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>Calling any food a 'meme'

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>Calling any food a 'meme'
Well, technically it isn't wrong. Certain foods/flavors gained a bunch of popularity to the point where it could be considered a "meme". Remember how people would put bacon with fucking everything and bring it up at every chance they got? And then there's red velvet cake, I've seen red velvet cookies/milkshakes/all sorts of other non-cake foods with that "flavor". Then there's kale/funfetti cake mix/sriracha/chocolate with chili/who even fucking knows how many other things that have gained a bunch of sudden popularity and are brought up/used at every change the person gets.
There are stupid things that nobody sane would do with food.

When someone does it, and puts it on the internet, just for the sake of promoting idiocy and attention whoring, that qualifies as "memetic food".

For example, if some moron decided to put ketchup on fruit loops and claim it was amazing.

That is an example of something so stupid, nobody who is thinking clearly would ever waste time on.

That is "Meme food".
No, meme food is bacon etc as >>7209898 described
That's just regular cooking, going up and down in popularity.

It's like calling Cornbread a fad. OK, yes, we don't make as much as we used to. All cooking rises and falls in popularity like this.

Recipes have always sought out new mediums.
All that much is normal.

The asymptote, is when someone does something they would never actually enjoy eating, to get attention.

Now we're past normal "recipes" and into "meme food".
I don't think anyone is actually against the idea of mixing foods/flavors together to create something new, but to say that some of these things couldn't be considered a fad is straight up wrong. Let's use that funfetti cake mix as an example here. Not just any old regular pre-made cake mix, specifically funfetti. I've seen cheesecakes, milkshakes, cookies, cocktails, pancakes, donuts, twinkies, the list could go on and on consisting of things that use this specific cake mix. Is there anything wrong with this? Not at all. But cooking something using this cake mix has gained a lot of popularity out of nowhere and after an amount of time it'll die down and I'm fairly sure that's what a fad is.
You think shock-and-awe cooking is NEW to your generation?
Fuck you, you're quite wrong.

Back in the early golden days of the cookbook, the forefront of the industry, the Larousse Gastronomique, would tell wonder/horror stories of French recipes of Butter, Fried in Butter, Cooked in MORE Butter, and served to guests. Just like that.

Shit you not.

Then we have the 70s. When ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING was suspended in gelatin.
Care for some roast beef aspic?

Live longer. Get older.
This is nothing new to cooking.
When did I say this is a new thing to cooking? I'm just saying that fad/"meme" foods exist.
I think "Meme Foods" do exist, and have existed, too. But their class comes from culinary stunts designed to grab headlines and attention, not to actually be eaten.
Everyone in this thread should kill themselves for actually having a non-ironic opinion on this.

Or at least reassess your choices in life.
So you think there's something inherently bad about studying the history of cooking?

Or trying to predict its future?

... sure, ok. just eat your hamburger


what next, person who is smarter than all others?
You mis-use of the word 'meme' is not related to the history of cooking.

Get your head out of your ass and stop acting like what your talking about is important to anybody without aspergers.

Also I don't eat meat, using clique sentence structures and making assumptions will get you nowhere on an anonymous imageboard, this isn't reddit.
ah, i see now.
1. nobody goes anywhere on here, ever, welcome to hell
2. i honestly dont care that much, but it is a valid point that some foods are more or less popular because of the intrinsic qualities of the food itself, and some because its just in fashion. the second could technically be described as memetic, because its significance is cultural, not physical. either way,
3. youre a fag and an autist, like everybody here
4. see #3.
People don't know the difference between fad and meme.
I blame it more on a poor vocabulary, internet jargon and excessive acronyms are easily the worst things to happen to the english language.
am i wrong, faggot?
no ur a fagget and ur gay!!
Bacon has been basically ruined for me by how crazy it's meme status has become.

>bacon chap stick
>bacon chocolate
>bacon wrapped shit
>as long as it has bacon it's an instant win!
The only escape is for you to kill yourself.
ITT: No one here knows what memes are.
They're the dna of the soul.
Lets list meme foods from recent memory:

Pretzel buns
Pea shoots
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I enjoyed reading this thread while eating bacon on rye bread with Sriracha sauce.
Every kind of memespeak is a meme. It's for people to lazy or stupid to be able to form their own opinion so they resort to chanspeak.

Or it's shitposting; either way its fedora.
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>pumpkin spice latte/coffee
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>unironically using the M word irl

I just don't get foam. It's so pointless.
dude BACON lmao
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