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Christmas Menu Thread

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I'm thinking about doing a char siu glaze on my ham this year, but I'm having trouble coming up with good sides to serve with it. What do you guys think? I'm thinking something Chinese or Hawaiian maybe?

Anyway, what are you co/ck/s cooking this year for Christmas?
Making prime rib and using going to do my best to keep as much jus as possible.
you might make some stuffing and mashed potatoes are always good maybe some green beans black eyed peas and such.
I always get some beef bones and roast them and make some stock with them in addition to the pan drippings from the roast to make sure I have plenty of jus.
I once roasted a ham with homemade pineapple sweet-and-sour sauce and served it with large bowls of

• stew-fried carrot and burdock root
>I don't know what else to call this cooking technique in English beside stew-fried or stewté
• egg casserole
> I don't know what to call this in English; it's basically a savoury flan
• quick stir fry of shishito and pearl onions
• shiitake-and-black-fungus-and-tofu-stuffed crystal dumplings
• garlic fried rice
>garlic fried rice

Need a good recipe like right nao.

Fucking love garlic and I'm always looking for excuses to eat more of it.
Really? Okay...

Per serving:
Garlic, minced, 1-2 cloves, I guess
Oil, 1tbsp, I guess
Rice, cooked-and-cooled the day before, 1 cup or so, I guess
Water, if/as necessary
Salt, to taste

Add garlic and oil to the pan and set to high heat.
When fragrant, add rice and stir-fry to heat through, adding a little water, if necessary, to rehydrate the no-doubt slightly dried out rice.
When warmed through, off the heat and salt to taste, then plate up.

That's all there is to it.
If you want, you can add fresh ground pepper and chopped scallion greens to it, too, I guess.
I was waiting for your reply.

Gonna go with 2 cloves per cup of rice. Changing water for chicken stock. And I'm adding a soft boiled egg on top.

Making it tomorrow.

Thanks a lot bro for taking the time.
I grew up eating it for breakfast or lunch with eggs and cured meat (typically pork, such as ham, bacon, sausages/hot dogs, Spam etc).
Usually, the egg is fried or poached, but boiled isn't unheard of. If I do hard boiled, I like it with cucumbers and chili-and-prawn paste, as well.
Me and the sisters are doing our new tradition of splitting the meal into three parts so Mom can finally relax and enjoy herself. For some reason I always end up with the meat and a starchy side, older sister does some sort of bread, a salad and dessert and middle sister does whatever she wants and fills in the gaps.

I got a smoker this year and haven't used it as much as I would have like, it's been a very wet fall/winter, but I think I'm going to try to smoke a duck. I'm also going to have a ham because I'm probably going to fuck up the duck.

I keep reading that apple wood is best for duck, but the only two places in my area that sell it are both an hour drive there and price for a 10 lbs of chips is around $45 and for whole logs is ~$30ish. I have neither the time or inclination for that, plus fuck spending that much on wood. I have pecan for days, but apparently it isn't the best choice. Anyone got any advice?
Check grocery stores and hardware stores. You'd be surprised that many sell wood chips for smoking nowadays.

Alternately, smoking it with chamomile is also a good idea. Doesn't taste quite the same, but it's just a good choice for duck.
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why the fuck has this thread got so few replies? we gotta start buying our produce soonf aggots
Fuck you. Stop being a lazy fuck and come up with your own god damn ideas.
This thread makes me nostalgic for garlic bacon fried rice on Christmas morning
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Making pic related for the first time on Christmas. I'm scared /ck/, how should I do it?
Stuffed with peeled green apples and glazed with sweet mustard.
As sides, cook up some butter-sautéed beetroot, sauerkraut stir-fried with onions in bacon fat, eggy peas (ask for a recipe, if interested), some good bread and "stovetopped" potatoes (not sure how to translate the word to English).
I'd usually accompany ham with some nice green pea mash, like so:

- peel some potatoes (about 2 small ones per serving) and cook them in water with a fair bit of salt.
- get fresh or frozen green peas, about the same amount as potatoes. Put those in a steamer and cook very slightly, really just heat them up and get them to loosen. Do not lose the color!

- drain the potatoes and peas (both should be still hot) and put them in a blender with butter and cream - I use whipping cream for best flavor, salt and pepper to taste

- puree the shit out of the ingredients to make a smooth and glossy and a bit runny puree

- serve immediately (could be reheated but is not as good obv).
I'm not cooking, but:

Cabbage Rolls
Mash Potatoes
Apple Pie
Cherry or Pumpkin Pie
>tfw probably last christmas at my mom's parent's.
>i didn't read the OP, but let me give you my 2¢ anyway
doing prime rib, french onion soup (i like to dip the pieces in it), herby red potatoes, mulled wine, maybe some carrots in cardamom, ginger, garlic, brown sugar, and cumin
I did read the OP, and regarded the suggestion for something Chinese or Hawaiian as shit. So I instead tried to offer my christmas classic, which goes perfectly well with ham.
>defending the fact that you're an unhelpful prick
This is why no one likes you, you pigheaded fuck.
good good, let the /b/ flow through you
> smoking it with chamomile is also a good idea

I'm gonna need some evidence to back that up.
There are several different foods smoked with chamomile there, including a few mentions of chamomile smoked duck.
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Thread images: 3

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