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How do I make a good burger /ck/?

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How do I make a good burger /ck/?
don't make the patty too big
keep the toppings tight
no meme bread
80/20 ground chuck
Salt and pepper seasoning
Cook in skillet with light oil
American cheese
Martin's potato rolls
Red onions and pickles only other topping
Mustard/Ketchup as condiments
>80/20 ground chuck
Nothing silly, get the basic form of something down 100% could make it for relatives who don't like you and impress them before you start adding bullshit.

Don't overwork the meat or slap it down, just gently compress it into patties, I swear it makes a difference. Thinner is better on the stove, make sure to account for how they'll shrink but just smoosh it out as wide as you can while maintaining the integrity. Get higher fat ground beef instead of using oil like the above poster suggests, there's no reason to use oil on good cookware if the meat is fatty enough to make a good burger. I personally subscribe to the strict one flip school, it marrs the structure less. People will get hung up on toppings and shit but correct shaping and handling of the patties is the secret. You'll figure out your own preferences for thickness and rarity as you go, but get good meat and make sure it's mixed well without being beaten into mush.
I like season my 'ger with some 'alt and 'per. And then put on some 'moked 'wiss.
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>Using fat to bind your burger is disgusting

Way to out yourself so early in the thread.

>Martin's potato rolls
>80/20 ground chuck
>Cook in skillet with light oil

cringed here

the rest is fine with me

>? Solid bread choice available at most supermarkets. Worst thing you can do is go for some faggy artisanal brioche nonsense.

>This is literally standard.

>There is not a superior method to cook burgers than pan frying, unless you happen to have a flat top grill in your kitchen. I do not.
Thanks guys, just had one of the best home cooked burgers I've ever had.

Red onions too good

Use fresh hamburger.

Make the patty at least half an inch thick (mine tend to be about 1 1/8 inches thick) with absolutely minimal handling. Just enough to keep it from falling apart -- no more.

Cook in a pan at something less than medium heat with melted butter for the oil.

If you press down on the hamburger with the spatula, stick the spatula up your ass.

Watch the edge to see how far it has cooked and then turn over and cook the same amount of time.

After cooking, let the patty rest on a dish cloth or on paper to soak up oil from the surface and to let the juices thicken.

While it is resting, toast the hamburger bun and apply a thin layer of mayonnaise to the bottom and top to repel moisture. Add the patty to the hamburger and your choice of condiments and vegetables.

Eat and enjoy.

By the way, regarding the thickness of the hamburger, about a year or so ago someone claimed that I had to be mistaken about the thickness of my hamburger patties. I thought of this a week or two later after I had formed the patty and was warming up the pan so I got a ruler and measured it. Sure enough, it was very, very close to 1 1/8 inches thick.
When I cook a burger, I use tubed 80/20. My patties are usually around a half inch thick and start off around six inches wide, but often shrink to about four inches. What's going on? Shitty meat? Too much heat?
They usually turn out the same way whether or not I pre-season them.

Also, I get a lot of grease in the pan after two or three burgers. Is it recommended to drain the grease after each batch, or what? Am I an idiot for pan-cooking?
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STILL liking Golem.jpg
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>ground beef

Done correctly, a pan cooked hamburger or steak can be fantastic.

Cook it in butter and drain the grease.
Flatten ground beef, broil on each side, top with cheese, put on butter-griddle-toasted buns, whatever the fuck else you want, done. It really isn't that hard.

I use really lean ground sirloin in my burgers. I season them well. My gf and I both love them. You don't have to have 27% fat in a burger for it to turn out well. You might as well be the kind of person that puts a stick of butter on a steak because some TV personality asshole told you to.
Call McDonalds and ask them.
thin patty, this gets a more even cook and it's just easier to eat and less greasy, cook it on a pan, make caramelized onions, put em on top as well as some nice cheddar if you feel like it, do this while cooking to melt the cheese, additionally you can cover the burger while cooking it, is supposed to cook it better, too many toppings ruins the burger, you can do whatever you want but I just put lettuce and mustard, simple and delicious, I don't recommend tomatoes, personally way too watery for me. an aioli can work OK as long as you don't overdo it, you can also just do sauteed onions that aren't caramelized
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