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Hey /ck/, I found a sloppy recipe for crepes (planning on adding

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Hey /ck/, I found a sloppy recipe for crepes (planning on adding nutella). I wanted to know if it sound good enough? Has anybody ever made crepes? Any tips?

-4 big spoons wheat flour
-200ml milk
-100g margarine
-2 eggs

Mix all in a bowl, put it in refrigerator for 20mins
Heat fridge on stove, fire low setting
Spray cooking spray on fridge
Dump mixture in fridge
Stir fridge a bit so mixture is spread evenly
Wait, check it
Flip it
When it's done take it out and put it in a plate
Add nutella
Fold crepe
Squirt some chocolate sauce over it

...So, does it sound ok? Does anything sound wrong? I'm very inexperienced, sorry.
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Then what do I use, human shit? Horse shit?
Or just cut the crepe and use those fingers that FSM gave us and shovel that Nutella down your goddamn throat.

> margarine

Yeah no
I don't understando
this desu
Do I just not add it then? Or should I use a replacement
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I don't know what a big spoon is. There seems to be too much fat, mine have about 1 part melted butter to 5 parts liquid. It should be a thin batter, so it helps to use a blender to avoid lumps. I add a small amount of sugar and salt. They cook very quick, I usually do them on medium. By fridge it appears you mean pan. You pour in the batter and rotate the pan around, you don't stir it.

Basically everything sounds wrong, so I can't even tell if you are being serious honestly.
Butter. Margarine is pig disgusting and it should never enter your house.
Oh my fucking god, why did I confuse pan with fridge.
Sorry, not the best at english :(
Yeah, I meant pan. Fuck.

I'm really serious. I'm just really retarded. That helps a lot though. Thank you kind Anon !
your batter sounds fine. the important part is making sure it's chilled properly and then spreading it as thin as possible in your pan IMMEDIATELY.

from there you're p much just making a pancake, only with the quickness
I would find a youtube video of somebody making crepes and watch them do it so you have a better idea what is supposed to happen
>your batter sounds fine.
>the important part is making sure it's chilled properly
That's by far the least important part. The only thing resting/chilling does is give the batter time for the bubbles to rise to the top. You can use crepe batter right away, you just get lots of minuscule holes in your crepe, which doesn't matter for many applications and doesn't affect the taste.
Every time I scroll by and see this thread, I think it's a roasted chicken drumstick in some kind of sauce.
nice meme food
Okay, I'll try.
G-guys... You are confusing me... ;_; What do then...???
Crepes are very rare where I live... I have to drive a few good kilometers just to find a place that makes them, and they're not even that good...
>cutting a sentence off mid way through

nice reading skills br0. you can totally make a perfect crepe by just chilling the batter and doing nothing else.
Can't you just buy pancake mix?
That doesn't even exist where I live...
Don't expect serious responses here. /ck/ is a den of autists who don't actually know how to cook. Get out while you still can.
Where do you live?

Crepes have no recipe. Little flour, egg sugar salt and oil. Mix it. Give it flour milk and (mineral) water until you get a nice amount batter, with a creamy,thick konsistency.
The margarine amount is way too much. Use 3 or 4 tablespoons oil. Don't use oil spray, instead of real oil.

yeah because throwing a spoonful of nutella on a thin pancake is cooking

get the fuck out of here turn off your computer
In an isolated island, kind of third world...
Thank you for the tip.
But I'm autist retard too my friend :D
Is real oil really ok? I'm not even sure spray exists here anyway...
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Way too many different units of measurement. Where did you even find this? Just use the allrecipes one, if anything.


>Heat fridge on stove

There is absolutely nothing wrong with margarine.
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Sorry... My english isn't the best

Stop making fun of me, man! I said fridge because it sounds like the word for pan in my language!
The mental image of heating up a whole fridge on a stove, though...
...Alright, you win, it's actually pretty hilarious.

I found the recipe in an old recipe book I had in a drawer...
Thanks for the link m8
2 eggs
Olive oil

Batter should be like thick water. Add more flour/milk if you cook it and it looks fucked up Add baking soda+ lemon juice (put it on the soda to activate it and mix it in)
Too much fat, too many eggs, and who knows how many spoons of flour that is? Why not just use an existing crepe recipe, yours doesn't seem like it's trying to be anything but just an ordinary crepe recipe.
Thread posts: 30
Thread images: 6

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