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bar thread R8 H8 B8 (no wine allowed)

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bar thread

R8 H8 B8

(no wine allowed)

why arent you drinking ur gin
New bottle ;)
just bought it. finished my tranqeuray so i wanted to try sapphire. just opened it to smell it lmao
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the bar.jpg
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have you maybe considered adding other spirits to diversify your bar.
To any Bongs, there are some decent deals coming up on Amazon today for Black Friday Refreshed. Kraken, Ciroc, a few really good gins, Talisker. Worth checking out
cheers m8
you can buy spirits on amazon over in bongland?
you can buy spirits in any country over amazon
not in sweden
probably not to offend the majority of the population, muslims.
jim beam
kahlua and that shitty cassis thing
everything you cant see what it is of

bombay saph. gin
the heinz ketchup bottle on the right

this in not opinion THIS IS COMMON SEANCE FERGERT!
kek, the ketchup bottle is just simple syrup. and whats wrong with martinins/kahlua and cointreau? dont even give me the meme liquour bullshit thing

and the rest is (from left to right)
7yr old havanna rum
Red barcadi rum
some other cheap rum

middle row:
johnnie walker
irish whiskey
white tequilla

and next to the gin are bitters.

As long as the discount is good, at 5pm Im hoping to get Luxardo Maraschino liqueur, and at 6pm, they have 1L Kraken and Professor Cornelius Ampleforth Bathtub Gin which is one of the best available imo.

Also more decent offers at 8am tomorrow. Its getting very expensive.
>mudslims should be removed
Why so much damn liquor?
because i enjoy alcohol
Good start for making standard cocktails.

Not much worth drinking straight however.
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ok i'll drunkenly comment your useless bottle collection COMEATMEBRO!
Martini is not Martini, it's vermouth wine with a brand to make it more expensive - lame
Rum - lame when not living on a tropical Island
Cognac - just cognac, "cognac" THE congnac -> lame
jhonny walker - hey whats going? - jhonny walker - LAMEST (the whiskey's not the worst though)
overall - needs more consciousness dude
tequila, irish whiskey, aperol, "bitters"
get on my level and know your shit better!
you may have your own taste there but
is it any good or its just another meme?
It's decent. Best enjoyed on the rocks.
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Also posted this a week or two ago.
>not hiding your (cheap) alcohol in random places around the house or car
>not drinking straight out of the bottle
>nothing in plastic bottles
Step up your alcoholism
is that a bottle of Wathens on the left corner, next to the Old Pultney?
No, it's Elmer T. Lee. Shame it's so hard to get nowadays.Glad I stocked up half a dozen before they went away.
good, last time i saw a bottle of Elmer in person, it was being stolen from my store and i almost lost my job chasing after him.
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i know "martini" is branded but im not paying 20 euros for a bottle of lillet blanc when i can get martini for 6 euros.

and what do you mean by consciousness?

and also
>rum is lame when not living on a tropical island

you cant be serious m8. and stop this with meme liquors are bad bullshit.

>here, its my favorite meme drink
Lillet Blanc and Martini Dry Vermouth are very different things

You cant just sub one thing for another. What if a cocktail called for being topped with Guinness beer, and you substituted it with PBR or Coke a Cola?
Thread posts: 29
Thread images: 6

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