, get a loan and go somewhere you can live. You may very well be correct, some old woman has said you're a creep and got the government to deny you benefits you think you're entitled to. Move away to somewhere with jobs.
Literal retards are employed, I don't hate you but you hate yourself. Whining and complaining doesn't make people pity you like you think it does, it's irritating because it demonstrates how immune you are to help and proactive thought. You are your own problem and unless you're also schizophrenic or in some other way demented you only have yourself to blame despite blaming everyone but you.
I have seen tremendously inept and barely functioning people work, you can too if you actually wanted to
Also I owe the church $1200.
Explain and stop grappling for name calling opportunities on blue boards please.
I am trying dude, you need a break though it seems.
And you need to read the thread. There is no one playing victim here, just an autistic guy that thought people would be interested to hear from someone that doesn't have his life handed to him by mommy and daddy.

I stared four times that I am attempting to correct the situation, but you don't seem to understand the progress blockers I have in my life with a disability like this.
I can't even be in sunlight, friend, I am severely allergic to vitamin d. It's not porphyria but it's damn close.
Why do you think everyone in a white trash town denies me the simplest of work?
It's because of government benefits. They don't fucking like me.

Once again, there are no victims here, just a dude facing the struggles of real life.
Also relax please.
how are you not in a hospital with all these conditions
>that doesn't have his life handed to him by mommy and daddy
>literally hasn't worked for years

you are not trying, you can say over and over how you are but you are not. They do like you, the church has given you over a grand is letting you live there and your neighbors frequently loan you money, the only business owners are close friends of yours.

Give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for his lifetime.

You have gotten both your whole life and just choose to eat fish and whine.
I have read the thread and you are whining. This exchange started by you "calling me a retard" after I told a guy trying to help layabouts like you was a waste of time.

hehheh, well we sure showed him
America frequently denies people with epilepsy access to treatment and medicine.

I have no idea what you're on about my friend.
You're not explaining anything like I asked.
This is a longshot I know but op is your name Brian?
yes, you understand, you wanted me to explain why I thought it was funny you were epileptic and I told you I didn't.

you are living somewhere you can't improve yourself by choice, which means you are actually very comfortable eating out of people's palms the rest of your life.
I am fairly sure I already stated this, but go ahead and ask me to again.

I said I made arrangements to move.
Hop on the 4chan autistic person hate train if you want. I've been here for 11 years and have seen everything you are going to say.
Just go so I can play my gameboy and forget about you anon.
if you play paper boy instead of actually delivering papers so help me god
No nigger. They won't hire me. No one will.

People simply don't hire spergs regardless of functionality. Please watch this.
I watched it when you posted it two days ago
I knew it was you, goddamn it. When you do get out of that shit town do not go back to it this time.

also one black criminal doesn't represent anything. There are many working spergs, and there are many working epileptics. If some old hag is cock blocking you and it somehow is working, you should be able to appeal to a higher power, but I don't know much about it.
I don't believe it mind you, but small towns are weird places so it very well could be possible

>What is a factory?

Factory's hire everyone. Find a temp service and go do the same thing for 40 hours a week. It's monotonous but it pays. It's what i do. It sucks. And it's full of retards. But I'm posting this from my comfy chair in my comfy living room full of beer, cookies, and left over spaghetti.

>Inb4 "I CANT!!"

You can. Factory's make a shit ton of money and dont give a shit if you wanna convulse on the god damn floor during your shift like some new rave dance. Just make sure To go back to your job when your done
I didn't post that.
What are we even discussing?
We're done here I think.

You're babied by your parents, I don't have parents.
There. Next fifteen posts are covered.
I think we'll both fuck off now.

Is it because you got found out or because you can't explain away
there is more than one autist posting black criminal autists from new york as proof that the world refuses to hire autistic people on 4chan's food and cooking board while simultaneously complaining about how the small town is victimizing them?

huh, well butter my biscuit.
You aren't a victim you lazy indolent sack of shit. People much worse than you put effort into life and earn their keep. You may be medically ill and probably mentally ill, but your life sucks because you want it to.
OP with your level of retardation and health problems you honestly need to kill yourself. You are doing nothing in life but taking money from people who actualy work for a living.
I posted the link 11-13 days ago, not two.
Also this is a blue board, not /b/.

Do you understand how you endanger yourself under global rule 3?

Here let me be straight.
Shut the fuck up you white trash cunt.
No one fucking cares that your superior powers of not being disabled exist.
People in this world, some of them, can not work. They are not inferior to you, they are simply born with physical impairments.
Once you step a foot out of your Ford ranger 2002, you might see that other people can not work in the level that you can.
Please update your prejudices you fucking redneck.

Literally fuck you.
Stop posting.
just let me see if you can reference archived posts
posted 3 days ago. Hmm, he's also probably going to be homeless his whole life, but you're busting your ass to get better aren't you?

>A blue board is not your safe space
>Quit crying about global rule 3 no one cares and no one's getting B&
>You stop posting faggot
>Please explain away >>8532543
>omg disability check
>kill yourself plz

I can't believe people on these boards go so hard on mental impairment 40 years after it became unfashionabe.

Go find an autism awareness board to be accepted by you massive fucking asshole.
Most 30 year olds don't spend their time making fun of birth given disabilities.
But you do.
Seriously look for help.
OK if you keep ignoreing me on >>8532543

Then at least explain away


I mean you've explained away everyone else. I just want the same treatment
That's my post, yes. Good spot.
But what have you proved anon?


Get a fucking life idiot.
I never wanted your help or suggestions in my 40 hour old thread.
Im not making fun of you, as I don't find this funny at all. You are a grown man living off government handouts and if you killed yourself you would be saving taxpayer money.

So please do us a favor and kill yourself.
you even, in this thread say you get 28 play bucks a month.

my point is you've been out autisted
get rekt you impotent fuck (ok ok, also what's your fave food since I don't want a ban)
File: 1463670254253.jpg (913KB, 1218x2643px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
913KB, 1218x2643px

Why do you ignore me friendo? Is It don't cause you don't want a job?
I just want to help
There is a grocery store, a gas station and a family dollar.
I can not get work here. I am moving in two months.

I want to work.
Who the fuck actually enjoys not having food? Not having new shoes for three years? Not being able to pay their rent?
No one.

Sorry I'm so autistic I just don't have any desire for the comforts anyone else has.
Let's be poor and qq our entire life.
Won't work.
Don't want money.

Sometimes I fucking wonder if I'm the autistic one.
This board is full of retards seriously.
He wants handouts and the world to feel sorry for him.
File: 1464751019726.jpg (395KB, 640x4271px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
395KB, 640x4271px
Your post didn't make sense :( also i don't understand why you can't follow the epelipsys site rules. Also niggah if you so broke how you affording internet to shit post on?
he has epilepsy, autism, lupus and no friends or relatives, has been unemployed for 6 years and willingly moved back to a place where he believes everyone is out to get him and he can't find work.

there's one word to describe this fine starcrossed young man.

Are you moving back into a tent?
I just paid $20 once in a lifetime for a phone and neighbors give me wifi.
Post more images please, they're making me forget about the rich kid shitting on me.
I have a place to go (unknown bills) end of march, but if that doesn't pan out yes.
File: 1483696152850.jpg (854KB, 600x3913px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
854KB, 600x3913px
oh, you're a liar too, so... it's possible that people ostracizing you and claiming that you are defrauding the welfare system have simply gotten wise to you
File: 1359564337163.jpg (7KB, 300x277px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7KB, 300x277px
>moving in two months
>to a tent

I am enjoying. it's not everyday you sniff some duplicitous cuck out on an anonymous image board and call them on it
>anonymous image board
>one ups

You have to go back, my friend,
Can't you be a stockboy at the grocer's? Obviously not a cart pusher because of the vitamin d thing

My roommate has some serious vocal disability and my local grocery store hired him
Please explain this
we're having a tussle, you and I. you just got punked out and I'm gloating

he's never attempted to get work, it's what they call a sob story.
Yes I can explain if you read the thread.
My last job was stream drilling for grout, fired for dropping the 85lb drill on my finger and breaking it.
Thread posts: 99
Thread images: 9

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