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what are you planning for your christmas dinner? I still have

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what are you planning for your christmas dinner? I still have no idea what I'm going to do
We will have 20 here. For our main meal We are making beef ribs and briskets, shrimp, baked potatoes with all fixins, Mac/cheese, pinto beans, salad, pies, cakes, and Booze.

Plenty of appetizers, and munch type foods to grub while we are making everything too.
Just plain pinto beans?
Nothing special because I don't have imaginary friends
Yes, they will be seasoned of course. It's a side. We all like a nice pot of beans to go with our meat.
Grilled redfish on the half shell and other delicious things.
Usual. Roast turkey with balls of stuffing, roast taters, roast parsnips, sprouts with bacon, minted peas, carrots boiled in their own juices, green beans, gravy with a little bisto in it, cava to go with it, no dessert.
do carrots really produce enough juice to boil themselves?

don't tip your fedora into your hungry man dinner you lonely faggot
We do too. Usually make a huge pot of red beans
You put butter and salt and pepper on them and put the lid on and don't touch it for 30 minutes and put it on low and you get beautifully cooked carrots without the flavour washed away by excess water.
I'll be baking cinnamon rolls and croissants early that morning, plus a loaf of bread to serve with dinner - leaning towards challah at this point since it's pretty.

For dinner I don't have to feed very many people this year, all I have planned so far is to roast a duck, probably with orange sauce. I need at least one vegetarian-friendly main though, I was thinking about doing a spinach pie in puff pastry with walnuts in it.

For sides, I've done pretty much every possible variation on potatoes, carrots, green beans, and broccoli so many times that they're not really interesting before. Am considering kinpira gobo instead, and will probably pick my second vegetable side based on whatever vegetable/fruit the groceries near me decide to put on sale.
We're traveling for Christmas, but we'll do Christmas eve with my wife's brother and sister. We're doing ham, twice-baked potatoes, some kind of veggie, and pie.
Prime rib, since I make it every year. Haven't decided on the sides yet, either mashed potatoes or maybe I'll roast some small red potatoes, probably some green beans or brussels sprouts as well. I'll have to see what looks good at the store when I go next week and I'll decide then.
Full Danish
Roast pork w. cracklings, Roast duck and Medister with caramelized potatoes, white potatoes, gravy and a ton of pickled goods.
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ordering chinese takeout and watching die hard with my roomie because christmas is garbage

we were both kicked out of our family homes so were especially bitter this time of year
I posted this in the other Christmas dinner thread too but...we're thinking about getting a cajun turkey from Popeye's. Anybody ever had one?
Scratch made lasagna

Not even Italian. Just don't eat to cook turkey, and not a fan of ham.
No idea what that is.

If it's the murrican name of the shitty puffed potato chips, they suck, not enough crunch, but it was the first pic with a full danish that came up.
They are indeed what you say. And it surprised me that they would be on that plate. K thx bai
Only 6 to feed this year. So I think I will make duck legs with a port and dried figs sauce. Probably some brie and cranberries bites for apps.

No clue what I want for sides however.
>hungry man
Lol no,
You can get 3 banquet dinners for less money and you get more variety.
Keep trying though, plebian.

why not make it yourself?
Nobody wants to cook. We had a big thanksgiving get together and made a shit load of food, a lot from scratch. Basically we're being lazy.
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I wanted to try one of those weird vegan logs but I can't find them anywhere.
Pulled Pork Meat Pies, Linguica and Mushroom stuffing, biscuits with some cheese baked into it, some Ervhilhas Guisadas and Peanut Butter Pie for dessert

[spoiler] me and my family are Portuguese and fat as fuck just in case you couldn't tell [spoiler]
Only making dessert this year. All on one plate:
Roast caramelised pineapple
Salted caramel icecream
Vanilla icecream
Pineapple sorbet
Lime whipped cream
Salted caramel sauce
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Sorry for blogshit but this rustled me

>talking with a pair of co-workers before leaving for the night
>they're telling me about a relative's Christmas dinner they have to go to
>they think it sounds gross and read off a text the host sent of the food being made
>pumpkin-black bean chili, lion's head meatballs, baked zucchini, enchilada casserole, 7-layer salad, some fancy sounding chocolate dessert
>"Geez, this sounds like the kind of dinner you'd need to eat before going to."
>"Ew, pumpkin and beans? I don't know what enchiladas are either."
>"Why aren't they making turkey or ham? Where's the mashed potatoes? This isn't Christmasy."
>"I'm going to bring fries and chicken nuggets for my 2 year old but I think I'm going to have to eat them too!"

I told them to at least try the chili and eat the enchiladas. They're nice people but holy shit they need to eat more food than tendies and mashed potatoes.
I'm making a roast but I don't know what cut of beef to get.

What's best for a simple, flavorful roast?
I'm going to be alone on Christmas Day while I'm in Berlin. What should I do to enjoy myself?
International edition:
Mustard-glazed ham
Ribs with apples and prunes
Potato gratin with sprats
Pickled herring (at least 10 kinds)
Cold-smoked salmon
Cured salmon (at least 2 kinds)
Potatoes (plain boiled
Figs boiled in mulled wine served with slightly sweetened saffron cream

Guess my country maybe?
Whack it
We will be having about 13 people in total for lunch.

Homemade pork and duck terrine
homemade duck liver pate
selection of dips from the deli
pickles/olives etc
Various salamis/cure meats etc

Main meal:
4kg leg ham, glazed, roasted all that shit
2kg boned and rolled lamb shoulder, garlic, rosemary roasted, gravy
beer battered shark, i caught a big one the other day specifically for xmas, guests always go crazy for it, secret is deep frying in beef tallow
roast potatoes in duck fat
russian salad
waldorf saldad
vegetable fritata
roast brussel sprouts with speck
Honey carrots
garden salad

Asked guests to bring desserts, ive never been one to prepare desserts, doesnt interest me

Champagne, prosseco, riesling, rose', pinot, granache, sangiovese, cabernet, beers (IPA and pilsner), sherry and port and my home bar is well stocked for pretty much any cocktail imaginable, plenty of limes/lemons/grapefruit/fresh juice/coridals etc for mixing.

probably crack the humidor late in the day for an aged cuban and XO cognac with my favourite brother in law when the shit cunts leave
Roast potatoes in duck fat sounds gr8, but I've never had shark that tasted good. What kind is it?
Plan is to drink an excessive amount of Gin and read Terry Pratchett novels until I fall asleep.
Potatoes in duck fat or goose fat, pick one and never look back!
Bronze whaler shark, i rate it as better than gummy shark, but im an ausfag, i have fed it to literally dozens of guests deep fried, pan fried, pangko crumbed, fish pie, fish curry you name it, never told them what it was until after the meal and all couldnt beleieve how good it was.
You really need to catch it yourself to ensure it is bled and butchered correctly, the blood is full of ammonia and can taint the meat, never would buy it.
Well it's gonna be 70 degrees, so we decided to BBQ.
Not sure. Daughter, wife and I are going to visit my mother for Christmas and mum tells me to get out of her kitchen even though I love cooking.

Maybe a big roast of pork and a nut roast for my daughter as she's a fucking contrary vegetarian. I love Christmas dinner.
I never eat more in one day than I do at Christmas.

Anyway it will have loads of roast potatoes, sprouts, sage and onion stuffing balls, shitloads of meat and nut roast, gravy, small sausages wrapped in bacon, roast parsnips with honey, cabbage, and whatever else.

It makes me laugh when I do all the cooking for my family, but when it's Christmas, then I can't get fucking near the kitchen.
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>Daughter, wife and I are going to visit my mother for Christmas
anon surrounded by 3 bitches, very merry christmas to you!
>selection of dips from the deli

What kind of dips?
We are going to visit my wife's boyfriend's mother and I'm in charge of bringing the main and side dish. Any ideas? I need to make a good impression
I plan to eat my mum's food.

We have the same dinner every year

>Mash potatoes
>Roast potatoes
>Yorkshire puddings
>Roast carrots
>Cocktail sausages
>Steamed Broccoli
>Brussel sprouts
Unless it's Hogfather, you're doing it wrong.
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>my wife's boyfriend's mother and I'm in charge of bringing the main and side dish

this a typo right? right? I dont like to use the word cuck
Zaxby's Chicken finger tray
Veggie Tray
Cheese Ball w/ crackers
Little Debbie Christmas Tree Brownies in a decorative dish
Buying a duck

Making duck meat

With bones making duck soup

Duck will be had
/ck/ is so incredibly easily trolled. You always fall for this shit
4chan in general is totally obsessed with sex fantasies related to sexual inadequacy

I wonder why that would be
>no dessert
My mum usually works Christmas, so my brother and I get Chinese food with her on her break.

Our actual "Christmas dinner" is usually like the 30th
>beer battered shark, i caught a big one the other day specifically for xmas, guests always go crazy for it, secret is deep frying in beef tallow
Yuck. Shark is awful eatin' and everyone knows this because of urea content, and some of the worst mercury levels of any seafood. There's a reason it's buried and hung for ages in iceland to make it palatable. It's disgusting. Enjoy your pee and consuming 1-2 decades of mercury levels in one sitting. Next time catch and release.

so steamed in butter, not boiled in carrot juice
>We're going ham>>7182235
how about you blame your family instead of the holidy?
Duck, pork roast, medister sausage, browned and white potatoes, Kale and brown sauce, red cabbage and dates wrapped in bacon.

how the fuck do people not know what enchiladas are? are they cloistered away in some white bread haven or something?
>We are going to visit my wife's boyfriend's mother and I'm in charge of bringing the main and side dish. Any ideas? I need to make a good impression
If bringing a main, buy a city ham, doctor up with scoring and mustard and cloves and brown sugar, put into a roaster, bake, and reheat the gravy there. It transports well cooked, and really can go for hours, so not the same chill-down need of say a roast beef, pork or turkey roast.
Throw another casserole in the oven for your side, maybe some steam-in-bag veggies like brussel sprouts or green beans. A glass pie plate will let you arrange some various slices of squash, onions, cream and other goodness, and reheats well about 15 minutes.
All white people should be put in re-education camps and force-fed ceviche, natto, balut, an extensive selection of non-iceberg lettuce vegetables, fish head soup, chicken feet, and raw kitfo until they accept that they are the inferior race with inferior food, and pledge unwavering allegiance to Pol Pot, Mumia Abu-Jamal, and Toshiro Mifune simultaneously.
Prime rib.
I get a rump roast, which is a good mix of fat and flavor and finishes lean, and usually doesn't need trussing (though you can. Biggest I can find, and stud it with slivers of garlic shoved down in little knife incisions all over. Rub with salt/pepper olive oil, brown on high heat both sides, oven uncovered in a dark roaster like a granite ware roaster. Add coffee to drippings so they don't burn, cover and reduce to 350 until desired temperature (well-done works for this cut very juicy and nice).

Top priciest choices is a whole beef loin , or rib-eye roast, but both are best for rare eaters only. Chuck is ridiculously flavorful and inexpensive, but needs trussing to stay together, and event hen can fall apart and more suited for chunking or casual fare. A whole brisket with fat cap (gotta ask the butcher) is awesome but needs really dedicated long hours of cooking before fall apart status. Stay away from eye of round, tough (more suitable for slicing and pounding into medallions).
Tofurky with vegan gravy.
I'm a Brit, and this is seen as average I guess:

Turkey crown (there's only 4 of us)
roast potatoes
pigs in blankets
brussell sprouts
red cabbage
honey glazed parsnips
gravy (uk type, meat based, not US sauce type)
Yorkshire puddings
Fresh baked dinner rolls and butter
White wine, bitter ale, soft drinks,
Christmas pudding with brandy sauce
Chocolate-orange sponge pudding with ice cream (alternate to above)
Sounds perfect to me mate. No peas though?
(oh, and pork stuffing)
rump roast it is then, thanks anon
We go for coffee after and have mince pies for tea.
Woweee you are a massive faggot
Nothing special.
Christmas eve I am having some fish, rice and veggies with some dessert. Christmas day I go to my parents who will be gone all fucking day at their church doing random shit so no christmas diner. The the 2nd day of christmas we are going to some Chinese buffet place. Last year I fucking made soup and all they said was "sorry Anon but we can't stay and eat because we have church to go to!" and it isn't even for a service, it's to hand out candles and shit.
Prime rib
Broiled red snapper, ratatouille, & chicken soup & bread. Maybe some varies cheeses.

For desert, strawberry/rhubarb pie with vanilla ice cream.
I'm living alone so I don't really know.

I already got a lamb roast with apricot and herb stuffing inside.

I have a wide variety of cheeses(lots of blue) and biscuits for the very end, maybe getting a pie or a cake as dessert?

Dunno what my carb/side dish should be.

pizza seems low brow, noodles or mexican shit is out of place, I don't really like potato based shit.

Maybe some of those polish dumplings?
I'm feeding 11 adults and 3 children, this is what I have but I don't know, I'd appreciate some thoughts

Cajun turkey
Christmas pudding
Pear, green apple, Romaine lettuce and olives
Baked potatoes or roast potatoes
Steamed baby carrots with nuts and butter
Steamed broccoli with peas and carrots
Ratatouille (maybe)
A friend's special pasta
Something with mushrooms but I don't know what

We never have a real Christmas dinner in my family so I'm not too sure about my plans
File: honey baked ham.jpg (50KB, 427x274px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
honey baked ham.jpg
50KB, 427x274px
Dinner for four here:

Honey baked ham
Scalloped potatoes au gratin
Green beans
Sweet potatoes
Dinner rolls
Fruit salad
Rice pudding
Chocolate pie
>an extensive selection of non-iceberg lettuce vegetables
>fish head soup
>chicken feet
>Toshiro Mifune

But Anon, I'm white and like all those things.
That ham is arousing me
what kind of mushrooms do you have or can get?
What kind of nuts with the carrots? Will the kids mind? Ive found they can be picky with nuts, or worse, fucking allergies, but generally kids "love my nuts"

Just saute off the mushrooms with garlic, butter, chopped parlsey and a splash of sherry, i do this with whole fresh buttons as a side

I was thinking of Portobello mushrooms


Fortunately, no one in my family has any food allergies.
The kids might not like them but they seem to like everything I've cooked for them so it's probably not a problem.
there's definitely some better ones out them. im not sure if you're just going to a super market but try to get some nice shiitakes or oyster mushrooms if you can, piopinos too. you could make some sweet risotto with it, or even scratch the broccoli and make em with green beans peas and carrots and make that into a casserole with some cheez
Not a bad idea, you could use a few different types of mushrooms in a caserole, porcini and fresh shitake would add a strong meaty flavour

try shallow frying enoki mushroom until they become crispy little straws, god tier garnish
I think just frying or steaming portobellos/buttons/other low tier shroomies would just end up not getting eaten whereas if you cooked some nice ones up together you could make a hit dish! people would beam and mouths full of food with big smiles and look over at you and say, "".
How do I make tamales more appealing and different from the red and cheese ones?
Should I even try different shit or go traditional?

you can try making Costa Rican tamales
milk meeeeeeee
You can make lontong isi, I guess? It's basically a rice (rather than maize) tamal stuffed with whatever. The name literally means "stuffed rice cake." Indonesian and Malaysian diaspora have discovered that banana leaves are difficult to come by in some parts of the world while ears of corn are found just about everywhere, so some have started to use fresh cornhusks for making lontong. Some prefer fresh husks, but many use dry ones, just like Mexican tamales.

My favourite is stuffed with a pulled beef brisket-like filling but one with a chicken-and-mushroom filling is also good.
Nobody likes em
Quick question senpai, is turducken a meme?
Maybe. What constitutes a meme?

As an aside: If the way I've heard of them being prepared, with a layer of what amounts to Lincolnshire sausage out of its casing between each sort of bird, it'd be wholly delicious and worthy of praise. Also, I've never had one, but I still can't wrap my head around how they debone whole birds. I'm assuming they leave off the wings and drums and debone just the breast and thighs. I can and have done that, but I've never successfully deboned wings or drums. Just doesn't seem possible.
I found a restaurant serving goose for xmas. Then I'm going to try not watching Star Wars.
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