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How can I eat healthy but spend only 20-30 dollars a week? Is

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How can I eat healthy but spend only 20-30 dollars a week? Is it possible? I'm going to move in with my dad, and I don't have much money to spend on food. I'm planning on cooking as well, and I'm not going vegetarian, but vegetables are fine.

1. A pound of red beans
2. A smoked ham hock
3. An onion
4. Pick over and soak the beans overnight with water about 1" above the bean level
5. Drain the beans, discard the soak water
6. In a large pot: beans, peeled and roughly chopped onion, smoked ham hock
7. Low heat for hours until the beans are tender
8. Make some rice
9. Eat red beans and rice
1. Buy some big tortillas
2. Can of refried beans
3. Cheese (shred this)
4. Heat up tortilla
5. Add some beans and cheese
6. Roll it up into a burrito
7. Let it heat until the cheese has melted
8. Bonus: add eggs and potatoes for a breakfast burrito
1. Buy some dry pasta
2. Buy some canned tomatoes
3. Buy some garlic
4. Steal some basil
5. Slowly cook the tomatoes with the garlic and maybe a little sugar
6. Boil some H2O to cook the pasta (BIG POT)
7. Cook the pasta
8. Serve with the tomato sauce and basil
9. Parmesan cheese for extra credit
1. Buy some lettuce
2. Steal a tomato
3. Steal some cheese (bonus points for feta cheese)
4. Wash and tear up the lettuce
5. Chop up the tomato
6. Steal a tin of anchovies
7. Buy some garlic
8. Rub your plate with an anchovy filet
9. Rub your plate with some peeled garlic
10. Add the lettuce and cheese and tomato
11. Add two tablespoons of salad dressing
12. Eat. Bonus points if you've shoplifted some croutons
13. Add sprouts if you're a faggot
1. Steal some All Purpose white flour
2. Buy some baking powder, baking soda, sugar and salt
3. Shoplift some buttermilk
4. Mix up some flour with the baking powder and baking soda, sugar and salt
5. Mix up with buttermilk
6. Make some pancakes
7. Steal some maple syrup and butter
8. Eat
1. Shoplift some red potatoes, broccoli and carrots
2. Clean, peel, chop
3. Buy a steamer basket insert for $0.99
4. Steam the veggies
5. Add some tamari sauce
6. Eat
7. Bonus: steal a rice cooker and some rice
8. Cook the rice
9. Eat the rice with the vegetables
1. Steal some chicken drumsticks
2. Buy some shortening
3. Borrow some flour
4. Dredge the chicken in the flour
5. Melt 1/2" of shortening in a big heavy pot
6. Fry the drumsticks with the lid on for 4 minutes
7. Remove the lid, turn the chicken, put a splatter screen on top
8. Fry another 4 minutes
9. Add a shitload of black pepper and a little salt
10. Congratulations! You've made fried chicken!
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I like this guy
Sensible 40
Sensible hat
Sensible squat
1. Do a web search on "no knead bread"
2. Steal some flour and some yeast and some salt
3. Follow the recipe
4. Cover the shaggy dough with plastic wrap for 18 hours
5. Get your oven fucking hot
6. Shoplift a big covered vessel, ideally cast iron or enameled cast iron
7. Toss the risen dough in there
8. Bake for 40 minutes
9. Remove lid (use a pot holder)
10. You've made incredible artisan bread
11. Eat.
1. Be friendly and ask your local butcher if they have any cosmetically fucked up or nearly expired meat
2. Be friendly and ask your local produce guy if they have any ragged looking produce you might have
3. Eat.
>I'm not going vegetarian
You don't have to, but you will be eating some vegetarian meals on that budget.
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So, not much meat, right? I don't mind though.
Start with rice, beans and frozen veggies
For meat, go with chicken. The more whole it is, the more you'll save money wise. It's a good skill to be able to break down a bird anyway
Look for what's on sale. You can check online in the grocery store's monthly circular.
are all cheap in bulk, last a long time, and nutritious

meat and veggies are literally whatevers on sale some markets heavily discount things that are about to expire

eggs are cheap and full of protein, buy them

stirfry is one of the best cooking methods for poors, given that the meat and veggies you'll be getting weekly will be different stirfry doesn't really conflict with many veggies negatively

buying whole chicken is absurdly cheap, like $7 max, learn to butcher the thing and you'll have
2 breasts
2 thighs
2 drum sticks
more than enough for meat 3 times a week

find an all purpose season you like, personally i use soy sauce to get over the blandness of some meals
Ok, this is good and what I've expected, but what about breakfast? Is the my horrible budget good enough for 3 square meals a day?
well heres my breakfast meal for most days

bowl of rice
two sunny side up eggs cooked with green onion and occasionally garlic in the same pan
put one egg on your rice and mix in that runny yolk
other egg i eat on the side
season rice with soy sauce

bretty tasty, all meals are anything goes when you have no money though, you may want to go the beans on toast route
Okay, gotcha. Thanks a lot.
don't sweat it so much, the first two weeks will be kind of difficult because you have to switch your mentality, but youll adapt quickly

i live on roughly $50 a month and still eat decently, you have almost double my budget, if you really stick with butchering your own chicken and such you'll be able to eat like a king
Any sauce on who he is? It's a NWA album cover.

Shit I always wondered myself. Forgot about this album. Had the tape when I was like, 14
Some token white dude in the NWA crew haha
I've never gotten gas from beans, surprisingly
Can't beat it, that's the good stuff
yes. exist off dry beans, rice. eggs, peanuts, olive oil, oats, canned tuna, and fresh spinach. multivitamins.
Rice, beans, green cabbage, eggs, whole chickens or any meat that goes on sale for like $1.50 per pound or less. Carrots are also cheap. Store brand wheat bread will cover some vitamin/mineral needs on the cheap. Peanut butter and jelly will help stretch that but cheap pb&j aren't really healthy. The good shit can be rather pricey.

Food in general is cheap op. Buy things in the rawest, most whole format you can and do all the prep yourself. Things in small portions are generally more expensive per serving as are any trendy brand name items. Look for sales but pay attention to how much you're really saving. If it's only like 20 cents off or some shit then skip it. Don't go out to eat.

>sensible 40
>Not malt liquor

Senpai plz
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