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Mead Thread

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Last time I have bought mead in Poland because I haven't tried one before. Very popular there. It's kind of a honey with 16%-32% of alcohol. I used it usually for dessers.

It's called Dwojniak, Trojniak and Czworniak there. The difference is the amount of water and honey.

In my personal opinion it's very good for cooking especially for desserts. Not very recommended to drink. Sweet as fuck.

My question is your personal opinion generally for mead.

In which country did you bought it? How is the taste?

Where do you use it in cooking?
There's a hipster meadery here in central Ohio that makes a decent variety of mead. Mostly dry and semi-dry varieties that are a lot like white wine and the odd sweet variety that I can't stand because it's like drinking sugary perfume.
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Does anyone know what kind of mead this is? I search for the name and get nothing.
>It's kind of a honey with 16%-32% of alcohol.
It's fermented honey. You make it sound like it's vodka with honey added.

It's also not necessarily sweet. Just like with cider, there are sweet varieties and dry varieties. In fact, it's better dry.
>dry mead

This guy knows. Every time I drink it I thank the chubby but endearing girl who made me go to a larp event for making me try it

It was the oddest thing I've done to get laid but finding mead was worth the cringe
where? I'm in 216 and I would love to travel and get some now that it's getting warm
I like the idea of nice mead with chubby sex to follow. Very comfy
Californian here, orange blossom honey mead is the norm here.
I add blackberrys and ferment it all the way so it is dry and then bottle it like beer. Cold and fizzy blackberry mead.
only mead I've ever had was homemade from some wannabe beer brewers.

It was decent. They had some made with chocolate mixed in and aged longer that was quite good. Wicked hangover though.
lol, the only mead I've ever tried was from a buddy who goes to LARP events and chases weird chubby larper girls.
I've never heard of using mead in cooking. I imagine sweet meads or melomels would be great to incorporate in desserts.

I've always wanted to make some mead after learning a little about it. Here's one of the best sites I've found about it.


Here's a recipe that's made the rounds and been tried and proven; it's tailored for people that are poor and can't find or afford a bottle anywhere near them. If you have access to yeast nutrients you can omit the raisins and orange for a pure mead with only honey, or you can use cherries or something if you like. The fruit is mostly to give the yeast nutrition, but for more experienced brewers it's only used to make melomel meads. I STRONGLY recommend using an actual wine yeast, though. If there's a brewing supplier near you a single pack should be around 50 cents and it will make a much cleaner wime. Bread yeast strains are selected for CO2 production, which will make a lot more lees, foam, and less clean drink whereas wine yeasts are selected for alcohol production. They will finish your mead much quicker, too.


I've never been fortunate enough to try any, though :( it's stupid of me to give advice on it, but I did lots of learning about mead and if I actually had money I'd have made some by now.
Shit son that sounds cozy
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