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how do i get the cheese to have brown spots on it like it does

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how do i get the cheese to have brown spots on it like it does in delivery pizza when i make it homemade? also homemade pizza general
Use poop.
cook it
cook it hot, and longer than you have been. I bake mine for like 12-14 min at 450 and that does the trick.
Buy a Pizza stone.

Keep it in your oven.

Bake at really high temps like 450 never below 400 f

Let the oven preheat and the stone get hot.

Buy a wooden pizza peel, buy cornmeal.

Make your pizza dough and put it on the cornmealed peel. Then build the pizza.

Slide the pizza directly on the stone.

Bake till the cheese browns.
the most retarded question i've seen here
Franken Weber
This, and it's better if you use better mozzarella, the stuff that comes in a wet ball is great once it's browned. I feel like mozzerella isn't really activated until it's browned

Home pizza for cu/ck/ fags part 1

Special equipment needed: Pizza stone / steel, scale, oven with a top broiler

Pizza dough..................................

Bakers percentage for a normal crust pizza using bread flour, or AP flour:

Flour 100
Water 60
Salt 1.25
Sugar 1.5
Yeast .375

After kneading, let the dough rest for 1 hour at room temp, then divide into balls and refrigerate for fermentation for at least 24 hours before using. So if you want pizza on Sunday, make the dough Friday.


First, get a pizza stone, or a steel to help lower your cooking time. Home ovens don't produce the heat needed to cook a pizza fast, and fast is what you want. The longer a pizza cooks, the more moisture the dough and crust lose, and that's what creates a cardboard, or rock hard, texture in home made pizza.

Position your oven rack in a way that you can get the pizza stone / steel just below the top broiler in your oven. I put my cheap pizza stone on a cast iron dutch oven to get it close to the broiler element, for more thermal mass, and adjust my oven rack so that it's about 4 inches below the top broiler element in my electric oven.

Pull out your dough, and ALL of your toppings, including the sauce and cheese, and allow them to come to room temp. Having all your ingredients at room temp means less cooking time, and better pizza. I usually put my toppings on my oven while it's preheating to make sure they get nice and warm, and to sweat any liquids that might come off before they go on the pizza. I usually give the dough 2 hours to come to room temp from the fridge while keeping it in a plastic container so it doesn't dry out.

Pre-heat the oven to max temp setting for at LEAST an hour.

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Home pizza for cu/ck/ fags part 2


After the oven is pre-heated for an hour, turn on the broiler and heat the top of your stone / steel. You may have to crack the oven door to get the broiler on, as most ovens have temp control to keep the temps down, and by cracking the door, you can get the broiler element to kick on. Allow the broiler element to heat the stone for at least 15 minutes.

When you're about ready to cook, go ahead and press out your pizza and top it with whatever. Less is better, but most of you are probably disgusting fat bodies and will over load it anyway.

Slide the pizza on the stone under the broiler, and don't burn yourself like a moron. After I press out my pizza, I put the dough on a piece of olive oiled aluminum foil, and then put that on a floured cutting board before I top it, as this makes it easy to slide the pizza in and out of the oven.

Once the pizza is in the oven, keep the door cracked and monitor the progress while it's under the broiler. You should see the crust start to rise, and brown marks start to form on the crust after about 2 minutes. When you see those brown marks, slide out the pizza, and check to make sure it's cooking evenly, and simply rotate it to adjust, and throw it back in under the broiler. Once your crust is as brown as you want it, check to make sure the bottom is done enough, and pull it out and let it rest on a cooling rack. If the bottom needs more time, you can simply turn off the broiler to keep from burning the top, and let the bottom firm up a bit. Total cooking time is anywhere from 4.5 to 6 minutes, depending on your oven temps etc...
With practice, you'll get a feel for using your broiler, and your pizza will be better than ANY fucking chain pizza place, for maybe 1/4 of the cost.
Put it under the broiler.
I just throw the deli pizza from my store into the oven at 400f for ten minutes then turn the broiler on for a few minutes and that shit comes out perfect. Dark spots all over, crispy delight.
What is a broiler?
Metal conducts heat better than stone. I know stones are traditional, but have you ever tried metal? It works very well once you get it down.

Brown spots is usually the sign that you've used pre-shredded cheese. The anti-clumping agent is cellulose, and it browns faster than the cheese itself.

How to get brown spots? Use pre-shredded cheese and cook it until they appear.

Protip: pros view the brown spots as a flaw, not something desireable.
The only acceptable answers
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