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What's your favorite kind of breakfast sandwich? It doesn't

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What's your favorite kind of breakfast sandwich? It doesn't have to be in pic related, but should follow the theme, if you will.

Break it down for us:

>additional fillings like onion, mushrooms, etc.
>gravy, steak sauce, ketchup, etc.
>anything I'm forgetting

left under a heat lamp till the bagel goes stale and all the grease is adsorbed onto the surface of the bread.

wawa god bless you.
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I'm going out east for Thanksgiving, I can't wait to go to Wawa. There's one down the street from my girlfriend's parents place, you can bet your ass I'll be there daily.

Also there's a breakfast sandwich at Maverik called the Son of the Beast. Egg, cheddar, sausage, ham, bacon and maple glazed donut.
toasted english muffin
jalapeno cheddar cream cheese
fried egg, over medium
bacon, ham or sausage
sharp cheddar or pepper jack
fresh tomato
baby spinach or arugula
I need this sandwich in my life
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those are poptarts

Bacon, cheese and mushroom with HP brown sauce on toasted granary


Gravy on a sandwich? Are you fucking mental?
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jesus hnnng
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pork green chile
Egg in a bap
>maple iced donut

>people mixing sweet with savory

I never understood this. Chocolate is good, turkey is good, that doesn't mean chocolate covered turkey is good.
>Buttered roll
>Taylor Pork Roll
>American Cheese
>Fried egg, over medium
>Salt and pepper

Wrap in foil and let it sit for like 5 minutes before eating it to let every thing melt and mingle. Uughhh I think I'll make one now.
Lightly toasted white bun
Un-smoked back bacon
Fried egg
HP sauce
Everything bagel
grilled onions, jalapenos, green peppers
Sausage and egg sandwich

English muffin

Egg, yolk broke.

Breakfast sausage.

Sliced cheddar cheese.

Sausage, egg, and cheese, bagel or pancake sandwich with a little jelly or syrup.
McDurdle's Steak Egg and Cheese Bagel is the only thing anyone, ever should eat. I would strangle a thousand puppies for one bite. Thankfully for puppies the SECB isn't sold where I live
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bacon and/or sausage
onions and mushrooms are good too

fuck, just anything with a biscuit honestly, they're so good
>french toast
>cream cheese
>two eggs over extra hard
>maple syrup
>powdered sugar
Monte Cristo.
Non-US sandwich? You mean, like an ordinary sandwich?

Black rye bread, butter, lettuce, flaky ham, tomato and cucumber. Nothing else.
Chorizo breakfast burrito at Carls Jr.
>swiss cheese
>caramelized onions and peppers
>arugula/baby spinach
>mayo on bottom
>pesto on top
Croissant or biscuit
Bacon (or Canadian bacon)
>>additional fillings like onion, mushrooms, etc.
>>gravy, steak sauce, ketchup, etc.
the only sauce would be egg yolk unless biscuit then gravy if available
>>anything I'm forgetting
1. English muffin
2. Hoagie roll
3. Biscuit

4. Bread (White, wheat rye)
5. Kaiser roll
6. Wrap

7. Croissant

8. Bagel

Bagels are trash for sandwiches, everything falls out and it ruins your breakfast as you have to keep putting it back together.
An honorable mention goes to the mcgriddle pancakes they use but since you can only find them at one place they don't make the list.
If you live on LI and don't eat this at least once per week, you're doing something wrong.
> Says biscuit, has a picture of a scone

This is obviously America
>Taylor ham
>Hard roll / bagel

Not my fault you don't have east coast quality bagels. No one does. You'll never know the true bliss that is turkey bacon avo mayo cream cheese lettuce onion on an everything fucking bagel.
Yessir it's the absolute best
Except it's called pork roll you city boy
>Kais3R not in God-tier
>no Machaga torta

i would add cheese, but this
I'm not a fat worthless sack of subhuman shit so I don't eat "breakfast" sandwiches
I'm fucking hungover and all of these look so good my cock is throbbing for them.

>tfw car is busted so can't get McD's breakfast :(
Walk you lazy fuck
8 miles, no fucking thank you.
Scrapple on toast with ketchup.
I have a burger King, Wendy's, Mickey D's, KFC Popeyes, a old country buffet and an IHOP all literally a 10 minute walk away.
Solid. I would be fucking enormous if I lived within walking distance of that many places.
Shitload of pizza and Chinese joints too. It's a shame, I'd be enormous too if it weren't for my almost crippling social anxiety.
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Not much different than making breakfast sandwiches on pancakes or French Toast.
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>smothered in red and green chili
pic related
had one earlier, you know youre hurtin.
Not enough scrapple
Southern style biscuit
Homemade has browns (shredded)
Cheddar cheese
Sunny-side-up egg
Single strip of maple bacon

Its a small reminder that I don't have to kill myself in the morning.
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Thread images: 15

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