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>people who are vegetarian because they don't like hurting

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>people who are vegetarian because they don't like hurting animals
>will happily consume fish because it's 'not an animal'

I get there there are different levels, but how the everliving fuck do you not classify fish as an animal? They've got brains, spinal cords, organs-fuck man, they're one of the categories in the animals kingdom.

And on a related note, how do you adjust your cooking for your vegetarian and other people with certain diet restrictions, especially at events where there are plenty of others who don't have said restrictions? I work with a college program that takes students out on excursions in the wilderness, and lately, our de facto pancakes and scrambled eggs is running into difficulties with all the international students and their dietary restrictions. I've been using shakshuka, but I'd like some more (cheap) recipes to throw under my belt.
Just bring granola bars for the picky fags who are too speshul to eat the same food as everyone else.
The only vegetarian I know just doesn't like the taste of red meat.
Pretty understandable.
Last time I checked, fish can't process pain, whereas red meat animals and poultry can. Likely not the reason for the fish and bird egg exceptions they have, but a reason nonetheless
>t. A burger loving american
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>It's ok to eat fish cos they don't have any feeeeeelings
Yeah nah. The study that thought process runs off of is about as logical as anti vaxxers. Essentially, the dude argues that you need a human brain structure to process pain, and because fish aren't human, they don't feel pain. Also: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGA5xj0lHUk It may be bleeding heart liberalshit, but that fish, if not in pain, is certainly panicking, and thus indicative of emotions.

>t. A faggot from Hawaii who has been around the ocean and fish long enough to understand that fish do have feelings but still eats them anyway
People that are "vegetarian" except for fish are actually pescatarian. People that eat eggs and dairy are lacto-ovo vegatarians. True vegetarianism as I understand it is closer to veganism, but I think it still allows for the use of animal products (not quite leather, but wool or honey, for instance). Veganism is no animal products whatsoever.

Regarding your bulk cooking for dietary restrictions, I'd look to go cheaper and more simply. Rice and beans, stir fry, and a selection of fresh fruits are or can easily be gluten free vegan and aren't that hard to prepare.

Or you can get prepackaged stuff. Trail mix, granola bars, etc etc etc.

My understanding is that that's a response to stimula and not a reaction to pain.

Sort of like how muscles contract when we're electrocuted independent of the pain we feel attributed to it.

Fish respond to stimula through muscle contortion essentially. As far as them being cognizant enough to understand what it is and act to get away? I can't say.

Regardless of what is actually the case, do be aware of personification and anthropomorphization/humanization of non-human animals.

>t. curious/inquisitive lacto-ovo vegetarian
You should never "make sure there's a vegetarian option" because if you EVER go to some picky-eater-arian place, they won't have a little dish with some meat in it just for you.
and don't fucking anybody bring up the "hurr i actually can't eat meat" medical excuses, carry a fucking granola bar with you
this are called pescaterians op.
the meat eater isn't disadvantaged by eating vegetarian food. there's no such thing as a (healthy) carnivorous human. we are omnivorous. the dietary restriction person on the other hand is disadvantaged by not having access to food that they can eat.

protip: "the good ones" don't bitch when you don't serve them, they eat the inevitable side dish that doesn't have meat or whatever in it and either supplement with brought food or eat again later.

In the event of a school program where you are required to feed your students, you are required to find alternatives, which is the purpose of this thread. telling them to fuck off which is what you seem to be suggesting is how you end up losing a job. in the event of a party, which is the scenario you seem to be suggesting, a good host tends to want their guests to be taken care of.

you seem unnecessarily salty over a contrived figment.
I'm vegetarian but for environmental reasons. Meat packing industry is fucked up. I don't support it. Only way I'll eat an animal is if I kill it myself.
do you live in a hunting friendly place, or do you rarely eat meat?
It's just virtue signaling with food. That's it.
They're not a vegetarian if they eat other meats. Your friend is just a fag that doesn't eat red meat.
> how do you adjust your cooking for your vegetarian

You don't.
Thread posts: 15
Thread images: 2

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