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How to cook rice on stove in pot

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I like rice but can't make it. I tried things like Minute Rice but it wasn't very good. The other day an anon said to make perfect rice you use 1 cup of rice and 1 1/2 cups of water. bring water to boil in pot then pour rice in and take off heat and let sit for 5 minutes. Everyone agreed. That sounded so easy that I bought a bag of Jasmine Rice and tried it and it failed miserably. The rice didn't cook and was crunchy.

tl;dr How to make Jasmine Rice on stove.
The bag the rice comes in should have instructions, but this is how I do white rice
1 part rice, 2 part water
put both in pot, bring to a boil, reduce heat to low, put cover on pot and leave it the fuck alone for 20 minutes
Take off the heat and eat it
you can use bullion cubes or stock to change up the flavor if you get bored of plain rice.
You are number gay

You don't need the tinfoil if you have a good seal on your pot. It works every time.
jesus tapdancing christ the instructions are on the bag.
works every time

I will say that if you can't arsed to measure, for most pots, the ration of a cone with the same diameter and height as a cylinder is 1:2 so that makes it dead easy to eyeball.
1 to 2 ruins rice. you need 2 rice to 3 water to make fluffy rice.
Just don't let some asshole convince you a "rice cooker" is more convenient than a simple pot. It isn't, it's generally a space stealer and unitasker, unless you steam vegetables all the time.

Don't do it, just learn to cook rice properly, it's fucking simple.
>, it's generally a space stealer

How so? One of the main reasons I like a rice cooker is because it frees up a much-needed hob on the range top.

I have much more counter space than I have rangetop space.

You store shit on your stove? Why? I put shit I need to cook on my stove. What are you doing? I store flour and sugar and salt and cutting boards on my counter space.
>You store shit on your stove?

No, I cook on my stove.

Having the rice cooking elsewhere means I can use the hobs on the stove to cook the rest of my meal. If you do any somewhat serious cooking you can easily occupy all your hobs. Anything that frees one up is a godsend.

I guess you're catering for a big meal. I don't do that.
>The bag the rice comes in should have instructions
The anon made it sound so easy and everyone agreed. When I bought the rice I poured it into a Tupperware container and threw the bag away.
1 cup of rice, 2 of hot water. I add a little more, though. and use a wooden spoon to move the rice a little bit so it dont burn
You shouldn't stir your rice.
wouldnt it be easier to spend 30 second on google than make a post on 4chan and wait for someone to tell you your an idiot?
For my pot, which has a tight fitting lid and heavy bottom, this is my method.
For each cup of rice, 1 3/4 water. Basically, you could use 2 cups of water, for each cup of rice, but I don't lose any steam from this pot, so I use less water.

So, I bring the water to boil, give it a little salt, stir in my rice, bring back to boil, run my spoon across the bottom to lift up any grains that are just releasing their starch. Replace lid, move burner down to low (your pot thickness determines simmer to 2-3 on your knob. Set timer for 20 minutes. Do not lift lid not even once in the 20 minutes. When the timer beeps at 20 minutes, either turn off burner, or pull pot from burner. DO NOT open lid. Set another timer for 10 minutes.

The last 10mins is like carryover cooking without direct contact with a heating element that could burn the bottom of the pot. There simply isn't enough water circulating at this point and direct heat could burn.

If you think it's done at 20 minutes, you'd find the rice isn't crunchy but it's a bit soupy. The addtl 10 minutes is key.

If you give up on rice? Buy steam-in-bag brown rice from Birds Eye.
Calrose>nishiki> jasmine> wild> any gaba brown> other medium grains > other short grains>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> basmati
Rinse, add twice the amount of water (ml) based on the amount of rice by weight (g) or do the finger thing.

Bring to a boil, cover, set heat to low.

If white rice, leave it for 10 minutes.
If brown rice, leave it for 35 minutes.

Do not stir at all during the process. Especially not white rice.
Nigger someone out there trolled you.
Use a rice cooker dummy
For me it's the McRinse it until the water runs clear (pot -> sieve -> pot etc.).

1:2 Rice:Water, not including the water left in the rice from rinsing.

Pot. Bring to boil. Simmer 12 minutes. Steam 10 minutes.

Less effort than it sounds like.
use oil instead of margarine or butter

He should also buy a battery operated battery replacer.

This is how you make sticky/wet long grain rice.
This is how I do it:

> Boil some water in a kettle.
> Heat some light oil (vegetable, sunflower, maybe peanut if you wanna get fancy with flavour) in a pan, enough to coat the bottom of it but not be swimming.
> Add the rice to the hot oil and stir it so it coats evenly. Dry rice doubles (sometimes triples) in volume when cooked, so measure accordingly.
> Add salt, and pour boiled water over your rice, enough to cover it, and then twice that amount again.
> Stir once to dissolve the salt.
> It should be at a bubbling boil already, so turn the heat RIGHT down, cover the pan so no steam escapes, and LEAVE IT.
> Do not stir it, do not open the lid, do not even look at it.
> After 10-12 minutes, you can turn the heat off. It should be cooked, but if not, keep it covered and let it keep steaming for up to 20 min total.

Mine always comes out fluffy and silky.
It's how I do jasmine rice currently. It's not perfect but it's a start.

Cut your water by 30% and you're all set.
I'll give it a shot. Worried about it coming out too dry.

Sealed pot, steam it right, you have perfect rice.
Ah it may be the lack of a seal. I only have one pot on the smaller side with a heavy lid and it has one of those holes.
This anon is correct. You can't fuck it up if you do this.
My dad taught me a nice recipe
What you'll need is:
Half an onion,
4 cloves of garlic
A ladle of chicken broth (a teaspoon of soup powder will do)

Dice the onions
Make slim slices off the garlic
Fry the onions while you're boiling the water for the rice in a kettle
Once the onions are golden, put in the garlic along with the rice
Stir them up for a bit (not too long, a minute or so, so they don't burn)
After that, start cooking the rice as per instructions
Add some of the broth along the way

The rice gets a nice base and tastes very good. Heartily recommended.
This recipe is for a cup of rice, by the way
File: rice in pan.jpg (81KB, 500x488px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
rice in pan.jpg
81KB, 500x488px
Not sure how much of an idiot you are but here is a crappy how to I made for you in paint.

How to cook it on a stove?
Have rice and water int he pan. Add a lid to cover.
Boil it till the lid starts clattering and the foam starts overflowing.
Put the heat on LOWEST and leave for 10min!
Then turn it off and leave it somewhere for another 10 or so and you have nice and fluffy rice. This works for Jasmin, Basmati.. just about anything unless you want to make sushi rice.
Thread posts: 34
Thread images: 3

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