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Best Premade Salsa Thread

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>inb4 "make your own, pleb. It's better and much less expensive."
I usually make my own salsa, but it is a bit time consuming, and somewhat messy.
Sometimes I don't feel like going through the effort (long day at work, and just want to relax when I get home)
What's the best salsa that you can pick up at the store? Pic related is my top choice, but that's not saying much since that makes it more of a lesser of evil option.
Recommendations, /ck/ucks?
Pace, hot

Obv, senpai
>time consuming
It takes literally sixty seconds more than opening a jar and dumping its contents into a bowl.

Still, there's this one brand that I do actually like... well, once I strain it, anyway. Jarred salsas are always so watery in comparison to homemade.
Anyway, gimme like ten minutes to remember what the hell the brand is. I only buy it when it's on super sale.
bretty good
Bretty gud
I was checking online and this brand got pretty good reviews.
One reviewer stated it had an enchilada sauce type quality/flavor to it.
I may have to try this one out
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This stuffs pretty good.

This one looks the best, but I don't know if I'll be able to locate it in Utah
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Behold the true god of off-the-shelf salsa. Affordable ($5 a jar online) and absolutely delicious. Some of the other flavors need more garlic or salt but i think this one is fucking dynamite, and i live in the year 2015
I think it's made locally in CA, probably doesn't get distribution that far away.

Herdez ain't bad, casa sanchez is just another level because fresh>cooked
>buy freshly made salsa
>watery mess that's barely spicy

>buy jarred salsa
>chunk mess that isn't enough for a bag of chips
>I usually make my own salsa, but it is a bit time consuming, and somewhat messy.
My cooked salsa only takes about five minutes to make. Try this:

In a saucepan heat a small amount of oil. Add chopped red onion and jalapeno or serrano pepper. Add salt and cumin (and chopped garlic if you like). When onions are nearly transparent add some crushed tomatoes and a little vinegar. Bring to a boil. Cut heat and add chopped cilantro. Taste and reason (may need more salt or vinegar, or even sugar if your tomatoes were shitty).

If that makes a mess and takes more than five minutes you're doing it wrong.
Sorry for the delay! I had a knock on the door and was speaking with a neighbour for a bit. Anyway, the brand is, surprisingly enough, Sabra. The people that make the shitty hummus. I strain the salsa of excess liquid and thereafter it's fucking perfect.
I use it to cook with, actually, using a quarter cup or so (strained) per serving when cooking chicken with yellow rice. Fry it up in some olive oil and/or lard until fragrant, adding a little of the strained liquid at a time to caramelise it, then add rice and sauté to absorb the moisture then toast it a bit before, finally, topping off with a few par-cooked drums of chicken and just enough saffron (or turmeric) water to cook the rice. It's pretty good.
If you live in northern Utah just go to a Rancho or Anayas. Both have a similar salsa plus you can pick up some cheap ass lunch while there.
Herdes its shiy
hey is the herdes in the glass jar filled with the same preservatives bullshit as in pace and all that stuff, or is it cool like the herdes stuff in the can?
habanero one is better
Mateos first
Kylitos second
Joe t garcias third

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la costena.jpg
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This comes pretty close to the flavor you'll get at a taco shop.
I always try to make my own salsa, because yeah, it's much better than jarred salsa. BUT, I also keep a couple jars of Herdez in my pantry in case I need them , one red (hot) and one green.
The best jarred salsa is El Fenix, but I can't get that where I live now, and if I wanted some, I'd have to order it off their website, and I don't want to pay for shipping, even though it's the best. So, Herdez is still my backup.
YOU learn2Texasbrands.
>no El Fenix top tier
What are you, some kind of faggot?
El Fenix is great, but Joe T's is definitely better
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You all lose
Look in the deli section. There's usually stuff there that's much better than glass jar salsa

My brother moved away from TX a couple years ago, his wife loves Joe T's. I now regularly ship him Joe T's and Head country/Rudy's bbq sauce
Not usually but once in a while.
I just got some Marcs and Spencer's green salsa and it was bretty gud.
HEB has so many good choices for premade salsa. There is this one that comes in a refrigerated bag that is pretty damn good.
Why do Tex Mex restaurants always have such good Salsa? None of them manage to taste exactly the same and I can't ever name a place that had actual bad tasting salsa. Except maybe in the early days of Casa Ole but that place is barely above Taco Bell.
roasted habanero is fucking fantastic. I usually go for Mrs. Renfro's (which is also my last name, but I promise that isn't why I get it) but this is a new favorite
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Thread images: 9

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