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Ok guys, so for dinner tonight I want to make chicken flautas/taquitos. I have most of a rotisserie chicken left over that I'm going to shred up to use but what else would make a good taquito?

I was thinking about sauteing and onion and then throwing the shredded chicken in the pan and coating it with some spices but I don't know how much or exactly what to use.

Anybody have any good taquito recipes?
Bump, anyone have any suggestions?
Chicken with lime salt and cayenne is goat. I

've never made taquitos, but for the filling id probably boil some chicken breast, shred it, put it in a, pan with a bit of lard and seasoning and fry it up.

Capcha: select cacti
so like, really thin tacos? Just use less filling and only use cheese + meat then wrap it tight.

use cumin, corriander, cinnamon, salt, pepper, oregano and orange peel.
>corriander and cinnamon in mexican food

you trippin
Who cares if it's mexican or not, it tastes really good with it.
boil chicken

let it cool

dust with cumin, salt, pepper, garlic powder

wrap in corn tortillas

fry em

serve with guacamole and sour cream
Well all my chicken is frozen except for the rotisserie chicken fro last night so I'm going to have to use that, luckily it shreds up nice and easy so that won't be a problem.

Don't have lime salt but have lime juice
I'm gonna use cumin, I like the idea of ground corriander as well. Maybe a lil bit of chili powder in there as well?

And like I said, I'm thinking about finely dicing up a red onion and sauteing it with a few finely diced jalapenos for heat and then throwing the chicken after I shred and season it in a bowl just warm it up and get the spices cooked into it.

I'm also gonna bake them for around 15 mins at 425 because I can't be bothered with frying them and it'll be a tad bit healthier.

If anyone is interested I'll post some pictures later tonight after I cook them. It's 4:30 here now so probably around 6-7 EST

try some shredded beef too
If it's not Mexican then it's not a flauta or taquitos and I'm pretty sure the OP asked for a recipe for those things. Maybe go post your cinnamon orange peel chicken roll up on your blog?
Fuck I forgot my comma. I just meant lime juice and salt
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Ok here's the onions jalapeƱos and chicken all heated up. Letting it cool down then gonna add the cheese and start mixing it up and rolling those tortillas!
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why the fuck isn't cinnamon and orange peel mexican? Fruit is constantly used in mexican.

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Fuck that made a lot more than I thought it would
authentic mexican tip:
instead of breaking your head trying to think of the perfect seasoning, just add pepper to your liking, roll on tortillas, use toothpick to hold it tight if necessary,
now get a shallow pan with oil about a half inch deep and heat to medium ,med-high.
fry 4-5 at a time for about 2 minutes on each side.
now comes the trip to flavor town,
serve "castaway raft" style and top with sour cream, salsa verde or red, diced onions, thinly sliced iceberg lettuce and lastly queso fresco. pile on the cheese high till it looks like the fresh powder on the Rockies.
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Looks gud
>cook along thread
>2 pictures

git gud faggot
Never was said that it was a cook along thread.
Thread posts: 18
Thread images: 5

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