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Favorite food from your country

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Title explains it all also what do you like to eat it with.

Senegal and Coucous, I eat it typically as a basic starch as one would rice especially with a fatty stew of lamb or goat with tamarind, baobab and onion

I do a typical dessert with yogurt and a sauce of baobab and peanut butter as well but it's like eating a very rich pb&J with milk so it's a rare thing.
....please don't come here to start bait, pizza in America is different than Italy and like the hamburger is a part of American cuisine but people will say it can't be American since it ultimately derives from Italy.

I meant for this thread to be indigenous foods of a place, like Gumbo or Clam Chowder in the case of America.
>Clam Chowder

I thought you said no bait?
I've been in America eight years cut me some slack.

Clam chowder is one of the few undeniable foods originating from America (chowder in general, really, unless you're going to force a broader definition of the term that nobody actually uses).

Stop being retarded.
>cheddar cheese

either as a ploughmans lunch with fresh bread and pickle or melted over a lamb burger with spinach and red onion

>just moved away from ne after three years
>would always pronounce the 'r', regardless of how they spelled it on the menu

The funny thing is that I grew up with Hawaiian dialect, where people would say "chowdaa".
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It's misilar to cabbage rolls(and better) that everyone here hates, but with some differences.
Grandma always makes them when I visit during winter, it's the ultimate comfort food.
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Word. Living outside the UK makes me miss a good chunk of legit cheddar
This thread has the potential to be gud

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USA here. My pick is (buttermilk)biscuits and gravy. You can't get buttermilk biscuits like this anywhere but here.
Those are scones
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Schwenkbraten. Marinated pork cooked on big swinging grills outside. Usually eaten in a roll with grilled onions.
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Northern Ireland

It's my favourite food ever
America - ᎬᏃᎮᏅ ᎠᎹᎩᎢ
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images (52).jpg
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Australia here.. don't have much to choose from but crispy skin barrumundi I guess..

Pavlova probably second
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Well I wasn't born in Indonesia but I'll contribute anyways

Soto Ayam which is basically just like a really spiced-up Chicken Soup. A lot of turmeric.
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mfw there is so much stuff in my country that i can't even decide the fuck i like more
on the same level i have
savory: lasagne, troffiette al pesto, cacio e pepe, pizza, focaccia di recco, focaccia
sweet stuff: croccantino all'amaretto, tiramisù
drinks: zabaione, cappuccino, anima nera
op asked for favourite food so you can omit the drinks.

Say your favourite from savory and your favorite from sweet.
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Northern Germany.

Mashed turnip, the comfiest winter food.
Southern style collard greens, especially with hot water corn bread and a really vinegary hot sauce
Comfier than grünkohl?
This is not a troll post and being a native Texan chili is definitely one of my absolute favorite foods that came from not too far from where I've lived my entire life. You CAN put beans, corn, cheese etc if you want, but real chili does not have it; if everyone else gets to scream about their regional foods and their rich and noble heritage, we have the right to correctly assert how it is traditionally made. A slice of cornbread is mandatory as well.

>confier than kohl und pinkel...
>probably doesn't drink Korn either
>being a waterlogged homo

You're doing winter wrong Muhammad.
Chicken fried steak and that shit is my jam man!
>chicken thighs cooked in a "Roman pot"
>be texan
>from texan family who has been here since late 1800s
>entire family puts beans in chili

Cornbread is mandatory though. If we're making frito pie then no beans go in the chili.
that looks beautiful

Spaghetti alle cozze made with Mediterranean black mussels (the cultivated ones typically available in North America are a fucking abomination).
Jambalaya or NY style pizza.
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Koeksisters 2.jpg
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>South Africa

I hate my country and want to die. Maybe if I eat enough of these sugary fuckers I'll get the beetus and it'll all be over.

Slightly sweeter and more soft. I actually can't wait to get home for Christmas and my grandma's cooking...

> no mettwurst
Never heared of anyone eating Grühnkohl with Mettwurst before.
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General Tso's Chicken
It's an American classic.
I live in the Netherlands.
After giving this a long thought, I still can't name one.
stroopwaffle, you idiot
Oh man I had the best fucking Pork hocks (schweinhaxe) in Dresden on a vacation there, so crispy and delicious, have never seen them for sale here in Canada unfortunately
Couscous is fucking godlike
File: rundvleeskroket.png (134KB, 388x376px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Speculaas is good, and stroopwafels are godlike?
But I was thinking more in terms of 'meals'. Just don't like all the stamppot like stuff...

I forgot a very important one. Kroketten. Van Dobben of course.
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Thread images: 17

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