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Several months ago I started a new position in a new city. It

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Several months ago I started a new position in a new city. It took some time to find a new coffee shop that sold high quality coffee and was in relative proximity to my place of employment.

Approximately 1 month ago, I found a good local coffee shop that fulfilled my rigorous standards. Unfortunately, we got off to a poor start relatively quickly.

At the previous cafe that I frequented, I established a comfortable tipping arrangement: I tipped a significant amount of money the week before Christmas, which fulfilled my annual tipping duty (i.e.: I did not have to tip daily).

At the new establishment, my tipping habits attracted attention and I was actually confronted about this. I informed the staff of my tipping habits, but they see did not seem to believe me and from then on treated me with a mixture of amusement and contempt. I offered the contacts of my previous coffee shop so that they could confirm my arrangement, but they laughed and said it was not necessary. I would never have put up with this treatment if it were not for the quality of coffee and proximity to my workplace.

Last week, no less than five staff members made reference to my, "great big tip" and how "excited they were". It was vexing, to say the least.

Today I stopped by for an espresso and told them that I would not be tipping this year, because I have only been a customer for one month and they would have to wait until next year. I believe this is completely reasonable, even if the behavior of the staff was not immature and condescending.

The reaction of the barista and staff manager was absurd and led to a very heated confrontation between myself, three staff members, and two nosy customers. I am considering a boycott of their establishment.

I cannot fathom how I was possibly in the wrong - what is your opinion on this matter?
You were completely in the right.

It's far more efficient for the tipper and tippee (excuse my phrasing) to exchange a single tip once during the year, rather than exchange a tip every single time you patronize the establishment.
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Gonna assume this is bait and move on.
Hey Irish Stew Guy! Welcome back.
> reading is hard
fuck off milennial
this kind of autism is something i want to believe is real. please be real. i wish there could be a reality tv show about irish stew guy.
You need to assert your dominance by raping the most attractive barista.
>tipping at all
I'm not an elitist about coffee. Going to a cafe serves a purpose... you can grab a coffee that will do the job on the go, and there's nothing wrong with that. But...

It's so ridiculously easy and inexpensive, if you spread the cost of whatever machinery you buy over its lifetime and especially if you drink a lot of coffee, to make your own world class coffee.

If you really appreciate high quality coffee and tipping makes you sperg out this hard... maybe you should learn to make your own. It will be better coffee anyway, and you'll never have to tip another ungrateful teenager/loser with a made up job title ever again.
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>Ctrl+F "Irish Stew"
>3 matches
I hope this is a troll. If this story is true then you should probably keep these cringe stories to yourself. At the very least you should kill yourself because lets be honest most people deserve to die anyways.
Hello again, severly autistic guy that post stories on /ck/ from time to time, oh how I missed you
perfect 5/7 thread m8
Why is it socially mandated to tip?

It's not the fucking customer's responsibility to make up for your employer being a cheap ass and not paying you an appropriate wage.

I never tip pizza delivery guys and they always give me "that look".

But I actually know they're just mad to have picked up such a shitty job where they are voluntarily ripped off by their employer.

Pic is somewhat related - it's what tip slaves literally expect of a paying customer.
These threads are why I still come to /ck/.
I stopped going to ck for a few months... kind of got lame and repetitive recently

newfags will never know about PHS Guy
irish stew guy! You're back

>so comfy for old maymays
>now I unironically enjoy watching your get bites
>Work hours a day doing back breaking labor or just dealing with cleaning the fermented fish innards out of the fish gutting machine in cramped spaces
>Get minimum wage and barely survive but there's nothing to be done so you work even when your disks are slipping

>Make some coffee for all of five minutes
>Cry when you don't get 19.99 an hour plus tip
Thread posts: 19
Thread images: 5

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