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Canna cookies

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Hey ck,

I want an in depth recipe for cannabis cookies. I don't like a lot of the ones I've seen on line as they seem to be full of crap and shitty ingredients so I thought who better to ask than someone who makes it.

I wanted to make them for Christmas. I have access to premium marijuana (Canadian + ADD + Epilepsy = legal marijuana license) about 21% THC and up to 30 grams. I had smoked for about two years every day ranging from one joint to several a day. But due to college I will not have smoked for 5 weeks by Christmas.

I would like to keep the recipe to a small batch (1 dozen). I don't want any bullshit recipes with boxed recipes or sweeteners. Also instructions for preferred decarbing would be great. Specify the amount of weed in grams as well please.

You could just use any recipe you like, but substitute butter for that cannabutter stuff.

I might suggest gingersnaps. The spice might conceal the taste a little better, if that's a problem. I have no idea dude ayy lmao.
ITT: drug addicts
For 1 dozen cookies you should use like a half ounce of buds.

That way each cookie gets a little over a gram per cookie.

What you want to do is extract the THC from the buds with butter. And then just use the butter in any cookie recipe you have.

Just use the butter like you would with any normal butter.

This is how you infuse the butter:

Take a stick of butter, put it in a pan, add a cup of water and your 1/2 ounce.

Let it simmer for about 30 mins.

Strain out the buds and throw them away, all the good stuff is in the butter now.

Next you have to separate the water from the infused butter, so just set it in the fridge and wait. The butter floats and cools into a puck.

When its cold take your canna butter puck out and toss the water.

Use this clarified infused canna butter as butter in any food recipe.
try using coconut oil.

coconut oil is also good.

Any edible oil will act as a solvent for the essence of cannabis.
that stuff sounds terrible for you

Coconut oil is one of the most healthy food oils you can get.
It's like entirely saturated fat.

Its considered one of the good saturated fats. Sometimes in summer weather is like an oil but in winter temps it does solidify.

Its not like the fake man made saturated fats, those are the bad ones you should avoid.
Though I've heard that now you should decarbing it before making canna butter. Like baking the finely ground buds for a while.

Decarbing is the process of heating and that happens DURING making the butter.

When you simmer your are at about 211 / 212 f and you are at a good temp range for Decarboxylation
IMO coconut oil is the only way to go. It's nearly entirely fats (the healthy kind) and this is good because THC binds with fat.

You can do this in a crock pot even. Jar of coconut oil, water, bud. Let it cook in there for a good long while, up to 8 hours. Remove the ceramic pot, strain well, and place in the refrigerator overnight. The oil and water will separate, oil on top of the water. The oil will solidify. Remove solid chunk of what will now be very green colored oil, discard water.

This method allows you to make unfathomably potent oil. Use caution.
Do it with a mixture of oils and fats so as to collect more of the THC.
IE: half coconut, half butter
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OP, fucking make cookies and replace butter with cannabutter.


Or just grind it all up and throw it in some pre-made brownie box mix.
Replace 1/2 of your butter in a shortbread cookie recipe with cannabis butter. There you go, weed cookies.
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