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What's /ck/ cooking today? I've got half a pound of

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Bolognese shit pic.jpg
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What's /ck/ cooking today? I've got half a pound of bacon frying now. I'll have a BLT for lunch and save the rest for a salad tonight. Other than that I have a batch of bolognese from last night and some ciabatta waiting for garlic butter. Salad will be iceberg, romaine, spinach, tomatoes, carrots, red onion, mushrooms, and bacon bits.

Pic slightly related.
Beef hamburg on Japanese rice.
Planning yamleaf in yellow split pea curry (bean curry), spiced aubergine stir fry (dry curry) and mushroom in coconut curry (wet curry). Also bean crackers and sambal.
I'm just about to make Sweet and Sour Pork and Rice with Some Sliced Onion thrown in there. I'd usually put in some sliced Green Bell pepper as well but i don't have any and I don't fell like going out for them

(Pic related: same recipe but do with Chicken as I usually do it)

for lunch I had homemade fries, mayo, an avocado

right now I'm baking some bread

yesterday I had steamed napa cabbage, carrots and onions, fried for a few secs in mirin and soy sauce with jasmin rice

I've been broke lately

that sounds amazing. would you grace me with a pic after you're done perhaps?
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Thanks, but sorry, I was just about to post ITT that I've decided on a change because I'm not feeling all that well right now. Instead, just mushroom risotto, apologies.

However, here's a picture of a different rice plate I made a while back (rice with various curries is my usual dinner, so I have a few pictures of them, though I'm quite bad at plating).

Going clockwise starting from the top right, mushroom [relatively] dry curry, carrot in coconut curry, yardlong beans in egg curry and beetroot rice with garlic greens in the centre. Believe it or not, all the dishes together took only 30 minutes total because I cook them all simultaneously. Thank the various, multi-limbed gods for dishwashers.

I like it. never heard of egg curry, do you do it with hard boiled eggs like in the google search results? I fucking loathe hard boileg eggs

are you indian or just n enthusiast for asian food?

one more question: where do you buy the curry (powder/paste)from? what different kinds are you using? all I use in my cooking are green/red/yellow (thai) curry paste and madrass and garam massala for powder.
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Egg curry as I know it is kind of halfway between a savoury custard and scrambled eggs. It's basically a Sri Lankan/south Indian carbonara.
The eggs are beaten with toasted, cooled and freshly-ground spices and set aside. Then, the main ingredient and aromatics are cooked together in some oil and topped off with a little stock, broth, water or coconut milk. Next, the eggs are tempered with the mixture before being finally stirred into the pot/pan to finish.
The most common egg curry I know of is bitter melon.

I am not Indian, no.

I keep various spices on hand.

Starting from the top and going clockwise, boiled rice followed by potato, carrot and onion spiced stir-fry, cod in coconut curry and young-jackfruit dry curry.

looks amazing. I gotta try jackfruit in my cooking, too, never done that. left almost looks like kimchi.
i made spaghetti aglio e olio
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Lamb chops, broccoli, some thin cheese sause I made, and jacket potato.
Thank you. I've no eye for plating, though, so my meals tend to look a bit slapdash. I just pile rice onto the plate followed by three-to-four gloops of delicious things on top of it.

You have to make sure it is young jackfruit. Jackfruit becomes inedible as it ages, leaving only the seed pods and seeds themselves left for eating.
For breakfast I reckon I'll make an omelette with Gloucestershire cheese, sliced black olives and sliced bell pepper. I've found a splash of lemon juice with the salt and pepper makes omelettes better, but I have weird taste so don't just take that as gospel. Might have that with a black coffee (with brandy).

For dinner, probably Thai green chicken curry if I have coconut milk. I have some fish sauce to go in there, so should be good. Gonna stir fry the curry paste in cannabis oil and get high as fuck and play video games all night. Wish I had wine (or money for wine) to go with it but I'll be happy with a glass of water to accompany, and then afterwards a hot chocolate with brandy and some chocolate Hob Nobs for dessert.

If you haven't had hot chocolate with brandy, you have to try it. It tastes like those chocolate liqueurs you get for your grandparents for Christmas. The perfect drink for a cosy winter evening.
Maybe some rice later but I'm not really planning on eating much until my back heals and I can work out again.
>tfw want to bake some chicken breast and make some stuffed peppers but can't
Working on a roast. Currently in the slow cooker for another four hours.
What kind of brandy goes good in the hot chocolate?
Simple pasta sauce (onions, garlic, tomatoes, carrots, scallions & seasonings) which will be combined with some leftover straight & curly pasta, and parmesan.
I don't really know the difference to be honest, and it's been a while. I'm only getting back into it because I got some brandy as a gift. I think I remember Spanish brandy being really nice for it but I usually used pretty cheap Napoleon brandy and that was fine.

I wouldn't use a really expensive brandy because the chocolate will overpower much of the flavour, but the really cheap and nasty spirits are always rank and leave you with a headache, so middle shelf stuff.
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