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Standard Fried Chicken vs. Oven Fried Chicken

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I've spent so much money and wasted too much chicken trying to deep fry because I literally ALWAYS fuck it up.
I've marinated in buttermilk for 24 hours, tried hot sauce marinate, just about everything possible.
>breading is always a charred dark brown shell
>I'm lucky if it's even edible on the inside after penetrating the granite shell because raw and if cooked, flavorless
At this point, I'm going to try oven fried chicken.
Any /ck/ucks on here that can show me the light?
Fuck... I can cook, just not fried chicken.
And I love fried chicken
>oven fried chicken
It's called baked chicken you mong.
>I c-can cook! Honest, guys! Please don't l-laugh at m-m-me...
If I was implying I was some professional chef I wouldn't be asking for advice for chicken on /ck/, you literal fucking faggot
Sounds like your oil is too hot. Remember, when frying, if your food is greasy, your oil is too cold. If it's burnt outside raw inside, your oil is too hot.

Do you season your flour? Don't be afraid to really season it. The chicken is just chicken. The breading has to carry the flavor load.

Make sure the breading is thin. Shake off excess egg and flour. We want to coat the meat, not make a loaf of bread.
Do you have an oil thermometer? Temp should be constant at 300-325 after preheating to 350.
I've tried deep frying at 325 and 350 degrees. Should I go lower? And how long would you recommend?

If I remember right, the recipe called for 15 minutes at 350, and I had to pull it at 12 minutes. Outside was charred and hard as a rock.
Roughly the same at 325 degrees. Also, it's not a large deep fryer (not sure if that matters)
How does it feel to be less intelligent than a black woman with a 3rd grade Mississippi education?

If Shaquifa Jones can figure it out and you can't, you're a fucking retard.
Can you pan fry chicken like this? I want to try making it but do not have much use or room for a deep fat fryer.
Is this a setting on a deep fryer gadget? I would consider getting a thermometer in order to find the true temp.

Thr chicken will be done when it's done. Recipe specific duration doesn't mean much aside from precise things like baking. Most recipes, and meat especially, are simply done when they're done.

Make sure that coating is THIN. With appropriate oil temps and a thin breading, you can rest assured that you can pull the chicken when the breading is golden brown.
Idiotic comparison.
I also wouldn't be able to figure out how to hotwire a car without being taught because I'm not genetically predisposed to just know how to do shit like that.
>same thing with fried chicken.
Yeah... There's a temp setting on the deep fryer. It's almost brand new, too.
Also, I season do an egg wash (sometimes) season the hell out of the flour, shake it in a bag so it's all coated, then remove all excess that doesn't stick.

Maybe a thermometer is the way to go in case my temp gauge is off.
I tried my hand at making fried chicken the other day, and it came out great (though a little burnt).
>season a bunch of flour very generously, I used salt, pepper, onion and garlic powder, and cayenne, then put it into a big (gallon or so) sealable plastic bag
>take another cup of flour, more seasoning, 2 eggs, and a cup of water and whisk them together in a bowl
>dip chicken pieces in the batter, shake them around, drip off excess batter, and then transfer them into the bag
>shake the bag until the pieces are all coated in flour
>heat about 3 inches of oil to 325-350 degrees in a large pot
>when the oil is heated, put the chicken in one piece at a time, making sure to let the oil heat back up after introducing each piece, and not overcrowding the pan
>flip the pieces every once and a while until they get nice and golden brown

you should try soaking your chicken in a buttermilk mixture for a few hours, keeps that shit crazy moist
I would acclimate myself to a new kitchen gadget with something like French fries or premade frozen section shit. That way you can understand the fryer and its settings, remove it's failure or misuse as a variable, and focus on your recipe.
fry it in a pressure cooker
jesus just soak it in butter milk, bread in seasoned flour, then shallow fry in a pan on med heat for 10 in a side...

thats all you do. flip it once
>Butterfly the chicken, assuming you're using breast
>Brine it for at least an hour (cold water + salt + honey)
>Coat in flour, seasoned with whatever you want
>Then in egg wash
>Then in panko breadcrumbs
>Put a bunch of oil in your pan and preheat it until oil is bubbling
>Fry on medium heat ~5 minutes each side or until breading is nice and golden
Deep fry it in a slow cooker
Thread posts: 18
Thread images: 1

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