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How to avoid bad food at restaraunts

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today I had an especially disappointing meal at a restaurant. This has inspired me to create this thread on how to avoid bad food at restaurants
> know when things are in season. If it is mid winter and there is corn on the menu. it will not be fresh or it will be absurdly priced.

> learn when the purveyor delivers.

> if at fast food restaurant ask for fries with no salt so they make a batch just for you.
> unless you really like well doen steak avoid ordering it. There is a good chance you will just get freezer burned old hunk of meat the chef is dying to get rid of.
Better advice: don't eat in shit restaurants

Good chefs take pride in their work
be aware that the restaurant is a business and they try to minimize loss. sometimes they will use left overs and incorporate them into other dishes to save money. Soup is notorious for being made with border line rotten foods. the soup is seasoned heavily but, it will still be obvious the skimped on the ingredients.

you cant make silk out of sow`s ear.
that is impractical advice.
Maybe shitteir places.

First restaurant I ever worked at the chef made some badass stews. Chili was great, vegetarian was amazing, wonderful lobster bisque. He once made the best damn soup I ever had with goat meat. It was amazing. So when people asked what was great I recommended that soup and almost every time they thought I was just shilling bad meat. But damn it's not like goat meat was in our menu in any other way for us to me just shitting out bad goat meat. We got it fresh just for that stew from some guy that had a goat farm. It was legit fresh and good.

Still I'd go home with a gallon of some great goat stew at the end of the day. They threw out of gave it away to workers any left over soups.

And yet people loved our salads and they were basic pre-mixed greens with some tomatoes and cucumbers prepped by the waitstaff and then the chefs would just throw on the meat.

Is the best advice. Sure some places shit out whatever but most do try their best. They usually aren't in this to fuck you over. If they've been around for a while you gotta figure they've learned how much food to order so they aren't stuck with left overs or bullshit and they know how to handle seasonal foods.

One thing I will say is leave the menu alone and you'll get better meal. Only make substitutions for allergy reasons. They add that dressing with that particular salad, that type of pasta best goes with that sauce, they made that particular sandwich that way because it goes best with that bread. The chefs and managers figured how to best get this flavor across when they designed their menu and you probably don't know better than you them on it. And you gotta trust a waiter too. If they know a certain meat is best enjoyed med rare try it, give them the benefit, they know the food better or should if it's a decent place. They aren't just suggesting bullshit at you. If you enjoy what they suggested you might tip better or just be happier and easier to deal with.
You underestimate the mediocrity of the average chef, who is himself attuned to the mediocrity of the average person.
Then don't eat at mediocre places.
Being a poorfag must be horrible to be so deluded that everybody is as shit as you.
You've got to dress up to go to higher end.
>learn when the purveyor delivers.
Even more important learn which purveyors they use. If it's SYSCO or US Foods you can be pretty sure the restaurant is shit. Because if the chef isn't even bothering to use good purveyors he probably isn't bothering about much else in the kitchen.
The best method of determining whether or not a restaurant has good food is to talk to the chef personally and ask them whether or not they've practiced their seasonings on egg quarters.
you are killing me.
Thread posts: 11
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