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Hey /ck/, I'm going to california soon, first trip to the

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Hey /ck/, I'm going to california soon, first trip to the US ever. What are some must-have foods? I'm open for pretty much anything.
in n out
>clam chowder sourdough bread bowl in SF
>lengua, chorizo, adobada/al pastor tacos from a taqueria

if you not France and 21+ then
>Napa wineries

so in summary just get drunk on wine and eat mexican food dude
Eat a lot of Mexican food.
What are you, stupid OP? Don't fucking say you're going somewhere and not tell us exactly where at that somewhere it is.
Californian food varies every couple of fucking miles. Hell, you could have a taco stand on one side of the road and a fucking vegan russian-north korean fusion food truck who only sells food every third eclipse during the months of March and September.

Where the fuck in Cali you going? Dumb ass.
Mexican food. Al pastor is the http://www.bomb.com/. Make sure you don't go to some white-people "Mexican" food place. If they have radishes and assorted pickled shit, and everybody has an accent, then you've come to the right place. also, if the name is something like "GONZALO'S TACOS AL VAPOR #4".
Holy shit I'm so fucking sorry I had no damn idea.

San Diego/Los Angeles.

What is there other than tacos?

Southern California is infamous for whitewashed-surfer style mexican food. Fish Tacos and burritos with french fries in them. Avoid please.

Try Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles in LA area. Long Beach and Hollywood are the best locations.
Carne. Asada. Fries. Nigga.
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>avoid ca burritos
>go to roscoe's

don't listen to this goy

Northern oc and parts of la have huge asian populations, particularly la korean and vietnamese in westminster, lots of good offerings in that arena.

Even it's a cliche try some fish tacos, burritos with fries, and also something authentic like el tepeyac in LA. (taqueria zamora in santa ana is great also)

In SD you should definitely check out some of the breweries and Phil's BBQ is a super good so cal bbq joint.

LA like any metropolis has a diversity of options , Canter's Deli is a classic if you are feeling kosher.
Get some baba ghanoush and rotisserie chicken.
Stop by a California Wal-Mart and pick up a few jars of The Best BBQ Sauce You'll Ever Taste

San Diego -

Mexican Food:
Tacos El Gordo
Los Panchos

Sushi Ota

Lucky Liu's
Dumpling Inn
Chula Max

Manna BBQ
Convoy Tofu House
Friend's House
Min Sok Chon

(any god damn one, it's all just pho)

There's food trucks located all over town, maybe google search them, but they're always generally good. Check out the Gas Lamp quarter, that's where the night scene is downtown. You'll find north san diego is where all the asian food is, and south san diego is where all the mexican food is. East county has some hole in the wall places, that's basically the poor part of san diego where everyone who makes under $50k a year lives. On the coast you'll find La Jolla, expensive part of town but amazing restaurants. Also check out Little Italy if you want some legit Italian food.

>i like rice and potatoes in my tortilla
what a starch goblin

do you want some matzo in your soup, bubby
>le starch on starch on carbs on carbs meme
Thanks for the input anons.

Aw shit, I'll be staying with relatives and they said they live on the la jolla area, I was hoping it wouldn't be the fancy part of town since I'm a lamen erry day cuz college kind of guy.

You poor, poor son of a bitch.
This is the talk of a man who has not tasted the bliss of SoCal cuisine.


Brooo you gotta peep that Mexican food in San Diego. Get a California burrito.

SoCal nachos are really good once inawhile

Carne Asada fried are disgusting aberrations and should be discussed by no one
It's winter in San Diego, so don't forget your snow boots.
Fried Abalone is a Sacramento classic.

Think of all the good times Death Grips and Tom Hanks had while eating Sacramento Fried Abalone.

*Note: Fried Abalone not located in Sacramento should not be acknowledged as it is a Zionist facade used to determine the elite members of the species and ultimately commit patrician genocide in order to curb the possible upheaval of Jewish entrepreneurship.
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>this post
>these strange integers
>im from lodi

please no more
This nigger is retarded. Chow down on as much mexican food as you can. The stuff doesn't translate well overseas.
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