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I only just starting drinking seltzer. I can't believe how good this stuff is, and it doesn't make me feel slightly ill or on-edge like some diet sodas do.

What are your favorite brands and flavors? I really love Polar, especially their raspberry-lime and champagne strawberry. I had some great watermelon-cucumber from Arrowhead. I'm interested in trying coconut from whichever brand, I've seen it from La Croix but I'd want to try out a single bottle/can before committing to a whole 6 pack.
Just don't replace water with it.
It will eventually erode your teeth and fuck with your stomach.
I'm only replacing my usual sodas with it, but I appreciate the warning.

Does anyone make their own flavored seltzers at home? I always wonder at how they distill the flavors from the sugars and other nutrients.
Have Polar Orange Vanilla right here. Top Tier.

the fuck you on about? It will not, this is unsweetened.

OP I buy plain club soda and add a dash of grapefruit, OJ, lemon or lime to to the glass, it's really great. Flavored seltzer water is also great, I'm partial to orange and raspberry lime
The carbonation does it, retard.
It's my newest vice. I also replaced soda with it, and I feel much better as a whole.

Polar is cheapest, then off brand seltzer if I can find it. La Croix is fucking stupid expensive, but I got that coconut one when they went on sale. It was great.

My stores only carry basic flavors... I'd kill for any flavor in your picture OP
the coconut is really good. it's like a light coconut soda, tastes a little creamy even.
I'm visiting relatives out-of-state for the holidays and there's just one specific store (Weis) that sells these Polar varieties. The variety is much less impressive back home.

>every store-brand seltzer flavor looks amazing
>check the ingredients
>all of them use sweeteners
Absolutely disgusting.
>8 oz glass
>half inch of chocolate syrup (Fox's U-Bet or go home)
>whole milk
>inch of seltzer
>use spoon to mix until frothy

Congradulatiins, you just made an egg creme.

Have a bagel or lox with it for maximum Jew mode
>fudge cheesecake flavored seltzer water
holy shit!
Tragically, I don't think they have that flavor this year.


I hope they bring back some of the older ones next year. Blackberry Bergamot and Toasted Coconut Creme seem dreamy.

carbonation does not rot your teeth, for the record

>can you tie your own shoes
Black cherry
This shit looks so good.
The Cranberry Clemintine is delicious. It is my favorite seltzer ever!!!

I feel hopeful about the taste of the Mango Papaya but, I've never seen it.
I'd also try Blackberry Apple and Tarte Cherry Lime. My experience from similar Polar flavors leads me to expect those would be under par.
I thought this stuff stopped being made. I haven't seen it in a long time.
I've only seen them in candy/soda stores.
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Recently got a soda stream, hopefully saving money in the long run. Too much cans...
I love to add fruit teas into it, makes for some really good drinks. I haven't had soda in years....
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I've carefully picked through the "water soda beverages" to find real favored unsweetened seltzer at my local Publixs. Most other places don't have a store brand seltzer, but Aldi does lately.

>mfw I have no seltzer for tonight
Polar has a seasonal Cranberry and Clementine flavor out right now that's pretty good.
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