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Tell me some of the sandwiches you like to make /ck/ I work at a grilled sandwich shop (Dangelo) and make all sorts of neat shit.

I love cold sandwiches too though here are some of my favorites.

Pictured is a sandwich I actually made at home. I love using sesame seed kaiser rolls from Stop and Shop/Giant. Included in this sandwich is Boars Head Premium Roast Beef, Kosher Salt, Freshly Ground Pepper, a good mix of raw red and white onions sliced thinly. Then I top it off with some iceberg lettuce. Both sides of the rolls are zig zagged with spicy brown mustard. To me this is the best condiment that goes with Roast beef.

I'm very biased towards Boars Head because I used to work in a stop and shop deli, and honestly I've tried so many other different brands and nothing comes close. Any other great deli meat brand recommendations are welcome!

Another simple sandwich:
The Turkey Bacon 1000

Bread: Kaiser Roll or Tomato Basil Bread
Meat: Boars Head Honey Maple Turkey, Smoked Bacon
Sauce: Thousand Island Dressing on both sides.

Sometimes i'll like to throw some onions in on top, but overall I prefer the more simple options.

Later i'll mention some grilled sandwiches I like to make at work.

>Focaccia bread
>Grilled chicken
>Roasted red peppers

>Classic croque monsieur (so simple but so fucking good).

>Tuna salad with kalamata olives on baguette, sliced boiled eggs, pickles.

Right, well currently due to having had an ileostomy surgery I'm having to stick to white bread, but as far as fillings go:

3 cheese (Manchego, Old Amsterdam/Goats Gouda, Parmigiano Reggiano, all shaved on rather than grated) Egg (Scrambled, boiled and chopped or fried obviously) Salad (Anything you like, I last made it with a storebought pack of spinach, rocket and watercress), with just a drop of Balsamic Reduction or any other salad dressing you prefer, just make sure the cheeses aren't overpowered

Ham, Egg and Mustard: Either spread the mustard on the bread if you're doing boiled and chopped or fried egg, but if making scrambled I'd say it's well worth mixing the mustard into the egg before putting it into the pan and scrambling it. I personally have a preferrence for good old Dijon mustard but obviously you shoul use whichever you prefer, be it american yellow, french, english, whatever you like

Peanut Butter, Chocolate spread/, Chilli: As both peanuts and chocolate combine relatively well with spice at the very least, this is a rather nice "dessert sandwich" combination with just a bit of a kick depending on what you use to spice it up. I have to use smooth peanut butter according to my doc, but you would ideally be using the crunchy type. And chocolate spread is good, especially dark chocolate spread if you can get some, and of course chocolate/hazelnut since it's the addition of more nuts to the mix. As for the spice, you could use absolutely anything, but my personal recommendations would be cayenne, red pepper, tabasco if you like it, any pepper you like with both nuts and chocolate

Peanut Butter/Jam (Jelly)/Chilli: Same principle as the above, as I've found that certain hot sauces/spices combine really well with some of the sweeter jams, giving an old favourite in the USA a bit of a kick. Same rules as above really

More on the way as I remember them, I'd also love some ideas on improvements, other recipes, etc;

Chicken/Honey/Mustard OR Barbeque OR Barbeque with mustard seeds: May well be worth mixing the honey and mustard/barbeque together if you prefer, but I've always been fond of having a different spread on each slice. Do your chicken just how you like it, I'm sure breaded and fried would be ideal but as I'm lazy and don't have a deep frier I tend to season my chicken then fry it in a pan or grill it, both unbreaded. It's like eating pure good boy points

Classic Salmon and Cream Cheese: No explanation needed, if you haven't had it yet and you have any love for smoked food/fish, get this done as soon as possible, ideally in a bagel or oatmeal bread

Prawn Cocktail BUT using a large sugar doughnut/jam doughnut in place of the bagel/bread: At a surprise party for a relative I saw some mini doughnuts next to some prawn cocktail, decided that I would do that, I thought it tasted pretty okay

Steak/Blue Cheese and/or your preferred sauce/Peppery Salad and/or Mushrooms: I like a bit of sauce to go with my steaks, both so I can salvage a completely fucked steak and so I can dip my chips/smother my rice in the stuff depending on the side (Do not knock rice as a side if you can get a cheap sauce with your order). I tend to prefer welsh rarebit, dianne, or of course blue cheese as that sauce. Now of course with a steak, the ideal salad to go in a sandwich with it is going to be something a touch peppery if you like your leafy greens. Having said that, mushrooms are of course a wonderful edition, although due to the fact that their ideal preperation for this will likely be somewhat moist, I recommend much thicker bread and/or toasting the bread. Cook the steak how you like it, season it how you like it, I recommend cutting it how you would for those cheesesteak things but it's your sandwich.

More to come

Feta/Anchovies/Cured Meat, Olives, Tomato (Optional): I like to refer to it as a tapas sandwich, although obviously it doesn't quite fit the bill. You could of course use all the ingredients mentioned, although combining feta, anchovies and cured meat will make for a very salty meal. If you do decided to go down that path, I would recommend combining the anchovies and olives (And tomatoes if you do like them) with some olive oil and capers for a "Tapenade" of sorts, which if pureed with the right mix will basically give you a pate to spread onto your bread, with the feta (Which I recommend crumbling well for clear reasons) and your choice of meat

Peanut Butter and cheese: One of my favourites for a long time, it can be as light or as heavy as you need it to be, and is obviously high in protein, fat, and depending on your choice of bread/how many slices used, can be high in fibre. The other great thing is that so many possible additions go great with both peanut butter and cheese, such as peppers/hot sauce, chocolate, jam/jelly, you can do so many things to give this simple sandwich a bit of "flair" to the point where I'd say you could eat it for maybe a month depending on the ingredients available to you before running out of options. And of course this isn't taking into account the different types of cheeses available or the different types of nut based spreads

More to come as I remember them
Open sandwich, dark rye bread, danish liver paté, pickled cucumber slices
Recently I've been adding breaded and fried pickles when I can

Always gives a nice little crunch
Oh that sounds good I should try it sometime.

Everyone else you guys are making me hungry! I'll probably go make another roast beef sandwich soon. I just got back from the store!
wow that peanut butter/jam with the chilli sounds interesting ill have to try.

that chicken sandwich sounds awesome! I'd probably add some bacon too it if it were me.
I make a sandwich for lunch at least 4 times a week and honestly Costco dictates much of the ingredients (whole roasted turkey breat and torta rools). the usual combination of meat cheese greens and condiments. Most often I use roasted turkey breast, parm, shredded brussels, a fatty spread like mayo or 1000 island and a spicy mustard or pepper based spread like harissa.

Want to start making my own roast beef with eye of round and start using that so i don't burn out on turkey. Also I've been pickling red onion lately and adding that.

I guess what I've come up with is a real mess of ingredient combos but i like personally.
Just made this one a couple weeks ago and it was perfect

Rye bread
Whole grain mustard
Baby Spinach
Pepper Salami
Dill havarti cheese
I love red onions with roast beef. It complements the flavor so well.
bump for rad sandwiches!
Thread posts: 13
Thread images: 1

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