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ITT: Best foods for when you're sick

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Post recipes & foods that help you feel better. Currently sick with a sore throat and missed out on Thanksgiving. Feel-better food/drink thread.
Aw man, I know how you feel. I threw up from both sides after eating some heavily spiced chicken. Just thinking about it now makes me want to gag. It was so packed, like curry. I could only muster enough strength to eat a bit of turkey and stuffing yesterday. Though my stomach does feel more stable now.

Anyways, if you just have have a sore throat, some nice chicken soup can work. The packet kind, you know? Pretty simple to make. Also plain green tea, but honestly any kind will do. I prefer yellow with milk when I'm sick. Hope you get better Anon!

I always eat the ass when I have a fever
I like to make a thick lentil and barley stew with whatever veggies I have on hand whenever I am sick.

Oh, and a lemon as a snack or desert.
lots of soup with nice bread
honey, lemon and ginger tea

what's yellow tea?
whoops, meant yellow label tea.
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Op, make a tea with honey and Apple cider vinegar. Shit is fucking great, will make your throat feel like a moist vagina ready to accept that thanks giving cock.
A hot toddy and jon jon's chicken bum stew
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Slightly spicy thai curry is my goto when sick.

And lots of black tea with honey.
>become vegetarian a few months ago
>trying to not eat animal broth stuff
>get sick as fuck like 2 weeks ago
>in a gas station starring at this one night
>oh my fucking god it used to work too

Fuck man

Chicken soup works too

>just drank veggie broth and cried all night
don't drink milk
hot tea or broth should help
Chicken bone broth soup is my go to.

Pack of chicken thighs
Head of celery
Bag of carrots
Some yellow onion

Cut all the shit ends of the vegetables off and stick in on the bottom of the pot along with Thyme, Rosemary and Bay Leafs, then place the chicken on top so the veggies and herbs don't float on the top.

Cook until chicken is al dente; remove and let cool. Peel the good parts off the thighs and place them in a bowl and pop it in the fridge for later. Add bones back to the stock, turn to low and let cook overnight. Everything will be dissolved by morning leaving you with a rich stock.

Strain the stock through mesh to rid it of any excess particulates left over from the previous process (you'll always have some bone sediment at the bottom). Put the now clean stock back on the stove and throw in the fresh vegetables you cut up previously along with the chicken.

Season to your liking and cook till done. Watch whatever illness you have just melt away.
I get a cold tomato, slice in half and sprinkle some salt on it.
orange juice
blueberry muffins
thai green curry
raw garlic
Chicken Noodle Soup straight out of a packet because you're too sick to fuck around with complicated shit.
First stages of sickness - huge jug of sunny d and DayQuil

Second stage of sickness - warm Gingerale, cold Gatorade fruit punch

3rd stage - sleep and drink Gatorade

I'm still fucking sick and not getting better? Whiskey and turn the fucking heat up

I'm feeling better - jug of sunny d and DayQuil

Emergenc for about 3 days
Not food related, but running a humidifier in your bedroom overnight really helps.
high protein and high vitamin C foods are essential to healing. load up on stuff like chicken noodle soup, oranges/berries, etc. just make sure to drink a ton of water too. it helps loosen mucous secretions and keeps your body running smoothly while it fights off infection.
No wonder there are so many health problems in the world today. Not a single one of you fuckers mentioned lactofermented vegetables.
Shame. They're literally the best thing to eat to fuel your immune system.


Get out of here, caveman. Your paleo ways didn't help you survive the robot wars, it sure as hell ain't going to sure a cold.
Thread posts: 24
Thread images: 4

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