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Simple fast plain poverty food

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I'm enjoying a bowl of oatmeal and sunflower kernels right now. Usually I'll add a handful of craisens (dried cranberries) when I want to sweeten it.

I love pinto bean burritos. I like lintels. I like eating raw carrots, I like eating fresh spinach out of a bowl like chips. I like peanuts. I like slicing up a potato in wedges, microwaving it, and then eating the wedges while dipping them in honey. I'll put milk, ovaltine, ice, and a ripe banana into a blender to make a delicious frothy iced banana chocolate milk.

Just a few things off the top of my head to get the thread into motion.
Alright I wrote this whole thing then saw you wanted fast poverty food. Sorry each recipe requires like an hour of effort but prepares a batch of food to be eaten over days.


Rice and potato are the core sides/starches/carbs/fillers. Call them what you want. Rice is an order of magnitude cheaper than potato but you gotta vary it. Bread is a trash food but if you're eating a greasy meat that's more easily eaten when wrapped in bread, fine. Do not bake your own bread unless you find it satisfying. It s cheaper but it's not worth your time.

Chicken every meal, every day.

Bone in skin on roasted chicken thigh: prepare spice rub, I make one featuring paprika. Rub spice UNDER chicken skin. Place thighs on a ROASTING RACK so you don't boil the thighs in tepid oily chicken juice. Roast at 400 F for 45ish minutes (bone in skin on takes ~2x as long to cook as boneless skinless).

Chicken breast: follow this schnitzel procedure. Fillet chicken breast into halves or thirds if you're in ultra poverty, pound out to even thickness, THEN season, THEN flour-egg-breadcrumb. Fry in canola oil at 350-375 F (med-low on my cooking range) for 2.5 minutes on each side. This meal comes out to ~$0.66 / schnitzel.

This is an expensive meal compared to chicken but if you get tired of chicken, here's a chuck roast recipe: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/246836/chipotle-barbacoa/. Getting all the particular spices can be an expensive nuisance so I do not recommend. Chuck isn't even much cheaper than better cuts of beef, just more convenient to prepare in large batches.


Muffins give a lot of calories per cent. I use this recipe (http://allrecipes.com/recipe/7906/chocolate-chip-muffins/). Everything in that ingredient list except the chocolate chips has a negligible cost. The chips end up costing like $1 / 12 muffins so maybe $0.10 /muffin total.

Pasta is also apparently really easy to prepare. Knead into dough, roll out to desired thickness, cut.
thank you for contributing with this post. I've been meaning to learn how to cook with chicken. It's never been something I actively do on my own. I do do cook with eggs a lot. A fast meal that I really enjoy is fried eggs mixed into ramen noodles with boiled green beans.

I really want to learn to make breaded chicken strips like they do at the hot asian food section at the grocery store.

I think I want to try baking something tonight. I do have flour, baking powder, sugar, milk, and eggs. I was thinking of getting crazy and trying to do something with ovaltine for flavor.
I agree with >>8451711 about the rice/potatoes as main fillers, though I would recommend adding homebaked bread to the list. It's disgustingly cheap to make, tasty as fuck and can be a pleasurable activity.

Get into canned fishes as they are very cheap and high in protein. Also tasty with breads and pastas.

Try low grade cuts of lamb or beef for stews.

Learn mexican food. If you can prepare your own tortillas you will end up with a super fancy, healthy and cheap meal.

Do lots of lentil based curries.
Do you have yeast?
homemade bread is cheaper than the flour you use for it

a good source for carbs, and fun to do.
flour is real handy to keep around, you can make tortillas with it but i simply just make pan fried "flatbread" with it
the local dollar store sells 8 pack of hotdogs for a dollar that i dice up and use as protein on my fried rice
those cheap dollar store brand non dairy powdered creamers are nice for making creamy stews, i used it to make chicken curry once it turned out nice
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I like soups and stews, and I find then more filling than the same ingredients cooked in a pan or in the oven.

Brown your diced Fish, lamb, pork, chicken, beef... With your diced Carrots, potato, onions, chopped garlic, all in olive oil or vegetable oil.

Add some stock, or a bit of water + crushed tomatoes, or both, and season to taste (pepper, sugar, whatever rocks your boat. Watch the salt, because stock is usually already quite salty)

If you want, Add some rice when the liquid is in. I'm going to try some beans recipe soon, but I don't know the best way to add them.

Let it simmer however long you'd like, depending on how thick you want the liquid to be, and how tender you want the ingredients. I prefer a light simmer, not to long, to keep a semblance of texture to the veggies, but if put some rice in, it's gonna need more time, most likely.

Few minutes before it's done, add some sliced mushrooms or diced zucchini, to get them hot but keeping a certain tender crunchiness to then. Zucchini especial turn into puree of left in the pot.

Very simple stuff, honestly. Add what you want/have, and you have a hot breakfast, hot lunch and hot dinner for a few days.

This. Throw is any kind of grains you want also to bulk it up. Use chicken thighs instead of chicken breasts. Beef hearts instead of steak cuts.

Asian/Middle Eastern butchers and grocers are great. Most big cities have multiple. Farmer's markets. Discount European food stores like Lidl & Aldi. Independent local fishmongers, butchers, & grocers.

/fit/ has some decent advice about this if you ask them as most of them are neets trying to get enough calories and proteins in to look like Arnold.
Marked down, 20% fat ground beef.
Marked down chicken thighs with skin.
Cheap offal like livers and gizzards.
Good luck ever getting fish that's not tilapia.

Freeze in individual portions if you don't intend to cook it all at once. Buy dried beans, rice, and frozen veg for quick and easy sides. Salt and pepper are insanely cheap but go a long way. Look into buying other cheap spices from the dollar store if you get bored. Hamburger helper is cheap at the dollar store too.
tortillas are flatbreads.
I save money by eating PB and Js.
Anything in the frozen vegetable section is usually pretty cheap and healthy.
Making a pot of tomato sauce takes me ~45 minutes, which seems a while, but I save it, freezing in sandwich baggies in single portion sizes. Makes roughly eight or nine portions.
When I want pasta and tomato sauce, 5 minutes to bring water to the boil and thaw the sauce, 7 to boil the pasta and 1 to finish the pasta in the sauce then bowl it up and serve. You could say that each time I have a bowl of pasta, I spent only 18 minutes preparing a meal.

And the cost: total of 57¢/serving, 44¢ more if you add beef mince to the sauce and 22¢ on top of that if you top it with good, freshly grated cheese.
Not a bad deal.
I lived off of beans and rice for a year. Some cumin and salt and you're fine and dandy
enjoy your malnutrition and heart disease from lack of fat and excessive carbs
>Do not bake your own bread unless you find it satisfying. It s cheaper but it's not worth your time.
Buy one (1) bread machine and just get a jar of bread yeast at a time, and suddenly it's cheap AND takes no time.
Also get a cheap simple rice cooker for the same reason.

Also use cumin and oregano with basically everything and garlic powder/fresh lemon juice with some other things.
look up recipes for no-knead bread. the total rise time is much higher, but no kneading means you interact with it much less. if you get flour in bulk, you can make a 2lb loaf of bread for less than fifty cents.
Could you forgo the breadmachine and just make bread in the rice cooker?

A bread machine has a blade/stirrer in the bottom of a non-stick pan which mixes up the raw ingredients, heats them gently, punches the dough back "down" from below, and cooks the sucker. Then it's on you to not burn yourself on the pan, and to use something wooden to pry out the bread without scratching off the non-stick stuff. But it will keep your bread moist and warm for you after it's done if you're not around at that exact second, and all the prep work it takes is measuring out the ingredients, making sure the water is room temp, and making a little hollow in the flour to place your yeast. Five minute prep and that's being generous, then three or four hours later your bread is ready.

Can make french bread, sandwich bread, even cakes, mine can even make jam.
>cheap food? how about these meat recipes

what is this some kind of aristocrat forum

that's like 30x the cost of lentils and rice

Chicken thighs in bulk from South Asian/Middle Eastern butchers. Beef hearts and organ meat in general are all pretty affordable.
mmm offal ragu over pappardelle

Now I don't want to be that guy, but I'm not from the US, so I don't have access to ultracheap middle eastern/southeast asian hormone chicken. A whole chicken is still pretty cheap per kg/lb, but what I wanna ask here is: How much meat is there generally per bird? Cuz I know there is a ton of bone, and I dont wanna pay 5$/kg if that kg is 50% bone, nomsayn?
According to the first result on Google, about 60% of chicken/turkey by weight is actual meat.
Yeah, found that too. So assuming I buy a 2.2lb carcass, for 5 bucks, thats gonna be 1,3lbs for 5$... not bad

Why so worried about the bone weight? Bone and trim makes stock. Stock is god tier for soups, sauces, stews....
Well you know, it's a hassle... I live in a dorm, I think it would be kinda frowned upon to occupy the range for 3-4h
It doesn't take that long to bone a 1kg chicken. It takes maybe 30 minutes if it's cooked and twice that if it's raw. Stock can just sit on the backburner, or if you don't have many burners or a shared kitchen or whatever, get your own single burner to have in your room and make stock there! No excuses!
Yeah nah I meant the brothmaking, we have 1 stovetop, and I myself have literally ran out of tablespace so I cant bring in a single burner... Not even sure it's allowed... Well, I'm gonna buy whole chicken nevertheless, I work night so when I'm awake at night, basically alone I can probably make broth..
Thread posts: 32
Thread images: 2

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