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Leftovers from the kitchen.

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A little bit of backstory.

>Be me, 21 and in uni.
>Live together with best buddy, who goes to a different uni, in a nice apartment close to the train-station.
>I work at a retirement home to pay for rent and groceries, occasionally I get to bring home some food or drink from the kitchen.
>Roommate works as a chef on weekends.
>Get a text one day.
>"Hey bro I got like 80 EUR of food in the fridge. Make sure not to open any of it, or it'll expire real fast."
>Come home, see this.

It's about 1 kg worth of ham. Turns out that the owners of the restaurant will be going on holidays, meaning the kitchen will be closed for a while. Seeing as my roommate works as chef, he got to pick out whatever he liked.

What are some of the things we can do with it?

There's a lot of other things he took home, which I will post in a bit.

I don't know if there is a name for it in English, but literally translated these would be called "Amsterdam onions".

They're pickled onions and one of the primary ingredients of the brine is saffron, which explains the yellow colour.

Apparently it goes pretty well with ossenworst (a sausage made of smoked veal).

Half a kilo (or a pound) of sun-dried tomatoes. We're planning to make this into red pesto and freezing it in portions for when we need it.
Final cont.

And lastly, a fuckton of lunchmeat. No idea what to do with it.

So cu/ck/s, what do?
i recommend eating it

But the ham is salted, so as long as we keep it in a cool, dry place (a fridge), it won't spoil any time soon.
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>roommate says don't eat my stuff
>eat his stuff

You're well on your way to an efficiency 1 bedroom apartment buddy.
Nah m8, we have shared budget for groceries. And I did ask for permission before slicing up some of it.
split pea soup with the ham and onions. or similar casserole/tagine/beanpot recipes

stromboli with the dried tomatoes and meats, get some nice cheese to put in there like some Maasdam, and don't salt the dough, there's will be more than enough salted in the filling

take what deli meat is left, roll it in a cylinder and fill with frite mayonaisse(curry of course) for a top tier masturbation session with your roommate
>no home
Slice the ham into about 5 inch thick slices and pop it all into the freezer. You can thaw that for some ham n cheese, bean soup with ham, breakfast or dinner slab browned by sides and deglazed with some leftover coffee. Put it aside. It isn't going to spoil soon. Fridge? 4 days. So, freeze it for now.

Those sun-dried tomatoes are oil packed, too bad they're not dried. Since they are not submerged in a vacuum sealed jar of oil, you need to use them within a day or two (or freeze). I'd indeed make some homemade pizza or pasta, and snip a bit of the tomatoes into it. They're pretty rich, not bad on top of some grilled chicken, maybe with some goat cheese. Dinner or sandwich fixin there. It's delicious to blend with mayo and make an aoili, but a little goes a long way. Add a few to a cold pasta or panzanella salad, toss some chunks of mozzarella. So, freeze some in smaller ziplocs, like 6 in each.

I'm going to suggest that luncheon meat looks like bologna from the lousy picture, which incidentally is pretty much hot dog meat and not that versatile So, slice in quarters, pan grill it with some onions, or splash of BBQ sauce, serve with toasted bread. Err, make a sandwich with it, bit of mayo.
Oh, I guess you could also make "beenie weenie" with the cooked bologna pieces. Simmer for a while in some Baked Beans (homemade or canned).
Thread posts: 12
Thread images: 6

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