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chinese food thread

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peking duck.jpg
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trying for the third time to make peking duck
does anyone have a recipe they would stand by?
I'm also struggling to find an accompaniment that isn't pancakes/cucumber

also any sugetions for cooking chinese wheat noodles
I mainly use them for japenese
leaning towards some kind of soup

>pic related, attempt number two at Peking duck
it was OK, but the skin just didn't crisp even after all the fucking around
plated it with sichuan fried yardlong beans(which fry particularly well)
not sure about plating, it's not my strong point

toying with the idea of a orange dressing, kind of like a chinese duck a'lorange sauce

to serve I'm in two minds, go really chic with pickled radish and white beets

or do something with friend wheat noodle nests, not really sure
>at a restaurant
>this is home made
>try harder
Best recipe is to buy from store dedicated to preparing duck. cost ~$20 in my city.

Serve inside mantou with slice cucumber, green onion, and hoisin are common. North and northeast China eat with crepe instead of mantou.

After slice for customer, restaurant will stir fry odd pieces of duck that are not used for above. Very complicated pieces of duck that are bone and skin are used for simple soup (e.g. white pepper, ginger, cilantro).
Working on nailing my sauce

Using Hoi sin vinegars anice cinnamon cloves orange juice mandarin rind

First trial was awful, Hoi sin does not go with vinegar
But I'm really digging the punch from red wine vinegar

Wheat noodle basket was solid, but not sure it will be a good match
You do realize Peking duck preparation includes separating the skin from the meat and marinading the duck for a day or 2

its too much of a bitch to make it homemade to be honest, I'd much rather buy a whole duck for like $17
dandan noodles
stirfried noodles with ground pork spicy bean paste and etc is always nice

also for Peking duck terracotta smoker don't forget the tea senpai
my duck has been drying for two days with a coating of maltose, shaixing rice wine and light soy

the coat isn't thick enough though, might try cooking down the marinade or removing the rice wine next time

it is definitely a lot of fucking around at home, but where I am one does not simply buy a peking duck; you can't even buy roast duck
sometimes I cant even get any duck but frozen

dandan noodles are fucking fantastic
after this duck is cooked I'l use it to make a sechuan hot pot stock
after the hot pot I'l make dandan noodles, at which point the stock will be out of control
4chan is fucking up so I can't post pictures, but anyhow

fried noodle basets are solid
vermicelli is mildly sweet, much more dense and crips
wheat can either be all brittle, or a sense ball with a hard shell
this second option is really interesting and warrants further investigation; but neither really work what what I have here

the base orange sauce with anise, cloves and cinamon is solid and i might use it
I need to reduce the mandarin peel though, it's very strong
when red vinegar is added the sauce becomes very very strong, hits you in the face with the vinegar then fills your mouth with fragrant orange
needs work, might not get that far today

might just plate on a cold salad of pickled radish and some white vegetable
might try lotus root; though I suspect it would be too sweet
>coating it with water in the form of wine and soy
>drying it out for two days
Dude, come on.

That is why people separate the duck from the skin.
the last time I did duck I tried separating the skin by inflating it away from the meat, but had no success

the time before that I tried by hand by massaging, again no success

roasting upright seems to help the fat drain, but I just can't get the skin from the breast with a frozen duck

if there is a better way I'm all ears
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403KB, 1613x905px
I cooked duck for the first time about two weeks ago.

The way I got crispy skin was by pricking the skin with a fork, letting the fat render out easier as well. How long is your cook time at what temperature?

I did 325F for 3 hours, but will probably do it longer next time so it gets even crispier. All the meat was very rich and tender too.
Thread posts: 12
Thread images: 3

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