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How do you make really good French toast

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How do you make really good French toast
Use thick cut "texas toast" style bread.
I read somewhere that after frying it in a pan, you're supposed to bake it in an oven for a little while.
But what kind of spices and stuff do I mix into the egg mixture?
Best french toast here.

For the love of christ don't bake it, you'll burn it
All spice, cinnamon, brown sugar on top once it's done cooking.

Throw it out and make pancakes instead.
Fried eggs + toast is so much better than French toast IMO.
>French toast
Nah, get the shit the fuck out
>corn syrup

into the trash it goes
Fuck I dunno why nobody is saying it but you GOTTA soak that shit.
For like, fucking hours, the longer you soak it in your egg mix the better it absorbs and the better it becomes. That's the proper french way.

Also, interesting side note, french toast in french is called "pain perdu" which roughly translates to "which is lost" or "lost toast" because they use the crusts and end bits that have gone stale
I just had a debate about this with someone, how many pieces of French toast are there pictured here?
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You don't need to mix anything into the eggs. You need to master the technique then you might consider some spices but they're not at all necessary.
>I just had a debate about this with someone, how many pieces of French toast are there pictured here?
True intellectual discourse friend-o
I made some this morning. And it was the first food I was taught to cook as a child. Normally I would use eggs, milk, vanilla extract, cinnamon, and some sugar or brown sugar. Mix it up well and put some butter in a pan on medium heat. Let your bread soak for ten seconds flip it and let it soak ten more seconds before putting it in the pan.
I had no vanilla today so I used some butter pecan coffee creamer instead of milk. Turned out great.
The only thing my pops taught me was to turn the toast before flipping it so one the left side isn't hardly done while the side near the middle would be to done.
If you cook it on medium heat there shouldn't be any need for the oven.
And for petes' (that's me) sake use real maple sugar (syrup)
1. Don't use sourdough bread it overpowers the taste of everything else

2. Go easy on the egg. If you want eggs, then cook eggs, if you want french toast make French toast.
>You'll burn it
Only if you're a fucking retard. Just don't let it be in there too long and cook it under a low heat. The egg in the bread will have given it moisture as well, so it wouldn't dry up as easily.

In my experience I have not found it necessary.
I season mine with a little lemon juice, salt and pepper. Omelettes too. I couldn't have it any other way now, it would feel like it was missing a major ingredient.

Also, I stab the bread into the egg mix with a fork, turning a few times. This way, the holed bread retains more egg.

I have a frying pan well coated in bacon grease from a bacon sarnie I made, gonna use that to make french bread later. I be the bacon grease will add something, but I've not tried it before so this is mere speculation
>gonna use that to make french bread
French toast.
Pain means bread, that's "lost bread"
Put some cinnamon and vanilla extract into the egg wash. Use thick, soft white bread. Lots of butter after cooking. I guess some brown sugar sprinkled on top wouldn't hurt either.
That's only done if the egg in the center of the french toast doesn't get cooked through. If the egg batter is thoroughly cooked it is unneeded
>obtain recipe
>take out bowling ball
>take out small mixing bowl
>don't forget mixing spoon
>realize you have no milk in fridge
>go to neighbour's
>knock them out
>extract lobster from their fridge
>extract milk from their fridge
>pour milk in bowl, not all, just enough
>add 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon
>crack 2 eggs in the bowl
>stir until mixture is liquid
>taste raw mixture and contract salmonella
At this point you may think it turnt out stupid, but that's impossible: a mixture of ingredients do not own the proper attributes to be mentally impaired. Dumbass.
>place pan on stove
>throw shoe at roommate
>set stove to hot
>touch pan
>catch fire and die
>drop slices of bread in mixture
>let them get soggy
>realize your mistake and only dip the next slices
>bread in pan
>attempt to flip with bare hands and suffer severe burns
>use spatula
>add flour to taste
You were stupid, but now that you've learned from your mistakes, you are a trusted and reliable culinary expert. Your future will consist of serving in the highest ranking restaurants worldwide, letting the world know of your spectacular performance in the kitchen work station.
ctrl + f "challah"

i'm dissapointed /ck/. have the /pol/tards chased off all of the chosen people who know that their bread is the secret to great french toast?
No, it's just a regional thing honestly so it's not common knowledge about the chosen bread
This is my recipe, honed over years of failed toasts

>about 4-6 eggs
>some whole milk
>splash of vanilla
>a lot of cinnamon
>touch of nutmeg
>splash of some kind of alcohol (optional) (I use either port wine, brandy, or a liqueur like triple sec or kahlua
>some FRESH lemon or orange juice and zest
>sometimes it's good to add some flour for thickness but i often leave it out because of laziness
>medium heat, a shitton of butter
>fry till golden
>top with melted butter, syrup of your choice (agave nectar or honey is a good sub for maple), powdered sugar, a squeeze of lemon, and fresh fruit

I promise it's awesome. Also really good for stuff like stuffed french toast. Lemon curd stuffed french toast with a triple sec reduced syrup and summer blueberries...unf
>I read somewhere that after frying it in a pan, you're supposed to bake it in an oven for a little while.
That's just a way to keep it warm for crowds, while you cook it in batches.

OP, I use a pyrex pie dish to make my egg batter. I whisk my eggs, adding about 2-3 Tbsp of half and half per egg, or a splash of whole milk. If you add any vanilla, or a dried spice like cinnamon, nutmeg or allspice, or orange or lemon zest, great, but don't overdo the flavors, just a hint. If you add anything sweet like vanilla or brown sugar be careful about burning and cook it very low. I really don't advise that anyway.

Any bread works, but soak it long enough to get both sides a double dunk. I'd say you'll get 3-4 slices of bread out of 2 eggs worth of batter. I like brioche breads like challah or even a decadent chocolate babka. Aldi makes a good chocolate chip brioche that is amazing for it. French bread, sour dough, anything left over, but thicker slicing is better, as is a bit of a crust.

Cook on nonstick, low to medium, in flavorless oil or butter and oil both. When it puffs in the center, they're done. Go slow, do not burn eggs.

For a topping, your pick. Sometimes I slice peaches for the slide, sometimes strawberries. I always have maple in my house, amber if I can find it. Sometimes I have something special like cane or sorghym syrup from the side of the road in Georgia, or some birch syrup from my travels. Think about warming your syrup with a little butter. Powdered sugar works too. Sometimes I add orange zest and honey to the butter if I'm expecting company.

I almost ALWAYS have sausage on the side, tastes good with the syrup.
Day old french bread, cut thick and soaked overnight in "custard", fried in cast iron / stainless steel, baked until just cooked through in same pan.

I usually make a bulletproof coffee syrup to go with it: lots of sugar, a bit of water, caramelize, top up with espresso/last night's iced coffee until syrupy, and finish with some butter.

Top that with some icing sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg, and you got yourself some breakfast.

As long as there is bacon and coffee. Otherwise, what's the point?
I use a bit of vanilla and some allspice. Anything goes really - depends on what you're doing with it. Standard maple syrup works well with allspice, cinnamon, nutmeg, a small bit of clove, coriander, cardamon, and even small amounts of white pepper.

Hawaiian bread is elder god tier for French Toast.

I would say that vanilla, cinnamon, and a dash of milk are unskippable ingredients to add to the egg. But there's a lot of room for experimentation beyond those.
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Wow, can I come over for breakfast sometime, anon?
Christ, that sounds perfect. Especially with the country sausage. I thought I was the only one.
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