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Drinks! Flavoring Syrups!

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Da Vinci, Torani, Monin...

I just moved into a new place and I want to stock the bar.

What are the tastiest syrups? I am hoping some bartenders who have experience with different brands can drop in and let me know who has the best tasting of which flavors...

Also, cocktail recipes using these flavors would be nice as well.

Monin seems to have the most exotic selection, but also seems to be the most pricey. Is it worth it?
>What are the tastiest syrups?

the ones you make yourself without using artificial flavors or colors.

Syrups are very easy and cheap to make. Start with "simple syrup": half sugar, half water. Add the ingredient(s) you want to use to flavor the syrup, then heat it and let the ingredients infuse. Then strain.

I knew I would get this response... and I am definitely going to try my hand at doing this as well... But home made syrups are not as shelf stable. And sometimes, (I know I'm a horrible person) sometimes I just want to make a drink without having to cook a bunch of stuff and let it cool down.

That said... I am really interested in critiques of purchasable brand name syrups by knowedgable anons. HOWEVER, if anyone has a really good recipe for a syrup that isn't just "half sugar, half water add some fruit" i'd love to hear that as well. Or if you have advice as to what fruits this does or doesn't work with that would be useful too.
BG Reynolds out of Portland makes great orgeat, if you don't want to go through the trouble of making it. Liber and Co out of Austin does a handful of tasty syrups, particularly their pineapple gum syrup. Both of these syrups are a bit of a pain to do at home, but otherwise I'd have to agree that making your own will yield the best results, given everyone has different tastes. The syrups you can purchase are, by and large, not super great because most bars just make their own now. The most widely available products will likely just be HFCS with artificial flavoring. I'd look around your local liquor stores and see if anyone near you is making something interesting, and give it a shot. There are cool ingredients being made in every city, they are just not widely distributed.
>are not as shelf stable

they're 50% sugar, thus they will keep for a long long long time without any special care.

As for what fruits do/don't work, the only thing I've found that didn't work well was to include the pithy white parts of citrus fruit--those are bitter. Use the colored part of the peel and the flesh of the fruit, but don't use the white part.

As for major brand names for purchase I prefer Monin to Torani and Davinci.

Great idea, I'm in ATL and it looks like 1821 bitters and proof syrup are local shops that make interesting flavor...

Maple bacon, lemon basil, jalapeno Lim cilantro...

water + sugar + mint

mojitos > all
those are great in coffee.
Why not just drink stuff straight? Why do you fattys need to guzzle down sugar syrup with everything?

I don't think you are using this word correctly.
I don't think you are using this language correctly.
Lemme guess, you wear a trenchcoat and only go to a bar once every two months, and when you do you order "whiskey, neat", tip the bartender $5 if its a girl, take 30 minutes to finish your single drink, and leave.

You sure as shit have never had a long island iced tea if you think this thread is about getting a sugar fix
I don't think you are using this in the correct manner.
Why so defensive? Mad that people don't like your girly fruity sugar drinks?
>long Island iced tea
>Why do you fattys need to guzzle down sugar syrup with everything?

Free will?

Because we can?

Freedom itself...

Fuck off. This is a thread about syrup. If you dont like syrup and have nothing to add then fuck the fuck off.

Yeah how long do you want it to keep? Plus if it's that bad why not just refrigerate it? Also some potassium sorbate should prolong life.

Any syrup should be quick and easy enougj, recipes everywhere, taking the pith (kek) out is a good bit of advice. Also try small mason jars, super easy to stack inna fridge. Or just buy a pack of glass bottles.

Really stepping up would be emulsifying your own egg whites. What I wouldn't give for a real life Ramos Gin Fizz for the morning after...
good drinks to make with whiskey?
>Really stepping up would be emulsifying your own egg whites

I'm only a noob amateur bartender, but isn't it pretty common to use egg whites in certain drinks? The white is added and then the drink is shaken hard. That's what the videos I watched on youtube showed. Or is there something else that one does with them that's even better?

its pretty basic. it just makes it fizzy and you can't taste the egg or anything
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3 parts whiskey, 1 part monin pomegranate

It's called a pangalactic garglesnatcher
Holy fuck anon. Long Island ice tea is da bomb. Best drink I ever tasted. However I had one glass shared with 6 people during bartending class. Cant wait to make my own.

Also general qjestion to the thread: still talling about simpls syrup. Can I use 1oz of sugar and 1oz of water? If I need to heat it, for how long should I do it?
Make sure to shake that shit well anon

I read you should boil simple syrup for 3 to 5 minutes. Breaks down the sugar and makes it 25% sweeter.
just no
I love it when kids who've never had one before assume its some gay shit because of the name, then get knocked on their ass after just one when they finally drink it.

No better litmus test for lack of life experience.
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Do you think the artificial flavor in one brand tastes better in another or do think you can just buy a natural ingredient based mix, or actual fruits) and actually learn to mix drinks?
Buy a book and try new recipes; that syrup is meme shit.
>Margarita Mix
>syrup is meme shit.

Your mom.
I have only tried Torani and Monin, but Monin was universally superior to Torani in my experience.
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Lol, babe, sure you can make your own syrup. And good luck finding friends who can appreciate a good mixed drink. And if I blindfolded you and gave you a random skittle, regular flavor, would you happen to know the flavor? And would you mix a sugar based syrup with a sugar based alcohol? If so, in what order? How would you strain? What do you garnish your drinks with? What tools do you use to accomplish these things? What kind of glass do you serve a specific drink in? Can you pair food and drink?
Maybe some guests will enjoy something different than a mixed drink. But I would wager you're mixing a drink to impress a mate, unless you're an actual bartender in training or lonely and/or gay. Besides, not many people want habanero in their drinks...thats...fucking...lunacy bro >>7548026
Not many people are full on board to eating raw egg either despite its known hangover curing abilities.
And don't believe you'll be mixing drinks like those Asians in the bar-times youtube vids.
You should know when to serve the right drink, and certainly how to make the right drink, the right way if you really want to impress people and experience new things which we should all want to do. So when you're of drinking age get ready for a kick. I'm sorry. But yes; syrup is meme-based. And I won't be playing with syrup when I'm of age. I won't be making beer in my garage with a DIY Wal-Mart kit I got for Christmas. But thanks to my readings, I intend to leave my guests speechless. I expect you to do the same. Take these words into consideration.

>syrup, is for breakfast

what the fuck are you talking about?
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You'll have this goofy syrup expiring in the back of your fridge for when your mom visits. No bartender or person with taste keeps this shit in his or her bar.
First liqueur thread that hasn't got shit to do with "What is /ck/ drinking tonite" and you silly boys try turning it into a 0 Proof syrup thread.

>What the fuck are YOU talking about?

Nah. Besides the drinks I asked about... I use this stuff for snoballs and deserts and have the family and friends over every couple weeks for pool parties, bbq, and drinks and snoballs/deserts. Summer is around the corner yo.

Just because your mom is the only person that comes over to your place doesn't mean that's true for the rest of us.

I assure you that plenty of bartenders and people with taste enjoy drinks with syrup... Not every one is an overcompensating "manly man" that only drinks brown liqueur neat.

But you know.. enjoy having society dictate the way you live your life...
The local place by me has a lot of Dekuyper flavorings and syrups...

How does that stack up to the other brands mentioned in the thread?
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Deserts and snoballs aren't cocktails or drinks, they're just sweets and slushies is all.
Not plenty of bartenders and people enjoy syrup in their drinks, they enjoy these artificial flavors in candies and childhood drinks. Your overcompensating is making slushies with Ice Shack bottles of high fructose corn syrup.
>manly man
>brown liqueur neat
Do you even know what the liqueurs of this world are fermented from without Google?
But hey every taste is different, and some people have a sweet tooth. And I trust someday you will adjust to the refined tastes of classic, long-lived recipes that have fueled human passion and emotion for millenniums. I should expect Mr. Pool Party BBQ to think slushie syrup is a step-up from apartment keg parties. However, perhaps someday you can go about making your own recipes.
Just grab a pencil and paper and break away your chains from society if you're really feeling rebellious, yo.
You can spend a half a day making a few different flavors of syrup. Frezze it in labeled ice trays, then put the cubes in labeled zip lock bags when frozen and they will keep for a long time. Your drinks will get better and better when you drink them as the ice melts.
> freezing syrups
> freezing
> syrups

choose one...
50/50 syrup has way too much sugar to freeze properly ...
>Mr. Pool Party BBQ

I think one day, when you aren't sooooo hip that it's painful for you to imagine a world in which image and other people opinions don't matter - perhaps one day when you are married with kids.... perhaps one day you will finally kick back and enjoy a little sugar.

You do realize that human beings have been enjoying sugar for much longer than they have been fermenting things right?
>Deserts and snoballs aren't cocktails or drinks, they're just sweets and slushies is all.

I was just pointing out why i won't have a ton left in the back of my fridge when my mom comes to visit is all... [as an anon had suggested] syrups are versatile and our family gatherings and neighborhood social functions go through gallons of syrup every summer.

I'm just looking for opinions. It would seem that useless people like yourself don't have one to give because you have very narrow horizons defined and constrained by a hipster man culture that you subscribe to. have fun with that.
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Really good in most anything gin based or citrus flavored
Some of the longest lasting tribes in Africa and South America have been fermenting spit apparently. But then again, maybe you're right you know? Only those powers with the ability to record their histories and keep that history also had the resources to enjoy something like sugar as a trade item, long after those who knew how to harvest sugar had began using it for whatever reasons they found and transporting it, thus finding it's value. Sugar also preserves, and heals, you know? It's a naturally occurring substance. So I guess what tribes eat and drink, and what sugars their bodies produces, allows for fermenting. It has a lot to do with molecular chemistry and biology or something. Whichever way you look at it, I'm not against using syrup, don't get me wrong. But there are thousands perhaps more cocktail recipes and not a single one I've ever read has asked for syrup. Sugar syrup, yes. Habanero Lime? FUCK that. OP won't get any recipes.
I intend to.

>pic related
and that's all you get. You can make chocolates with an alcohol content. Substitute that syrup you have for a filling. :) goodluck anon
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Good thread mates

So you prefer Monin then?

step 1: open whiskey
step 2: pour into glass
step 3: drink whiskey

on busy days your can skip step 2

So what brand of whiskey flavored syrup is your favorite though...

I'm worried that people dont understand the OP.
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Thread images: 9

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