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Got some oc for you cu/ck/s. Today we finna cure some salmon.

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Got some oc for you cu/ck/s. Today we finna cure some salmon.

Pic related is the little guy. I got him for free, and theres no way I can eat a whole salmon before it goes off, and anyway, cured salmon is better than cooked salmon.

>no way i can eat a whole salmon

that fish is like 2-3 days of protein

just bone that shit and put him in the freezer
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Its use by date was today. And I thought this would be nice.

Anyway. I cut his little head off. It was at this point I realised most of my knives are at my gfs house since we recently moved, so I had to make do with some of my older, more shitty knives.
Is he GMO free
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Next I filleted it. As you can see, a little bit of damage on the bottom fillet. I thought it came out alright though considering its been a year since I last did this.
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No idea. Its just regular supermarket salmon. No fancy shit here.

This is the waste I had after filleting it. Reserved for stock or soup. My butchery and filleting skills arent very good because I dont often buy large pieces of meat.
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I thought I took a picture of the fillets after I trimmed the fat off and boned them. Apparently not. Seems like I took a picture of more of the trimmings and waste though. You can have that since I dont have anything else to go with this post.

This is all the off cuts that I had left over. Right now its just in the fridge. I dont know if I have a blender, but if I do, perhaps I'll make some salmon soup.
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Here's the curing mixture. This is the cheapest stuff I could buy. For two whole fillets i used around 1kg of sugar, 1kg of salt, although I didnt weigh it, so maybe thats completely wrong.
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So combine the salt and sugar. Then make a bed of the mixture and lay the salmon on top. I cut each fillet in half just to make it a bit easier to handle.

This piece is gravadlax. Except not really because I cheaped out and only bought dill, and didnt use anything else. But close enough.

There is no recipe.
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Once the dill is on there, the top is covered in the sugar/salt mix.

This gets wrapped tightly in cling film.
Looks good my man. wish i had salmon righr now
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On the other fillet I went for gin and raspberry.

I dont have a stick blender right now, and I couldnt be bothered to get out a jug blender just for one punnet of raspberries. So I put the raspberries in a jug, added 75ml of cheap gin and mashed that lot up with a whisk. Not as smooth as if I used a blender, but good enough.

Since Im all about the cost cutting, I wouldnt normally use raspberries, but they were also free so its fine.

You can peep the trimmed salmon in the background of this one.
should've used rose pepper
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I havent even heard of this

Same process as the dill version.

Bed of salt/sugar, piece of salmon on top and then add the raspberry/gin puree. This then gets topped with more salt and sugar and cling filmed.

Housemate came home around this point and started fucking up my ch'i so this was the last pic I took.

All 4 pieces are wrapped in cling film and laid out on a baking tray. Then place another baking tray on top of it. Use something to weight it down. This ensures that the water is pressed from the salmon so that it cures properly.

I think the tail ends will take about 3 days, and the thicker top section will take about 4 days. After that, the salt and sugar gets cleaned off, and the salmon is good to eat, and will store for quite a while.

If I search 'gravadlax' in Google this is the first link


Which says that different chefs use different ratios. Some use more sugar than salt. Some use more salt than sugar. Some use even quantities.

The second link:


suggests using equal quantities.

Although Im sure you have some objectivley correct method that you'd like to share?
You can't cure anything in a day.
No. Im not searching Swedish recipes. Clearly the two links I posted are in English.

Show me a recipe that says 1:3. If anything, recipes for Gravadlax say more sugar than salt.
Except my boner
You are literally talking shit at this point mate
I've never eaten cured salmon. This thread makes me want to give it a go.
Its pretty simple. You can do it with any size piece of salmon. It can be good to try it out on individual portions to see what flavours you do and dont like. Just adjust the curing time based on thickness.

Whole salmon is always cheap this time of year in the UK though. I paid £10 which is about $15, and since I can kind of fillet a whole salmon, its worth doing.
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Thread images: 10

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