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Does anyone has that recipe that anon made with ground chicken to make a sort of loaf for slicing?
Fuck you Erdoğan you Islamist bastard. You get nothing.
You mean like a chicken meatloaf? If only there was a way for you to search the internet for this
>sort of

He used a very specific procedure which he detailed and pictured.
No, OP's talking about https://warosu.org/ck/thread/6222125#p6243900
Or, at least, I think so.

Have I got that right, OP?
That's preciselly it !!

Thank you based anon, may the odds be ever in your favor!
That was my dish, by the way. Sadly, I don't remember what exact herbs and spices I used and exactly in what quantities, sorry. However! It's basically baharat (IE Turkish/Levantine/Arabian Gulf "curry" powder) but without mint, so if you find a recipe for baharat, that would probably work nicely for you.
Good luck!

I'm gonna be making either fish tofu or fishballs over the weekend with some nice fresh pilchards I bought today, if you're interested in seeing that. It's basically the same process.
Otherwise, I'll leave you to make yourself some donair meat.
I can figure out the quantities np m8

And yes, I guess we would all be more than happy if you keep sharing your recipes.

Thanks again bro. Really appreciate it.
I remember seeing it, but didn't save it.
Welcome again. And thanks for the vote of support!
Though I'm confident in my cooking abilities, I worry that what I cook looks bad because I'm terrible at plating and it therefore never looks as good in pictures as it tastes in real life which is why I seldom post new OC these days. That, and when I do post stuff, it tends to go ignored amidst all the threads about "what's the best X?," "what did X mean by Y?," "what is the worst X and why is it Y?." fast food threads and general troll threads.
that recipe and outcome looks awesome. I think I'll have to try this with minced pork instead of chicken

baharat means fucking "spice" in turkish you mong
OP here. I don't care about the looks or plating unless someone is clearly making a dumb mistake or asking about his plating skills.

This thread is proof that when a recipe is cleverly thought and you make the effort of documenting it, it is appreciated by the people that actually cooks, because we understand the process, why you add something or used a certain method of cooking.

So in my humble opinion, if you feel like you could share something that could be interesting for at least a couple of anons here, don't doubt.

let's be specific shall we

Bahārāt is the Arabic word for 'spices', the plural form of bahar
>implying i speak turkish
In Sandspeak, it literally means "spices" but mostly refers to a blend of spices that varies region to region, kind of like the term 'garam masal' in India and Pakistan.
Where my filthy A-rab grandmother's from, the local variant of baharat's got peppercorn, caraway, cayenne, cinnamon, cloves, marjoram, mint, nutmeg, paprika, rose and thyme. I omit the mint.

Well thanks. I wish I knew yesterday. I bought and prepared my first cuttlefish for myself and a friend. I got ink all over the place as I was trying to remove the eyes and cuttlebone, as I'd seen my mother do a million times before. I guess I missed the part where she removes the ink sack.
I made a simple stew of cuttlefish with potatoes and peas and we ate that with mixed-veg paella (fresh/green broadbeans, tomatoes, red bell peppers, Aloreña olives and shallots) and salad.

I thought it was fun to try doing something different as I'd never seen fresh cuttlefish for sale here before and my friend and I both like seafood.
Thread posts: 15
Thread images: 1

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